Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 73: Shopping mall storm

Chapter 73 Shopping Mall Storm

But who knows, Gu Ning's hand has not touched the clothes, he was first picked up by the other hand, and the clothes were robbed: "This dress is good, I will try."

It was a woman in her early forties, dressed very expensive, but it was just an extravagant appearance, and there was no extravagance.

Also, a person who can grab something from someone else, what is there to say!

“Standing” Gu Ning’s face sank and immediately screamed.

If I grab something from her hand, do you think she is too bullied? There are some things that Gu Ning can bear, can not care, but some things, but half of them do not regress.

But the woman did not hear the voice of Gu Ning, the bird did not have the bird Gu Ning.

Gu Ning saw it, his brow wrinkled, flashed unpleasant, a quick step, and immediately went to the woman's way.

The woman almost didn't stop and hit Gu Ning.

Scared by Gu Ning, the woman was angry and shouted: "You are a stinky girl, what are you doing! I want to hit someone! I hurt me, have you been responsible?"

When the woman is so stunned, she immediately attracts other people in the store.

The Chinese people like to join in the fun, and when they see the excitement, they will come over.

"This dress is the first thing I look at in my hand," Gu Ning said coldly. If she couldn't see it, she would grab it, and she wouldn't care, but who made her look!

"Oh! You said that you first look at it is that you first look at it! Even if it is, then look at the first hand of this clothes! Do I say that the clothes here I have all looked at, then you are Can't you buy it?" The woman said disdainfully.

"Wow! This wife, you are too rich. I even looked at all the clothes here. The guide, I didn’t hear it. This wife said that she has all the clothes here. It seems that your commission today is one year. The company must be high." Gu Ning's mischief is a sudden birth, a serious worship, twisting the truth.

"You, what are you talking nonsense! When did I say that I would buy all the clothes here!" The woman suddenly violently thundered and yelled at Gu Ning.

She is rich, but this is an international brand. A piece of clothing is tens of thousands, all clothes, but it is tens of millions. That is impossible to buy. It is good to buy one or two pieces a month.

And everyone knows that Gu Ning’s words are nonsense, so they are not taken seriously.

"Isn't it? Because I have to buy it, I have to buy it! Don't you buy it, don't you buy it?" Gu Ning was innocent and with some aggressiveness, and there was a bit of provocation.

"You······" The woman is angry, she can't see Gu Ning deliberately provoke her! Although she knew it was intentional, she was still mad.

"This wife, this dress is indeed the first thing that the lady looked at, or if you look at the other ones again..." The shopping guide who received Gu Ning said to the woman embarrassed.

Hearing the words, everyone knows what is going on, and they have scorned the woman, and they have even robbed people of the clothes they first looked at.

"Xiao Li, Mrs. Shao, this is the old customer in our store, the silver card VIP has a priority choice." However, the hospitality of the woman, that is, Mrs. Shao’s shopping guide, said that she also warned the reception of Gu Ning. The guide bought a glance.

Obviously, this so-called priority is not a rule, but the snobbery of this shopping guide.

Xiao Li ignored the warning of the shopping guide. He disagreed with the rebuttal: "Sister Wang, can't say that, the sale is always about the first come, even if it is a VIP, you can't grab clothes from other guests!"

"You······" The sister Wang was refuted, and her face was suddenly unsatisfactory, and she whispered.

This so-called Wang Jie has always been a snobbery, entertaining customers, and only entertaining looks rich.

And this Mrs. Shao is an old customer in the store. She usually buys it, and she naturally wants to get it.

Here is a high-end brand store, the cheapest clothes are tens of thousands, and the welfare is good, a piece of clothing, that is a 2% commission!

And every time Mrs. Shao comes, one is seventy-eight thousand, one hundred thousand, that is a few thousand commissions!

Originally, the people did not respond to the caller who was called Wang Jie. When they heard Xiao Li’s words, they reacted and expressed dissatisfaction.

"Yes! Even if it is a VIP, you can't grab the guest clothes from someone else! It's too unfair!"

"This is not unfair, but snobbery."

“Currently, your store is only sold to VIPs. If you want to buy clothes in your store, you should first open a VIP.”

"That's right!"

The surrounding guests pointed to the Wang sister, let the Wang sister be angry and angry, but they knew that they were wrong and did not dare to refute.

Mrs. Shao is dissatisfied: "How? I have money, I love to buy and buy, can you manage it?"

"If you have money, you can buy it if you love it, but you can't grab someone else to see it first!" Someone retorted.

"Yes! It's just a little literacy." Someone sneered.

"You, do you know who I am? I even said that I am not literate, I am the wife of the chairman of Zhou Fu Jewelry." Mrs. Shao was furious and took out her identity.

When I heard the words, everyone suddenly snorted.

Zhou Fu jewelry they naturally know, but the net worth! And they, the family assets are only a million, and naturally can not compare with Zhou Fu jewelry.

Gu Ning glimmered, I couldn’t think of it, this woman turned out to be Shao Ping’s wife.

There was a grudge between Shao Ping and Zhou Zhenghong, and she naturally did not like the Shao family.

They are afraid of the Shao family. She is not afraid of Gu Ning. She asks aggressively: "Mrs. Zhou Fu Jewelry, can you do whatever you want?"

"You······" Mrs. Shao couldn’t think of it, Gu Ning was not even afraid of Shao’s family.

However, Mrs. Shao is too serious about taking Shao Jia. In F City, there is more money than Shao Jia, and more!

At this time, the store manager heard the wind coming: "What happened?"

Before waiting for someone to say anything, Gu Ning spoke first, and his tone was a bit bad: "I hope the store manager can solve a doubt for me. Does your store VIP have priority, ordinary customers can look at the clothes, can you grab it directly?"

"How is this possible? The sale and purchase is the first come, the membership is just a discount." The store manager looked down and immediately retorted.

However, very quickly, it also reflected what was going on, and immediately asked the king sister seriously: "Wang Yunyun, what happened?"

Because now only Mrs. Shao is a VIP member, and the wife of Mrs. Shao is Wang Yunyun, so the manager will naturally point to her first reaction.

Wang Yunyun couldn't think of things going to this point, and he hated Gu Ning very much, but she was still jealous of the store manager.

And this kind of thing is actually the first time, she does not know how to explain.

(End of this chapter)

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