Chapter 74 Dismissal

"For me! The shopper named Xiao Li recommended a dress for me. I feel good. I want to take a closer look, but I don't want to, I was robbed by Mrs. Shao. I asked her to give it back. I, she does not return, and this Wang Yunyun! It is said that Mrs. Shao is a VIP customer of your store, so there is priority." Gu Ning said.

The manager heard the words, his face suddenly went black, and he did not doubt Gu Ning's words, and angered Wang Yunyun: "Wang Yunyun, what's the matter with you? You have been in the store for so long, don't you even know the rules?" ?"

Wang Yunyun has a snobbery. She knows, but she doesn't have anything to do, so she doesn't say anything, but this time, she has smeared her shop.

"I, I·····" Wang Yunyun didn't know what to say for a time. She naturally knew that she was in a loss, but she also wanted to sell more clothes and get more commissions!

"Well, I will leave my salary today." The store manager is no longer talking to Wang Yunyun. The rules in the store have always been strict. Wang Yunyun has already smeared the store, and the only result is dismissal.

"What?" Wen Yan, Wang Yunyun was shocked, I can not think of the consequences so serious.

This time, Wang Yunyun was really scared. If she was really dismissed, she went to find a job so good! Immediately ask: "The manager, please give me another chance! I promise not to be next time."

"Wang Yunyun, written on the contract, if there is any act of smearing the store, dismissal. Wang Yunyun, I can't leave you, if the upper level knows, the one who is dismissed is me." The manager said.

Then I ignored Wang Yunyun and looked at Mrs. Shao. The polite attitude said: "Mr. Shao, we have the rules of our store. We must pay attention to the first-come-first-served basis. If you like it, you can only wait for the lady to decide not to be able to. I hope you can return this dress to this lady."

Mrs. Shao is naturally unwilling, even if it is not a piece of clothing, it is also a breath.

However, the manager has opened her mouth, and she does not want to tear her face. Later, she will come here to buy clothes!

Although Gucci has many homes in G City, this model has more styles.

"Hey! Don't don't, what's so strange!" said Mrs. Shao, sulking, throwing her clothes directly to Gu Ning, turning away and leaving her clothes.

Her face has been thrown big enough, and naturally she can't stay any longer.

Gu Ning did not disappoint, after all, it was really right for this dress.

"This is a must, I have to pick a few pieces, this size, but also a large size, is also worn by the forty years old." Gu Ning handed the clothes to the shopping guide, said.

I heard that Gu Ning was so refreshing, and I had to pick a few pieces. Everyone was surprised.

This girl, even the price does not look at it? I feel that this dress is not expensive, or this girl is a master who does not lack money!

The customer bought more, the guide bought more achievements, so Xiao Li heard the words, full of joy, and quickly recommended her according to Gu Ning's request.

Finally, Gu Ning chose two sweaters, two trousers and two long-sleeved jackets for Gu Man and Gu Qing.

I bought Gu Man and Gu Qing, and naturally I can't forget my uncle Jiang Xu and my cousin Jiang Xinyue.

I bought a black suit from Armani for Jiang Xu, and then bought a sweater and a pair of pants.

As for Jiang Xinyue, because he is still young, he doesn't have to wear too big clothes, even Gu Ning himself, and he doesn't want to wear too big clothes, so he went to the general brand store Jiang Xinyue and bought a pair of casual clothes and a fresh one. Dress.

After buying the clothes, I went to Gu Man and Gu Qing to buy a set of skin care products.

Then the question is coming, what do you want to buy from Chu Peihan and his party?

The gift lies in meaning, not in price, and in addition to Mich, everyone else is not bad, so it is not expensive to buy.

After thinking about it, Gu Ning decided to buy a bottle of perfume for each of Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi, Lancome, more than a thousand.

Yu Mixi missed a good mobile phone, so Gu Ning would buy her a mobile phone. In order not to let Mitch have too much pressure, Gu Ning did not buy too expensive, just over two thousand.

Since the mobile phone stores are coming, Gu Ning also directly bought new mobile phones for Gu Man and Gu Qing.

As for Hao Ran, I bought four Armani wallets, and I didn’t buy too expensive, more than a thousand.

This is the case for a while, waiting for her "Twilight Beauty" to open, and then give them a gift in jade jewelry or accessories.

When receiving the call from Zhou Zhenghong, Gu Ning also bought almost everything, but before leaving, Gu Ning went to the toilet and took everything into the space of the jade, and took it in his hand. After all, it was too much trouble.

The place where Zhou Zhenghong was at the restaurant next to the Trade Building, came out of the commercial building, and Gu Ning went to the agreed restaurant.

Entering the elevator, when the elevator door was about to close, suddenly someone rushed in, and the person rushing in front accidentally bumped into Gu Ning, letting her body retreat several steps.

"Small sister, sorry! Eage the elevator." The man who hit Gu Ning said apologetically.

"It doesn't matter," Gu Ning said nothing, but his heart floated up.

Because the man hit her, she felt a hard thing on his waist, like metal, and the outline was very familiar.

Suddenly, a thing comes out of your mind, it won’t be a gun!

I want to stop, Gu Ning immediately opened the perspective sweep, it is really a gun.

At the same time, Gu Ning's perspective eyes were also swept by the other four people, and the heart was tight. The five men had guns at their waists.

The person with the gun is generally not a police officer or a military officer. It is a gangster and a criminal.

Gu Ning feels suffocating from the temperament of these people. It is not like a decent person, but rather a gangster or a criminal.

Gu Ning's gaze saw the box in one of the hands, and inside it was a bag of white powder.

Although Gu Ning did not personally verify what the white powder was, but judging by her years of experience in the darkness, this white powder is poisonous.

Gu Ning secretly took a breath, these people are afraid to come to trade!

It doesn't matter, so Gu Ning is not going to do anything.

The elevator stopped at the fifth floor, Gu Ning had to go down the elevator, but coincidentally, several people were also on the fifth floor.

Gu Ning's self-concerned Zhou Zhenghong set a good room to go, but it happened to coincide, it is actually next door to these people.

"Boss, you are here, please sit." Gu Ning entered the door, Zhou Zhenghong hurriedly got up and greeted, then opened the chair for her and asked her to sit.

"Boss, I don't know what you like to eat, so I don't order first, you can order it!" said, Zhou Zhenghong handed the menu to Gu Ning, then immediately ring the bell and called the waiter.

(End of this chapter)

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