Chapter 72 Shopping

Thinking of this matter, the driver's little brother was shocked and trembling.

"Actually, I am tired of you, I should say sorry, they are directed at me." Gu Ning said, and then described what happened just now.

"Ah!" Wen Yan, the driver is full of surprise, but did not blame Gu Ning, because she is also a victim!

Because of a series of things, it was almost eight o'clock when I returned to the hotel. Gu Ning was already hungry, so I quickly greeted the meal.

Gu Ning originally planned to return to the city in the afternoon and buy clothes to change, but did not want to go wrong and delayed the time.

Although the mall has not yet closed, but Gu Ning wants to buy, it is necessary to buy Gu Man and Gu Qing family together, so in the hour before the closing time, it is not enough for her to visit.

Therefore, Gu Ning has no other clothes to change, only to wash it this evening, and wait until tomorrow to wear it.

Although she has a school uniform in her bag, she can’t wear a school uniform! That's more eye-catching!

Taking advantage of the dinner, Gu Ning called Gu Man and asked her how, fortunately everything was fine.

Then they chatted with Chu Peihan for a while.


The evening wind is cool, like a gauze, dancing as people move, the soft touch cools the ground, and occasionally makes people feel excited.

G City, the largest playground, and entertainment club.

The bar is full of lights and vocals, and the men and women in the dance floor are swaying their waists, full of desire and extravagance.

However, in the private room isolated from the lobby, it is in stark contrast with the outside of the hall, with only soft music and not too small a voice.

In the large private room, there are only five men, not even women who accompany the wine.

Of course, this is because of special circumstances.

"Mom, this time we just went out of the game, and actually met the legendary Red Flame team captain, the red wolf, which killed us seven people, and almost all the troops were wiped out. Fortunately we ran fast. Or else, it’s fucking.” A young man groaned and slammed the cigarette **** into the ground, seemingly discovering the anger in his heart.

"I heard that the red wolf is very powerful. I still don't care. I saw it this time. It is really very powerful. If one person deals with us a dozen people, we can kill seven of us, but he only has two shots. "A man with a naked upper body, a big body, and a muscular body said."

Although hate each other, they also admire each other.

"Fortunately, he shot, did not track us in time, or else, we will be found." A small, cold-looking man said.

"But we can't be too careless. After all, the other team is the captain of the important national team. Maybe we will send someone to follow us! So tomorrow we will be evacuated as soon as we successfully trade."

"But why should the other side choose the business building in the city center! There are so many people there, are you afraid of being discovered?"

"Oh! I am not afraid that we will get the money and not give the goods, so it is the most insurance in places where there are many people. Because if we really don't give the goods, the other party will immediately make things big and bring the police, so that we I can't go."

"Not the first transaction, so don't you trust us?"

"This is a thing worth hundreds of millions of dollars this time. Be careful and justifiable."

In the other private room, there is a computer on the table, and the picture in the computer is the private room where the few people are.

A man sat in front of the computer, with earphones, and listened to all the words they said.

This man is not someone else, it is cold and low.

His face is cold, angular, and the sword is horizontally locked. The black eyes are dark and deep, the evil spirits are sharp, and the scent of the singer is like the emperor.

After the cold, they stood two men. They also looked at the pictures on the computer, but they didn't hear what they said.

"Boss, how?" Seeing cold and picking up the headset, a man asked.

"They will trade in the business building in the city center tomorrow, and arrange people to stare at their position." Cold and cold, said coldly, a smudge in the throat.

Leng Shaolu did not solve them now, but wanted to go all out.

After all, their boss is not here, and the goods are in the hands of the boss, so if they do it to them, they will be scared.

As for where the boss is, they don't know. If they know, they will go straight to kill.


The next day, Gu Ning did not sleep until eight o'clock.

In fact, Gu Ning has long been awake, but there is nothing to do, it will only get up at eight o'clock. Because the mall is only open at 8:30.

And today Gu Ning back to F City is a plane at two o'clock in the afternoon, there is a morning time to go shopping, so no hurry.

Today, in addition to shopping in the mall to buy things, but also to sign a contract with Zhou Zhenghong, the location will be set in the mall.

As for the time, around eleven o'clock, I just ate at the mall.

After getting out of bed, Gu Ning went downstairs and then checked out.

Because the shopping mall is nearby, it will take more than ten or twenty minutes to walk, so Gu Ning does not need to take a taxi and walk straight.

In the middle of the road, Gu Ning ate a bowl of powder, so when I arrived at the mall, it was almost nine o'clock.

Because today is Sunday, so at nine o'clock, the mall has begun to be lively.

The women's clothing is on the second floor, so Gu Ning went directly to the second floor.

The mall is very large, endless, full of dazzling, and for a time let Gu Ning some do not know where to look, but still have to look.

Gu Ning first walked in one direction and looked at the costumes on both sides as he walked. He felt that the style and style were right and then went in.

After walking for a while, Gu Ning saw the Gucci women's franchise store, an international brand, very expensive.

But expensive, for the current Gu Ning, it is a small meaning.

“Hello, welcome.” When the shopping guide saw Gu Ning come in, he immediately greeted him and warmly welcomed him: “Miss, please feel free to take a look. If you like, you can try it.”

"I want to see the clothes worn by women in their forties," Gu Ning said.

"Good lady, please come with me." Saying, the shopping guide led Gu Ning to a district.

Gu Ning looked at it and didn't see the eye.

"I don't know how the elder's elders are?" asked the shopping guide.

"I am similar to me, I can wear it, she can wear it." Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning has a meter of sixty-five and is just as thin.

Then, the guide bought a piece of clothing from a rack and asked Gu Ningdao: "Miss, what do you think of this?"

"Well, it's good." Gu Ning looked at it, and immediately turned his eyes. It was suitable for Gu Man, so he reached out and took a closer look.

(End of this chapter)

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