Chapter 90: Infiltrate Advance City! Harvest the Devil Fruit!.

Early the next morning.

Han Cook boarded The Weasel’s warship alone.

In the eyes of a crowd of flower-obsessed sailors, he opened his mouth to Lieutenant General Weasel.

“The conditions of the concubine’s body have been made very clear in the telephone worm, does the Naval Headquarters agree?”

“The key is to go along the way to advance the city, I have already contacted the headquarters, and the above has approved it!”

A sword slashes a rising neptune.

Lieutenant General Weasel turned his head to look at Poya Hancock and replied. Then he put away his sword and asked again.

“But you and the snake are the only ones on board, right?” Propulsion City is not a place where pirates can get close, this time it is a special case, and there is not much time left, so you can’t stay too long! ”

“Since that’s the case, let’s go!”

Han Cook coldly glanced at the sailors on the ship and strode toward the cabin, but was greeted with a cheer of admiration. Lieutenant General Weasel on the side glared viciously at the indisputable seaman, and then took the initiative to help Han Cook open the door of the cabin. After Han Cook walked into the cabin.

Calmly sat down on the sofa.

Lieutenant General Weasel also followed, but was reprimanded by Han Cook.

“Concubines don’t want to be in the same room as any of the stinky men on your warship all the way!”

Hear this.

The squirrel general had a look of embarrassment on his face.

Gritting his teeth and glancing at Han Cook, he turned his head and coldly dropped a sentence.

“I’m just outside the door, and I’ll tell my sailors not to bother you, and if there’s anything you can call me!”

With that, he turned his head and walked to the door and closed the door of the cabin.

Until this time. Luo Qi only appeared!

He also carried a one-man tall wooden box in his hand. Gently place the wooden box on the ground.

Rozaki put one hand on the wooden box and winked at Han Cook.

Han Cook immediately leaned over to Luo Qi’s side and said with a red face.

“Husband! Finally can be alone with you, the concubine feels so happy!! ”

The spoiled reached out and touched Han Cook, and immediately provoked a squeal.

But that’s right here.

There was a thumping sound coming from inside the wooden box. Rozaki reluctantly let go of Han Cook. Reaching out and lifting the lid of the wooden box.

Only to see Lu Fei rise up a big lazy waist, complaining.

“Big Brother Rozaki, I’m not going to stay in the wooden box all the time!” It’s also too stuffy. ”

Luo Qi smiled and waved his hand, conjured up a large piece of meat, and handed it to Luffy.

Immediately he drooled, took the piece of meat directly from his hand, and ate it in a big mouthful. Only then did Luo Qi speak.

“Luffy, save Ace, you have to be patient, I’m giving you a few pieces of meat, you honestly stay in the box, don’t make a move.”

Saying that, several pieces of meat were conjured up, all of which were thrown to Luffy. This was again covered with wooden boxes.


For days on end.

Luffy has been hiding in the box.

Every once in a while, Rasa would conjure up some food for Luffy. As for himself, he occasionally played with Han Cook about sticks. Duration.

In order not to arouse suspicion. Didn’t arrive at the meal.

Han Cook would still go to the door to get his share of food.

At this time, Rasazaki would use the Transparent Fruit ability to hide the wooden box where he and the Straw Hat Boy were located.

As for Nami and her party, they had been piloting the Industrial Submarine Atlantis, slowly following the deep sea under the warship. That’s it.

Finally on the fifth day. Arrived at the Advance City.

Luo Qi used the transparent fruit again, hiding the chest where he and the Straw Hat Boy were located. Follow Han Cook and Lieutenant General Weasel all the way into the City of Advance.


The next step is almost like the original.

However, Han Cook did not petrify the domino that had been searched for her, but the telephone worm on the wall. And Rozaki also confirmed that Han Cook successfully passed the pass.

He walked to the unmonitored place again, released Luffy from the wooden box, and said that he would act separately from him to find the cell where Ace was being held.

Luffy had no doubt that he had him.

Run directly towards the second floor of the city.

Luo Qi put the wooden box into the warehouse and returned to Han Cook, quietly hiding in the corner.

He followed Magellan, Lieutenant General Weasel, Domino, and Hannibal to the sixth floor of Propulsion City!

However, he was not in a hurry to act. Just wait aside.

Knowing that Han Cook and Ace had a few brief exchanges, he followed Magellan away. He walked to a cell.

Start your own harvest!

··· Ask for flowers…

Turned into a fierce wind and swept into the cell.

In the cell, sat a woman.

Nicknamed “Silver Moon Hunter”, Caterina Deppen!

A fierce wind swept through the cell, much to Caterina Deppen’s confusion.

But this doubt quickly turned into fear! Because with the cessation of the wind.

All she heard was two “duplicates” in the air.


Then, she found that her animal-based esper species, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox Demon Fruit Ability, had disappeared, but the feeling of weakness transmitted to her by the Sea Tower Stone Handcuffs was really there.

Next, the entire prison on the sixth floor of the Advancing City was filled with shock one after another! Douglas Barrett’s ensemble fruit!

The multiplier of Bondi Wald!….。

There were several other guys who had never heard of the name, but who had powerful fruit abilities.

For example: animal cat cat fruit ancient species – saber-toothed tiger fruit, animal breed dog fruit ancient species of an ice wolf fruit, superhuman system a nether fruit!

Only one propulsion city on the sixth floor. It was a great harvest for Rozaki. But.

Ace’s burnt fruit, Luo Qi was not in a hurry to deprive, now is not the time, in the top of the war to take it is the most cost-effective!

Satisfied, he left the sixth floor. Luo Qi came all the way to the fourth floor. Now.

Countless footsteps were already heard from upstairs. Count the time.

Luo Qi immediately understood.

It seems that the escape of Luffy, Bucky, and Mr.2 von Kleet has been discovered, and the entire advance city is in chaos.

But he didn’t think anything of it. On the contrary, I am very happy!

Because, the more violent the upstairs, the more favorable it is for him, because no one will pay attention to the abnormal situation on the 4th and 6th floors.

He can also harvest the demon fruit abilities that look good! Grinning contentedly.

Luo Qi turned into a fierce wind again and was swept into a cell.



Superman ties a winding fruit!

Animal line – cat cat fruit leopard form – gold leopard fruit! Superman is a precise fruit!

With each harvest of a good demon fruit, the smile on Luo Qi’s face became more and more obvious. This trip to the city of advancement simply made him earn a turnaround!.

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