Chapter Eighty-Nine: Plotting a War on top! Calculate to advance the city!.

There are only 7 days left before the outbreak of war on the top.


The Navy made a big move.

A piece of news shook all the forces in the whole world and even the new world.

The captain of the second team of the Whitebeard Pirates, Portcus d. Ace, was successfully captured by the Navy!

At the same time, the Naval Headquarters published in the newspaper the news that the process of executing Potter Fire Fist Ace was to be publicly executed to the whole world! This news set off monstrous waves on the sea!

The four seas, the first half of the great voyage, the new world, and even the kingdoms, the underground world, all shake!

The righteous son of the “strongest man in the world” will be executed by the Navy, and whether Edward Whitebeard will save Ace has become the focus of everyone’s attention!

This eye-catching news.

Directly overshadowed the heat of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce Fair event in the water capital of the water capital that has not subsided for a month. It has become the most concerned topic in the whole world at present.


The incident in which Fire Fist Ace’s younger brother Straw Hat Boy beat the Draco in the Chambord Islands also occupied a considerable amount of space in major newspapers, although the impact of this incident was infinitely reduced because of the public execution of Fire Fist Ace.

But many people are still shocked by this.

However, according to the information transmitted from the Chambord Islands.

The Straw Hats seem to have encountered a yellow ape, but they are still slapped by Bartholomey Bear.

However, Bartholome Bear was taken away by the revolutionary army in 963 after shooting the Straw Hat gang. Since the yellow ape was blocked by Reilly, he was unable to pursue the revolutionary army.’


The Great Route Hydra Island Amazon Lily. On the sea outside the island.

Lieutenant General Weasel and his warship were waiting bitterly in the windless zone.

Although it was learned that the Hydra Tiboya Hancock had just returned to Hydra Island a few days ago. But.

The president of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, Razaki, and many family members were at this time, and he was still in a lot of headaches. If.

Therefore, the female emperor did not accept the conscription of the Seven Martial Seas, and even he himself did not know what to do next.

Because the Marshal of the Warring States had warned them that as long as the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce did not touch the bottom line of the Navy and the world government, no one should provoke Razaki.

And just when the squirrel will have a headache for this. Inside the female emperor’s bedchamber of the daughter country.

Magino’s face was equally hard to see. Both were people she had watched grow up watching. One Ace, one Luffy.

At this time, one was caught by the Navy and publicly executed, and one beat up the Draco, and his whereabouts are unknown!


Looking up, Magino looked at Rasa, hesitant to ask him to help. Unexpectedly, Luo Qi walked directly behind her.

Rubbed her head and said softly.

“Maginot, I know what you’re trying to say, and I promised you that even if I blow up the world government, I’ll keep you.”

“What’s more, since you became a member of the Rashomon family, you have never asked for anything, and you have been doing your part, so you want to talk about Ace and Luffy, I have no opinion, but if you believe me, this matter is entrusted to me, but correspondingly, Ace must pay some price, and the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce cannot fight against the Navy and the world government for him again and again.”

“I know, as long as Ace and Luffy can survive.”

Maginot nodded, understanding Razaki’s words.


“Husband, Vice Admiral Weasel of the Naval Headquarters has just arrived in the waters of Hydra Island, and I heard from my two younger sisters that they came to recruit me to the Naval Headquarters, do I want to go?”

Han Cook lazily lay at the head of the bed, looked at Luo Qi, and asked in a soft voice.

“Go, of course you’re going, not only will you go, but I’ll follow you on a ride, but you’ll have to go to Advance City.”

Luo Qi smiled and said confidently.

From a year ago, he began to plot to make huge profits in this top war. In any case, he couldn’t miss it.

All the plans followed his ideas step by step.

First, Blackbeard was spared in the Water Capital, in order to get Blackbeard to send Ace to the Navy. This was followed by the conquest of Poya Hancock so that he could come to Hydra Island.

Then kill the original owner of the transparent fruit, Absalom, to obtain the transparent fruit, and use the Demon Fruit Optimization Liquid to optimize it.

This way, you can enter the City of Advance yourself! As for saving Ace.

It’s not too rushed. I was thinking.

A dead soldier at the door walked in and reported to Luo Qi.

“There was a strange noise in the jungle east of Hydra Island, as if something had hit the jungle.”

Luo Qi immediately thought of Luffy who was slapped.

He waved his hand and motioned for the dead man to bring someone to bring the straw hat boy back.


Not much time.

The Straw Hat Boy was brought back by a dozen dead men.

His clothes were tattered and he was covered with injuries.

He put his hand on Luffy and repaired his injuries for him. The boy immediately jumped up from the ground.

Seeing Luo Qi, without hesitation, he rushed up to a big hug, grinning and saying hello.

“Big Brother Rozaki! I didn’t expect to see you in this ghost place. ”

Speaking and greeting Han Cook, Nami, Robin, Marcino and others.


Magino wasn’t used to this kid either.

Up is the domineering attached fist, a fierce punch, smashing Luffy crying daddy shouting mother.

“Luffy! Why are you causing trouble! ”

Luffy was about to speak when he was interrupted by Luo Qi.

“I’ve heard about the Chambord Islands, and if it were me, I’d even kill those Draco, but since Luffy is fine, we don’t have to worry too much, and we’ll leave early tomorrow morning to go to the naval headquarters.”

“Huh? Why go to the Naval Headquarters? Brother Luoqi, won’t you send me back to the Chambord Islands first and join my partner? ”

Luffy opened his mouth stupidly, puzzled and inquired.

Luo Qi directly took a newspaper and handed it to Luffy. Really.

After reading the newspaper, Luffy immediately changed his look and shouted that he was going to save Ace. Fortunately, several dead soldiers pressed him to the ground.

Luo Qi looked at him calmly and opened his mouth.

“Luffy! It wasn’t as easy as you might think, and now that Ace was imprisoned in Advance City and would soon be escorted to Marin Fando, it would be difficult to save him, but Han Cook would be called to the Naval Headquarters, where he would take a detour to Advance City. ”

Just said this.

Luffy immediately jumped up, broke free of his restraints, and spoke loudly towards Luo Qi.

“Big Brother Rozaki! I’m going to push into the city and save Ace! ”

Luo Qi certainly would not refuse.

On the contrary, he wished that the straw hat boy would enter the city and make a big fuss. Immediately turned around and said.

“Spend the night on Hydra Island tonight, early tomorrow morning!” Hancock accepted the conscription of the Naval Headquarters and went to Marin Fando, and we divided our troops into two routes! ”

“I took Luffy with me and detoured with Han Cook to advance into the city, and then Han Cook went to Marin Fando on his own, and Luffy and I managed to save Ace in the advance city!”

“Nami, Nocchigo, Magino, Carummen, Nicole Robin, with 100 employees, piloting the industrial submarine Atlantis, waiting for me outside the city.”

“The others stayed on Hydra Island, and when we returned, we were immediately ready to set sail for the New World!”

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