Chapter Ninety-One: Sweeping the City Clean!!。


When Rozaki copied and stripped 20 Demon Fruit abilities in one go. The figures of Luffy, Bucky, and Von Klee rushed into the fourth floor of Advance City. Merely.

Along with this, there is also the director of the City, Magellan, who has the ability to poison the fruit! In this scorching four layers of scorching hell.

Only the place where Luo Qi was located was a cool pure land.

Various Demon Fruit abilities emerge in an endless stream, many of which have the ability to cool down and dispel heat for him.

“Whew! It is here that Luffy, the boy who was abused by Magellan, died and came back to life!! ”

Look at Luffy, who is dragged away by Xiao Feng, and Magellan, who is chasing after him. Luo Qi couldn’t help but shake his head.

He wasn’t in a hurry to go up and help.

On the contrary, this time the disaster is something that the straw hat boy must bear. Because that’s all there is to it.

Xiao Feng was able to take the straw hat boy to see ivankov, the demon king. It didn’t take long.

Bucky the Clown fell into the fifth layer of extremely cold hell.

Luffy is also defeated by Magellan, contaminated with toxins, and dragged by Von Klei into the extremely cold hell. Magellan looked deeply into the direction in which they were fleeing.

I was about to turn around and leave.

Suddenly, a powerful pressure came towards him!

Immediately it made him feel extremely dizzy, and then the whole person lost consciousness! Until this time.

Luo Qicai walked incognito to Magellan’s side.

Took out the Demon Fruit Deprivation Card and attached it to his body, shouting coldly.


This time, he didn’t choose to copy it directly, because the side effects of this demon fruit were too great, and he didn’t want to squat in the bathroom 24 hours a day and not come out.

Put away the deprivation card that represents the poisonous fruit. Razaki was planning to leave.

I saw the fourth-story jailer captain, Little Sadie!

With curly blonde hair, bangs to cover his eyes, a pink skinny leather coat and spiked pointed heels, this little Sadie has a serious sadistic habit.

At a glance, I saw Magellan lying on the ground. Yet just as she ran over.

Luo Qi stood in the blind spot of the surveillance phone worm and showed his body!

“What… President Razaki!! ”

Little Satie looked at the man in front of him in horror and cried out in surprise. But the next second, he was charmed by Luo Qi.

With the ability of sweet fruit, Rozaki smiled gracefully at little Satie. Immediately made little Satie apparently in the midst of a mad fascination.

“Sweet sweet wind!”

Rasaki unceremoniously used the skill of the Heavenly Fruit and directly turned little Satie into a stone statue. Then he hid again and walked to the stone statue of little Satie.

After confirming that the little Satie who turned into a stone statue could be stored in the system warehouse, he did not hesitate to put her away. Then.

He took an elegant step towards the 3rd floor.


Advance the city to the third floor, hungry hell.

After seeing the tragic situation on this floor, Luo Qi did not stay at all, although the sea thieves who were imprisoned here were rewarded with more than 50 million, but most of them died of hunger and the heat of the fourth floor.

There is no value for Rozaki. All the way up.

Came to the second floor of the Advance City, the Beast Hell. Over here.

Luo Qi had deprived him of two more good Demon Fruits.

Animal line – elk fruit, superhuman line a bad luck fruit. Speaking of this fruit of bad luck.

The prisoner who was being held on the second floor of the Advance City was really unlucky. Because his abilities are the opposite of the fruits of luck.

Once you touch others, you will absorb the bad luck of the other party and use it for yourself.

And this guy is not a pirate, but because of the lying gun under the ability of the bad luck fruit, he was caught as a pirate and pushed into the city.

Fortunately, Luo Qi did not copy this ability, but only stripped it. When you have the opportunity to give it to others, and then optimize it with the Devil Fruit Optimization Liquid, you may be able to make this bad luck fruit play its true effect.


On the second floor.

Luo Qi encountered another deputy guard of the Advance City, Ichino. That’s right!

It was the woman who wore reddish-brown glasses, crossed her hat to block one of her right eyes, and had long, blond hair that had recently searched Han Cook.

Draw the scoop according to the gourd.

Rasaki did not politely petrify her, and like Little Satie, loaded her into the system warehouse.

Then, in the prison warehouse on the second floor, I found Rain’s Sword and a Sword Thunderstorm! Packed up after taking away.

Luo Qi stopped and turned back to the sixth floor again!

On this trip to the city, his purpose has been completed for more than half…….. Only the last three things remained.

First, the ability to replicate the hormonal fruit of the demon king Ivankov.

Second, help the Straw Hat Boy escape from prison, and with the fishmen they rush into the sea and head towards Malin Fando. Third, wait for the key person who is about to come to the city of Advance- Blackbeard Marshall D. Titch!


This is a full 20 hours.

Only then did I see the Navy sent by the Naval Headquarters to escort the Fire Fist Ace. Not long after Ace was carried past him.

Inside the 5.5-story Newcomer Demon Paradise, there was also movement.

Luo Qi hid in the shadows, quietly observing Ivankov and his party rushing to the sixth floor of the city. Quietly came behind Ivankov and Imazuna.

After secretly copying the demon fruit ability of the two people, he left the sixth layer directly, turned into a fierce wind, and flew towards the first layer. Inside four layers of scorching hell.

Magellan woke up and didn’t look panicked when he found that his Demon Fruit ability had disappeared. Instead, he walked towards the fifth floor without hesitation.

One person blocked the entrance to the fifth and sixth floors.

That huge figure, even if it didn’t have the ability of the Demon Fruit, still scared Ivankov and the others to stay on the sixth floor for a long time. After all.

Ivankov, they didn’t know that Magellan’s Demonic Fruit ability had disappeared. Until fire fist Ace was taken to the sea level.

The sound of unwilling resistance reached Luffy 5.8’s ears. This made them react again and rush to Magellan. A husband and wife! Nothing can be done!

Although Magellan did not have the ability of the Demon Fruit, he still blocked the entrance to the passage with his body dead. Until Ace was taken to the warship.

He was completely defeated and lost consciousness.


Just as the Straw Hats rushed towards the first floor again. Luo Qi had reached the gate of the Advancing City.

By this time Ace had been taken away by the warship, passed through the Gate of Justice, and headed for Marin Fando. Blackbeard and his party also rode their pirate ship to the gate of the city.

“Thief hahahaha! Everything was exactly as I expected, and now the Advance City was the weakest time to defend! Soon the era of my blackbeard is coming!! Thief hahahahaha!!! ”

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