Inside Dock 4.

Hidden in the shadows, Munch D. Dragon, look at the shocking effect of the weapon just now.

His eyes sparkled with excitement.

Although missing the AK-47 that weapon.

But I saw another weapon that made people more excited.

He only felt that this time he came to the water capital, he had completely earned it.

At the same time, I made up my mind.

Wait until after the trade fair is over.

No matter what, talk to Rozaki!


In fact!

There is no Gatling in this world.

There is also a 6-barrel, rotary-firing weapon of the same type.

But neither the rate of fire, penetration, destructiveness, or deterrence is as fierce as this weapon called Vulcan Gatling!

And that Gatling still uses a ballball bullet, which is so lethal that even the steel plate can’t penetrate!

This weapon is completely to the level of this weapon!

All attributes have been increased by at least 10 times.



People around the world who watched the live broadcast also showed mixed expressions.

“The power of this weapon is probably too overbearing!” If it is equipped on the ship, will those pirate ships dare to be arrogant in the future? ”

“Hiss! So thick steel plates have been pierced, and in such a short time, hundreds of bullets have been fired, look at the holes in the wall! ”

“Damn! What is this Rashomon Chamber of Commerce all about! The Great Shuffle?! ”

Countless mixed opinions abounded.

If the 40 animal demon fruits are the source of the impulse for countless pirates who think they are powerful to attack the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce.

Well, the appearance of this ‘Vulcan Gatlin’ at this moment is the best medicine to make everyone frightened and sober!

Look at the densely packed Rashomon Chamber of Commerce employees at the trade fair.

If everyone had such a weapon in their hands, which pirate regiment would dare to attack!



Sengoku angrily slammed his fist on the conference table.

At this moment, he felt like a clown, and he didn’t have the slightest bit of wisdom at all!

It can even be said.

Whether it’s the Devil Fruit or the AK-47, it’s like a big hole dug by the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce for the Navy!

Let them spend a lot of military money into it.

As a result, just fully equipped army, the other side immediately took out a more excellent weapon and punched in the face!

“I said long ago that you don’t listen! Now that the pheasant and the yellow ape are on the scene, I want to say, directly let them launch the slaying order, anyway, the iceberg in the water capital dares to lend the dock to the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, and it is not a good person, simply destroy the water capital together! ”

The red dog smoked a cigar and sneered, then opened his mouth with a somber face.

“Sakarski! The Water Capital is inhabited by hundreds of thousands of residents, not to mention that there are three kings under the Seven Martial Seas at the trade fair site! Do you want to provoke a world war? ”

Although sengoku was equally angry at the moment, reason forced him to sober up, and he didn’t want to bear the infamy of throwing the whole world into chaos.

Red Dog also wants to say that ‘justice cannot be tarnished’.

But he was pressed back by Karp’s sharp eyes.

“Now I have to put up with this breath, this trade fair, Luo Qi has long been premeditated, I see that Spandam is also on the scene, the Navy does not have to intervene in this matter, just wait for the decision of the world government.”

Lieutenant General Tsuru stared at Rasaki in the picture and spoke.


Holy Land Jomaria.

The Five Old Stars Conference Room.

The five old men were silent at the moment.

Is this weapon threatening?

For them, it is just a toy, and even the pirates who have been rewarded with hundreds of millions of dollars basically do not care about this weapon.


How many powerful people are there in this world?

The vast pirate world, the vast population, calculated in hundreds of millions, can do not fear this weapon, hundreds of thousands? Millions?

What about the rest?

“Do you want to meddle in this matter?” The influx of such weapons into the world is too much of a threat to world governments and navies. ”

One of the old men spoke slowly.

“The Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is too mysterious, the information currently in hand is the tip of the iceberg, and now that we are doing it, we may not be able to wipe out this Chamber of Commerce in the water capital, on the contrary, once the other party is forced to rush and run to cooperate with the revolutionary army and the four emperors, then the navy and the world government will face a huge disaster.”

Another old man spoke out about his concerns.

“There is no need to turn the other cheek with the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce wants nothing more than money, as long as he is willing to cooperate only with the Navy like the last weapon!”

“Once the world government allies and navies are equipped in batches, the number of pirates at sea will certainly be greatly reduced, and the suppression of rebellions everywhere will also have a great effect.”

“Most importantly! It is Rozaki this person, his hidden strength can not only be so good as when trading with the Warring States, listening to the news from CP9, any employee under his hand is stronger than CP9 Robin Luch that kid, look at the trade fair scene, such employees he still has thousands of people, Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is just seeking wealth, we do not need to force each other to become pirates. ”

The old man who was holding the first ghost squinted and calmly analyzed.

Most of those newly emerged pirates will not be able to go to the new world under this weapon.

Once the number of pirates flowing into the New World was reduced, the power of the Four Emperors would gradually weaken.

If rebels around the world are suppressed, the pressure on the Allies will be much less.

On the contrary, it is acceptable to pay a lot of money in exchange for substantial benefits.

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