“40 Demon Fruits, this is really a big deal!”

“The first item that appeared was so eye-catching, and this Rashomon Chamber of Commerce was really high-profile!”

“Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, it is indeed very mysterious!”

Countless voices of discussion are ringing out all over the world.

For a time, the name of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, just through an opening, became the most attention-grabbing focus of the moment!

Countless pirates who thought they were powerful had their eyes on the 40 demon fruits that appeared at the beginning!

Even the five old stars who were far away in the holy land of Jomalia sighed!

“It’s really willing, 40 animal demon fruits, even if they are not the four emperors in this sea, they can cultivate a powerful pirate regiment.”


At this time, Luo Qi did not care so much.

After putting away the Devil Fruit.

He took another step back, clapped his hands, and slowly the second item was pushed up.

Covered with a red cloth.

This time, Luo Qi did not rush to open the red cloth to reveal its true appearance.

Instead, he walked slowly to the side of the stage.

He smiled politely at the camera and the crowd and spoke.

“As we all know, the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is a chamber of commerce that relies on clothing, cosmetics and health care products, but in fact, the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is also a military chamber of commerce and industry!”

“There was a deal with the Navy earlier, and the new weapons now in the hands of the Navy were developed by the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce…”

That said.

In the Warring States of Marin Fando, his face immediately became ugly, elongated his face, gritted his teeth, and shook his beard in anger.

“What does Rozaki want to do!” Break the contract?! ”

And Doflamingo in the audience immediately lit up his eyes.

Doflamingo naturally does not need to say much.

Relying on the sale of weapons, the money is full of pots, and for the standard weapons equipped with the navy, it is natural to know that it is the handiwork of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce.

This time, in addition to buying the Demon Fruit Potion, he also wanted to get the AK-47 blueprint.

But he never showed it, and with a look of anticipation and curiosity, Doflamingo looked at Luo Qi on the stage.

Only to see Luo Qi continue to speak.

“The Rashomon Chamber of Commerce has always paid attention to integrity in doing business, and the weapons handed over to the Naval Headquarters last time, the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce promised that they would not be produced again, so today, there will be no sign of that weapon!”

“But the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce will launch a brand new weapon today called Vulcan Gatlin!”

With that, he lifted the red cloth.

A rather domineering wheeled heavy machine gun is displayed in front of everyone.

Lift up Gatlin with ease.

Luo Qi held it in his hand and began to introduce.

“This weapon is a combination of fast fire, large capacity and amazing power! Most importantly, this weapon is suitable for most people! ”


Turning the trigger, he aimed at the wall of a large candle in the distance, and a confident smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Gentlemen! Ladies! Next, please enjoy the charm of this weapon! ”


Slammed the trigger!


“Whoop whoo

Twelve projectile tubes swirled wildly, the muzzle of the gun was emitting blue flames, and the bullets poured out like fire snakes!

Countless shell casings smashed to the ground, making a clanging crunching sound!

Gatling’s bullet swept the huge candle wall directly to pieces!

At this moment, everyone found that there was a thick layer of steel behind the candle wall!

The steel plate is densely packed with bullet holes!

Just a dozen seconds of effort.

Luo Qi swept away the bullets, and several dead soldiers stepped forward and pushed the steel plate open, and the crowd saw it.

The wall behind the steel plate has been swept into mud!

Everyone took a breath of cool air!

Vulcan Gatling, the power is terrifying!

“Snap! Syllable! Syllable! Syllable! ”

Inside the audience.

Doflamingo could not bear it any longer and took the lead in clapping.

This weapon is simply so much to love!

He was even eager to place a large number of orders at once, produce this weapon, and then sell it to weapons dealers around the world at a high price!

He had no fear at all that the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce would steal his business.

Because, he knew, since Rasaaki let him watch here, it meant that the other party wanted to cooperate with him!


The reporters in the audience were also stunned for a long time before they clapped.

They had to give this face, otherwise they would not be able to get off the stage once the president of the Chamber of Commerce on the stage would not come down.

Turn the muzzle of the gun at them, and you really regret it.

Only the green pheasant and the yellow ape frowned tightly, and vaguely felt that the navy had been fiercely pitted.

After all!

Their navy had just spent hundreds of billions of Bailey military dollars to buy the AK-47 standard weapon.

And once this weapon is popularized, the soldiers at the grass-roots level of their navy are simply like children with toy guns, ready to be slaughtered!

As for Stusi, who was sitting in the VIP seat, looking at Luo Qi’s eyes, it was even more brilliant.

If this man can survive after today, he will definitely become another hegemon in this world!

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