On the stage, Luo Qi, after showing this weapon.

There was no rush to introduce the next one, but very patiently and humorously began to interact with the reporters on the stage.

In fact, he also waited.

Whether the Pheasant, The Yellow Ape, CP9, Stucy, these people who represent the Navy and the World Government, will receive the news behind them within ten minutes?

If someone answers the phone bug.

Through the ‘heart net’ he can know the intentions of the other party.

Friendly cooperation is still in this battle!

If no one answers the phone for ten minutes.

That naturally represents that the bottom line of the forces behind these people has once again been refreshed by themselves.

But it’s a pity.

The Navy and the world government do not seem to have intended to make the deal go so easily.

The pheasant took out the phone worm.

The phone bug was ringing at the moment, and it was clear that someone was contacting him.

Glanced at Luo Qi, who was still talking with the reporter behind him on the stage.

The pheasant quickly connected the phone worm.

“Pheasant! The Five Old Stars just called me, asking you and the Yellow Ape to talk to Rozaki at the first time after the trade fair, this weapon can only be supplied to the Navy and the World Government! ”

The voice of sengoku came from the other end of the phone worm.

“Will I negotiate with the yellow ape?”

The pheasant frowned and asked.

“No! You contact the five old stars directly with them, and when the time comes, they and Luo Qi will talk personally! ”

Sengoku opened his mouth again, obviously the tone was quite relaxed, after all, this mess was taken over by the world government, and he didn’t need to have any more headaches.

“Got it.”

With a simple reply, the pheasant quickly hung up the phone bug.

The yellow ape on the side was holding Erlang’s legs and constantly smashing his mouth.

“Oh~!! This Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is really amazing, even the old guys above are alarmed, it is simply terrible ~!! ”


These words, Doflamingo, who was sitting next to the pheasant, naturally heard them clearly, and the original excited look was swept away.

The green tendons on his head were about to emerge, such a big piece of cake, said no, it was gone, how happy he was.

And Luo Qi on the stage also heard it clearly through the heart net.

The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but evoke a smile.

Five old stars?


I’m really looking forward to confronting the world’s top power figures!

Think of it.

Luo Qi also hastily ended his interaction with the reporters.

Turned around again and walked to the center of the stage.

Clapped hands.

Immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

This time.

Nothing was brought to the stage.


Behind the huge stage curtain, several cars of different sizes and shapes slowly drove out.

Luxury supercar for two people, dream coupe for four, comfortable sedan for five, large Hummer for five, motorhome for one family, commercial vehicle for eight, large truck with a large back seat space and a large bus for more than 20 people!

The shape of the turtle car that is very similar to the turtle car on the Grand De Solo can’t help but be eye-catching.

Countless reporters began to frantically press the shutter in their hands.



In front of the giant screen in the square.

After seeing two such fantastic products in succession, Luffy, the straw hat kid, finally couldn’t help but starlight in his eyes.

“It’s awesome! Rozaki is so powerful!! When I first saw that submarine, I thought it was cool! I didn’t expect that there are still land-based supercars!!!! ”

Shouting with excitement.

It immediately attracted the attention of Fire Fist Ace and Smaug not far away.

“Straw Hat Kid ~ !!!”

“Luffy ~ !!!”

The two sounds that sounded at the same time also made the Straw Hat Boy see Ace and Smaug.

First I saw Ace’s great joy, and then I saw Smaug’s surprise!

Then I pulled my leg and went out!


Luo Qi wrapped his hands around his chest and looked at the crowd with a smile.

Wait until the sound of the photo shoot is over.

Only then did he walk to the stage and begin to introduce.

“These are the third items of this fair.”

“As we all know, this world is made up of four oceans, great shipping lanes, and a new world.”

“With the help of One Piece Gol D. Roger’s words before his death aroused the enthusiasm of countless people to pursue the treasure of One Piece, and countless people rushed to the sea! ”

“But! Don’t forget, in addition to the sea, this world is still made up of countless islands! We were born on land, we live on land, we eat food, we wear clothes, we live in houses on land! ”

“Even if you rush into the sea, you will eventually return to land!”

“So, compared to sailing on the sea, what kind of transportation do we use on land?”

“Bicycles, horses, beasts, camels, other animals that can be ridden, or walk on our legs!” Without exception, any of the above means of transport are extremely uncomfortable! ”

“Therefore, the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing a more comfortable transportation environment for the inhabitants of the world, and has launched this series of models!”

“Safety, reliability, comfort and versatility are the best interpretations of them!”

“As long as there is sunlight, it can automatically replenish energy!”

“The first is this two-seated luxury sports car, handsome and compact, specially launched for the world’s richest people!”


Luo Qi gave way, touched his forehead with his right hand, and then waved his big hand and pointed to the big screen on the stage, and the picture immediately played on the big screen!

The functional introduction of each car, the driving screen and the thoughtful design of various details.

Just like modern 21st-century car advertisements, they are displayed one by one on a giant screen.

Luo Qi stood in a corner, looking at this familiar and long-unseen advertisement, and couldn’t help but have a little emotion in his heart.

At the same time, I was also very fortunate that I bought the “manifest fruit”!

In the end, Ryozaki gave Aisha to eat it, and under the action of the perfect version of the Demon Fruit Optimization Liquid, he achieved a qualitative leap!

【Superman: Manifest Fruit!】 Fingers touching the forehead, as long as it is an imaginary object in the mind, the picture can be perfectly and truly displayed! (No Curse)].

The potential power of this Superman Demon Fruit was fully activated.

For example, the weapons, cars, stages, and giant screens of this trade fair are all released by relying on the ability of this fruit.

Of course!

There are also drawbacks, this embodied item can only last for 24 hours, after which the statute of limitations will automatically disappear.

But even so, when this demon fruit reached Luo Qi’s hands, its value could be fully exerted!

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