’Sophie toilet paper: It’s rare to see the fellow of the Lord of Mysteries. Here I will give a small suggestion about the development of the times and the changes of things. Don't be obsessed with the 22 ways of the original work. As the protagonist, you must have the protagonist, and you must create a way that belongs to the protagonist and fits the protagonist's identity, so that you can be worthy of the protagonist's identity, and you must believe that the protagonist has that talent.

   For example, if it’s me, the way I create is the poor **** sequence...’

   This is serious nonsense... Xifa felt the muscles of his cheek twitch lightly.

  ’Melancholic pancake: If you choose the hunter route, you should be ready to choose your friends in Sequence 7, otherwise **********’

   Hunter way, sequence 7 has to choose friends? Why?

   There should be a reason behind this watcher, but the information was blocked.

   After reading the message of the watcher, Xifa picked up the quill on the "Book of Mystery" and crossed out the handwriting on the previous message board.

   The message board was quickly emptied, and after a little thought, Xifa wrote a paragraph of text.

  ’Knowledgeable watchers, I hope to get the history of the Abraham family, and I hope to know the information of the Tudor Empire. I believe you will be able to give an accurate and positive response. I am sincerely grateful to everyone who watched for help, thank you. ’

   After writing this text, Sifa felt that his spirituality was rapidly diminishing, causing some tingling in his head. He quickly lifted the call, and saw the time on the pocket watch turn again, the dust continued to drift in the sun, and everything returned to its normal track.

   Xifa rubbed his eyebrows. He now knows why he feels mentally exhausted every time he summons the ‘Book of Mystery’.

  Whether it is reading the information in the book or writing the information on the message board, it will consume his spirituality.

   From the perspective of the ‘knowledge authority’ on the cover, maybe the authority will increase in the future, and reading more secret information will consume more spirituality.

   "Sure enough, there is no free lunch in the world." He shook his head and said to himself, "Unfortunately, my mother seems to be reluctant to mention that family or even the history of the Tudor Empire for some reason."

   "Otherwise, I won't have to waste a single use of the message board."

   He opened the closet, put on his formal clothes, and walked out of the bedroom.

Today’s occult course ends at ten o’clock in the morning. Ainilu opened the wooden door with symbols engraved on the door and smiled and said, “You have basically mastered the Hermes language. There are some books in this room. If you have time, You can take it and have a look, it will be helpful for you to learn in the occult."

   "You can take a break in these two days. Next Monday, I will start teaching you ritual magic and teach you how to make amulets."

   "Well, you are free to move around, I have to go to your father, we won't come back for dinner at noon."

   It sounded like a date, and Cefa smiled and said, "Have fun, Mom."

   As soon as the mother left, Hribele also hurriedly left, as if rushing to do something.

Does she also have an appointment? Speaking of which, she is sixteen years old, and it's normal to have friends at this age... Xifa let her thoughts go, and picked the book "The Myth of Creation" in her mother's cabin. , Ready to go back to the room to read.

   In the corridor, he suddenly heard rapid footsteps, smelled the faint fragrance of the girl, and then stopped him with a somewhat anxious voice.

   "Mr. Xifa, please wait a moment."

   Xifa turned her head, and turned out to be her younger sister's close-knit maid. Although she was not very old, she had a big chest.


   At this time before noon, the road to Qingwei was already very noisy. There are street vendors selling pan-fried fish, oyster soup, and dice pies everywhere. The sound of their hawking echoes on the road and alleys, attracting the attention of pedestrians.

A newsboy wearing a peaked cap pulled his hat very low and walked quickly across the pavement paved with sand, avoiding the dirty water directly from the door, and passing through the old and patched hobos. , Turned into a dark and damp alley.

   "No. 78...No. 78, here."

The newsboy found a small building and went in. The air in the corridor was mixed with various smells, such as urine, sweat, musty and wood burning smells. They stirred together and the newsboy couldn't help covering it with his hands. Up the nose.

   She found a closed door, looked around, and then pressed her hand against the wall by the door.

   The wall suddenly lit up with a faint blue light, and the light formed a fuzzy door with no sense of substance. Before the newsboy slightly probed his body, he seemed to be going through this door.


   Someone in the shadow of the aisle said: "This is the extraordinary ability of the apprentice?"

   The newsboy gave a sharp voice: "Who!"

   Then I saw a figure quickly outlined, and walked into the sunlight cast into the aisle from the window.

The short black hair was gently swayed by the breeze blowing from the window, the dark blue eyes flashed with a faint smile, and the contoured face was deep and lined~www.readwn.com~ A faint scar under the left eye was like a tear. .

   The young man in formal clothes, carrying a cane, and wearing a bowler hat is incompatible with the gloomy environment here.

   The newsboy relaxed: "Sifah? Why are you here?"

"Of course I came to you. Alia is very worried about you, my dear sister." Sifa turned his cane and walked forward, looking at the illusory and vague door. "However, let's go in and talk about it unless you I want people to bump into it."

   "Ladies first." Sifa stopped in front of the gate, raised his arms, and gestured with a smile.

   Hribel disguised as a newsboy lowered her head and went into the gate. Sifa followed her, feeling like she had passed a water curtain and was already standing in a small room.

  The blurry door disappeared, and Hribel took off the peaked cap, and let the brilliant blonde hair pour down like a waterfall. She akimbo looked at her brother: "Alia told you that I was here?"

  Sifah looked around and said, "Isn't it obvious? It turns out that Alia's mother is missing. No wonder she seemed to cry two days ago."

   "But I really didn't expect that you would come to help her investigate. It seems that you care about her a lot."

  Helibie snorted: "I am only interested in this matter, and I heard that several people have disappeared from Qingyuan Road recently."

   "Among them are workers, there are homeless people, and there are also solitary people like Arya's mother."

   is not honest at all, sister...Sifah suddenly twitched his nose and smelled some faint fragrance of flowers and plants.

   The mistake is not his ‘hunter’'s keen sense of smell, otherwise it would be difficult for others to detect it.

   "It has a relaxing taste, a little bit sweet and greasy. Well, it seems to be the smell of moon flowers."

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