Xifa blinked his eyes quickly, a total of two times. This was his switch to turn on or off the'Lingsight'.

   He suddenly saw Bridge’s etheric body and astral body, the former is more obvious, the latter is more vague.

   Bridge's etheric body color is normal, that is, the color of the digestive system is dim. It seems that his digestion is not very good in the past few days.

   As for the astral spirit body, it shows a more obvious red color, which shows that he is a little excited now. Is it because of his identity as a bounty hunter?

   Combining the information provided by the bartender just now, the man was really eager to seek protection, and he really caused a lot of trouble.

  Learning Lingshi, seeing the color of the aura is secondary, and the most important thing is to be able to directly see ghosts and resentful spirits. There is never a shortage of such things in the mysterious world.

   Now, Bridge restrained his excitement a little, took out an iron box from his arms and placed it on the table.

   He opened it, and there was a half-finger glove inside. It was dark in color and simple in shape, but it felt unreal after staring at it for a long time, as if it was just a shadow.

   Bridge took a glass of wine on the table and drank, "Since Sanchi introduced it, you should know what it is and what it does. I won't go into details."

   "650 pounds, this is a fair price, isn't it?"

   "If I were not eager to spend money, I would not sell it so cheaply."

   Xifa lightly chins his head. In fact, it is the first time he comes into contact with Extraordinary Weapon, and he doesn't know if the opponent has a premium.

   But as the son of the baron, he has his own personal savings, and he often carries notes of no less than five hundred pounds.

   So this price is completely acceptable to him.

   was about to buy it, just listened to Bridge said: "However, I have another method that allows you to buy it at a lower price."

   He held up three fingers: "For three days, you only need to protect me for three days, then you can buy it for 150 pounds."

  Money is not a problem for Sifa, and Sanchi reminded him that Bridge’s trouble is not small. He had just become a hunter and didn't want to be involved in too much trouble, so he took out the banknotes from his body, counted them, and put them on the table.

   "I am not used to protecting others, so I choose to buy in full, here is 450 pounds, and the remaining 200 pounds will be given to you tomorrow."

   "If you are not at ease, wait here for a while, I will go out and come back again?"

   Bridge could not hide the disappointment on his face, he shook his head: "No, I believe the best hunter in town will not covet 200 pounds."

   "It's a pity, I thought we could get along well. Don't you think about it anymore, as long as three days, I will go by boat in three days, which is a good deal for you."

   Take a boat? This sounded like he was about to abscond from the country. However, large ships cannot be stopped at the pier in Enqi Town, unless it is a black ship that engages in illegal activities.

  Sifa thought while pushing the money over: "Your suggestion is very attractive, but I am not short of money. If it can be solved with money, I don't plan to use other methods."

   He took the iron box with his gloves and put it on directly: "Tomorrow night, I will pay the balance. If you are not there, I will give it to Sanqi, don't worry, he dare not think about it."

   Xifa patted his holster under his arm. On Qingwei Road, the pistol is the truth, and the fist is the guarantee.

   walked out of the card room, and when he passed the bar, the bartender whistled: "How is it, how is it going?"

   Xifa nodded slightly: "It's okay."

   Sangqi leaned forward and whispered: "If you have a job, do you want to pick it up? People designate you as the priority. If you don't pick it up, you will consider other hunters."

   Xifa was a little surprised, and asked: "What kind of work?"

Sangqi took out another small notebook and turned it over: "Three days later, a black ship will come to Baitan, which involves a transaction. The client is one of the parties in the transaction, and he feels that his power is a little weak. In order to prevent accidents, he plans to increase manpower."

   "Specifically, if you are sure to accept, tomorrow I will arrange for him, or his agent, to talk to you in detail?"

   "Well, the remuneration is 300 pounds. If an accident occurs, the remuneration will be added depending on the seriousness of the incident."

tomorrow? I happen to be here again tomorrow, and I have to get acquainted with the job of a bounty hunter. It just so happens that it allows me to play a better role as a ‘hunter’.

   "Okay, see you tomorrow night." Sifa simply agreed and left the bar.

   When he woke up the next day, Sifa saw his mother watering the flowers in the garden. Until now, he still feels a little unreal, and it is difficult to associate this gentle woman with the extraordinary.

   Mother turned out to be an extraordinary, and she learned from the members of the Abraham family, which was once the first nobleman.

   What kind of family is Abraham?

  Sifah knows that in this world, knowledge is power! The more knowledge you have, no matter which aspect you have, you will definitely help yourself.

   And the knowledge he has now is too poor.

   Suddenly, he remembered that there was another opportunity to use the message board in his "Book of Mysteries", and immediately raised his hands and recited the spell silently.

   "Eyes that perceive everything."

   "The **** who overlooks everything."


   An indescribable feeling emerged, the colors of the surrounding things became bright and bright, the fluttering dust settled in the air, and a heavy feeling came from his hands, and the illusory classics that shed light fell on Xifa's hands.

   Xifa looked at the pocket watch on the table, the pointer on the pocket watch stopped, which confirmed his guess. Every time UU Reading www.uukanshu.com summons the ‘Book of Mystery’, time will completely stand still.

   He opened the cover, found the previous message, and added more replies.

  ’No. 160809145813508: So many people who choose voyeurs are more reliable than voyeurs. ’

   With so many asterisks, is it information blocking again? How can I improve my knowledge authority? I want to get more information.

  ’No. 160809145813508: Speaking of the prisoner’s route, it’s actually very suitable for those who cross-externally, although ******************

  ‘No language: the prisoner’s pit is cassava************’

   cassava? What is this, the plant becomes refined?

  ‘No_language: Then decisively recommend assassin (Sequence Seven Witch), Pharmacist (******) Cultivator (******), choose one of three for you! ’

   Xifa felt the muscles on his face twitch, assassin, assassin again. However, the watcher also gave two other options, but unfortunately he was already a ‘hunter’ and had to live up to his expectations.

   In addition to these replies, the comments of the following followers have also been updated:

  ’No. 20210517202131878: Real men should turn to assassins. ’

   You guys are **** with the assassin... Sifa rubbed his chin, and he continued to look down, who was numb to this path.

  ’No. 20210517202131878: Sequence 9: Hunter. Excellent tracker, outstanding trap expert, outstanding hunter...’

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