As a family who believes in the goddess of the night, there are moonflowers planted in the back garden of the Xifa family, so he is not unfamiliar with this smell, but he searched the hut and didn't see half of the moonflower.

  Heri Belle found other problems.

   "Look at this." The girl pointed to a round wooden table, one of its legs wobbly.

   There are two cups on the table, and three muffins on a small plate next to it. One of the muffins was only bitten and placed randomly on the edge of the plate.

   Xifa squinted slightly: "Two cups, indicating that a visitor has been there. The muffins were not finished but they were not put away, indicating that Arya's mother left with the guests in a hurry."

   "I have checked the house, there are no signs of fighting, and the windows have not been damaged. Based on the current situation, Arya's mother was not forcibly taken away, but took the initiative and voluntarily left with them."

   "The question now is, who will this guest be?"

  Helibele gathered her hair, put them in her cap, and the girl walked to the wall: "Her neighbor should know it."

   The two went through the vaguely blue door again, and came into the aisle. In a blink of an eye, Herribel, who was full of action, knocked on the neighbor's door.

   The door opened, and inside was a woman with a sallow complexion. Her hands were covered with drops of water, and the corners of her skirt were wet. She looked like she was washing laundry.

  Helibele cleared her throat and said, "Hello, do you know Mrs. Genneth?"

  Gurness is Alia's mother.

  The woman with yellowish complexion responded coldly: "I don't know."

   slammed the door shut.

  Helibele said angrily: "Why is she doing this!"

   Xifa smiled and said, "Let me come, communication requires skill."

  He took out his wallet, took out a one-pound note, and knocked on the door again.

   The woman opened the door impatiently: "I'm working, please don't disturb me, otherwise, I can only call the police!"

  Sifah put the paper money into her hand and pressed the top hat: "It won't delay you much time, madam."

   looked at the money in her hand, the woman was stunned, and then said: "What do you want to know?"

  Sifah was about to speak, but Heribelle had already pushed away. The girl pointed to the room next to her and said, "Have you ever visited Mrs. Genneth's house?"

   The woman poked her head out of the door and glanced in the direction where the girl pointed: "Gurness has few friends. She is always at home alone, only her daughter. She will visit her for a day or two every month."

   "But some time ago, someone did come to visit her. It's an old woman, I don't know what her name is. But I know, she often speaks in Memorial Square."

   The old woman who gave a speech on the memorial square? The gloomy face of old lady Paris suddenly appeared in Sifa's mind. That woman had come to visit Alia's mother?

   "Go, let's go to the memorial square."

   At the Memorial Plaza, I saw the old woman named Paris again. She is still speaking today, and the surroundings are crowded with people, mostly workers and homeless people.

   I didn't know what Paris was talking about. The onlookers joined from time to time and burst into applause, making the people passing by cast strange glances.

  Sifah took off his top hat, took off his coat, and handed these things and cane to Hribel. In this way, standing with the workers will not be too eye-catching.

   "You are waiting here."

   He came to the crowd alone, squeezed in with his head down, and appeared behind Paris.

   His nose twitched, and Xifa smelled the moon flower again. It came from Paris and had a strong smell.

   This old lady has a problem.

   Seeing that Paris didn't seem to end her speech for a while, Sifa took her sister to the corner of the square and told her what she had discovered.

   After finishing speaking, Xifa suggested: "I think I should go to her house."

  Helibele also agreed: "Then what are we waiting for, let's go."

   Xifa coughed dryly: "But I don't know where she lives."

   The girl was also taken aback. Obviously she had never considered this question, but she soon had an idea: "We can ask Old Cook, he knows everything about this town!"

   When the time on the pocket watch came to 11:23, the Sifa brothers and sisters were in front of a house. It surrounded a courtyard with a low gravel wall, which was planted with moon flowers.

   The house where the old lady Paris lived alone, just behind the flowers, was a dilapidated, gloomy house. Behind the house is a tall oak, the canopy that shades the sky covering the house, allowing it to hide in the shade.

   Xifa closed his pocket watch and said, "If we move faster, we should be able to return to town for lunch in time."

   Helibie rolled her eyes: "I can go in by myself."

   "I won't leave you here alone." As the elder brother, Xifa still has this self-consciousness. He walked along the fence and walked behind the house.

  Helibele spread her hands behind and said, "Aren't we going in?"

   "No one will sneak into someone else's house from the front, my dear sister." Sifa said as he walked, "Strange, old Cook didn't mean that Paris has a lot of cats and dogs, where are these things?"

  Helibele followed and said: "Maybe they are sleeping."

   After they came to the house, they stood in the shade of the huge summer oak tree, Xifa took a few steps to run, easily jumped over the fence, and then helped his sister to come over.

   At this time, the wind blew, and the leaves rustled, and suddenly something fell from the tree. UU reading www. slammed down at the feet of the brothers and sisters.

  Helibele slammed her mouth with her hand, exclaimed in exclamation, and was imprisoned in her palm.

   Xifa also gasped. It was a corpse, the corpse of a cat. The cat's corpse was abnormally enlarged, and dark brown branches emerged from its belly and anus.

  Sifah walked around to the other side of the cat's carcass and found a branch sticking out of the cat's mouth. It looked like the cat was stabbed by a branch.

   And, the branches are still ‘growing’ in the corpse?

   "Xifa, look at the top." Herlie Belle raised her head, looking up at the oak, her face pale.

Xifa looked towards the tree canopy and saw thick branches growing randomly there. He saw the corpses of cats and dogs strung on those branches. His keen vision allowed him to see clearly that young branches and tender leaves had grown on these corpses. .

   When the wind blew, the branches shook, and the corpses of those cats and dogs swayed gently in the wind like the ‘fruit’ of Quercus serrata.

   Now, he knows where Paris's cat and dog have gone.

   "How can she live in such a place, she's not right, she's not right!" Hribel whispered.

   Xifa narrowed his smile, turned his head and said solemnly: "Belle, stay here. If anything happens, leave me alone and go back to town for help."

  Helibele nodded slightly, she knew exactly what she should and shouldn’t do.

   Sifa took out the snake scale pistol from the holster under his arm, and pointed the muzzle to the ground to prevent it from being fired by mistake. He walked under the weird summer oak tree canopy to the back of Paris's house.

   He didn't rush in, he listened with a hearing far better than ordinary people, and sniffed the smell in the air. After no abnormality was found, Xifa lightly opened a window and got in...

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