Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 74: Lobster Catch Project

Ship, keep going!

The live broadcast is continuing!

The audience in Europe and the United States gradually dispersed in the afternoon because of the jet lag!

But there are still people on vacation or shifts watching.

There were more than 200,000 viewers!

The domestic audience has increased dozens of times.

4.9 million people are watching!

At this time, the recommendation is on!

Obviously, the recommended position is more useful for domestic audiences because of the time difference.

When it was time, Zhao Sisi sent a message saying that it was officially recommended!

Let Ding Zhaotian and others know about it, but no one thought that they happened to encounter a herring school!

The boat is a single tugboat, sailing, trawling fishing!

Obviously the target is this large group of herrings.

At the same time, Ding Zhaotian also had an idea that the sea near here is not particularly deep. It should be said that there are lobsters!

Ding Zhaotian plans to go down to the bottom of the sea to find lobsters!

According to Ding Zhaotian's insight, this generation is the origin of Splendid Lobster!

Splendid lobsters generally live on the slopes of the corals, into the deep sand!

Splendid lobster, according to historical records, can be found at the deepest 150 meters underwater!

However, it requires professional diving tools to withstand such deep water pressure!

There are many corals in this area, so Ding Zhaotian thought about it!

The ability of Ding Zhaotian's Sea Lingzhu can perceive the surrounding creatures if he dives into the sea!

Including sea oysters, splendid lobsters, abalones and more!

However, the problem is that everyone is live, so you can't dive empty.

You must bring an oxygen cylinder!

Just be able to pretend!

So I made a decision in my heart!

At this time, only fifty minutes later, the herring school had already squeezed the net and was about to explode!

Everyone is very excited!

Because I know that I'm going to make a fortune!

Previously, Captain Ding Zhaotian also agreed that the experiencers can also share the money!

That is to say, if they come to experience, although they have no salary, if the goods are received well, they can share the profit!

This is very important, and everyone is working for their own interests!

People, it's normal to fight for some extra benefits for yourself!

It is precisely because of the "performance" that everyone works hard, otherwise, they come to experience, why do they help you work!

Why help Ding Zhaotian unload the goods!

Soon, the network began to close!

At the moment of closing the net, everyone is waiting to see the results!

Because everyone only sees a group of little dots, red dots, and knows it is a school of fish, a large group, but they don’t know the species of the fish!

However, the fat man guessed it was a herring. Fatty is not stupid, because the swimming speed of a herring is very fast!

The number of viewers at this time has broken 5 million!

And foreign countries add up to 800,000!

Quite a lot! Because the power of the banner recommendation has risen, another one, because everyone wants to see what kind of fish is at the bottom!

Why is the school of fish so big, and what are the gains from this net, etc., etc.!

As a result, as soon as the net was closed, a lot of herring.

There are no other fish!

Not only that, but after receiving the Internet, there are a lot of red dots instead of more?

The fat man asked in surprise: "What's the situation?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "Obviously, because this school of fish is far bigger than we thought!"

Xiao Wu shouted: "Then quickly grab the herring, and then put the net to catch it!"

Everyone agrees, start working!

This time unloading fish, unlike the past, is racing against time!

Big baskets of big baskets of herrings were moved down and put in the ice store.

A large piece of it!

At this time, Fatty and Xiao Wu both went up to help. Ding Zhaotian found a field of view to fix the phone lens, and he also went to help!

Everyone is racing against time!

It should be said that all the staff are united as never before, so that the next network can be downloaded in time, and then make a fortune!

The barrage audience also understands that before Ding Zhaotian stepped forward to help, he explained the cause and effect to the audience, and told the audience that this was an unprecedented school of herrings, so he could strike the iron while it was hot and fish a net!

The audience also understood and said one after another: "Then hurry up and get busy!"

"Yeah, hurry up and get another net!"

"Maybe you can make a fortune!"

There were also a few people who were disappointed and said, "Why are they all medium-sized, and there are no oversized herrings?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "It depends on luck! Not every time you catch, what you catch is the best!"

Everyone finished their work and continued to get off the net, and at this time, I saw a small coral island!

Far away!

Sure enough, Ding Zhaotian thought, there must be a big lobster nearby!

With my own perception, going into the depths of the sea is bound to gain something!

Just go alone!

Wear a diving suit and get an oxygen cylinder!

Ding Zhaotian prepared these on the deck, the barrage boiled, and asked one after another, "What is Lao Ding doing? Going into the water?"

Everyone guessed it, it's not hard to guess.

The fat man wondered: "What are you doing? Are you really going to go down?"

There were four sets of equipment on the boat, so it was enough to support Lao Ding, Fatty, Xiao Wu and Aniu. When Gu Dali came, he didn't buy a diving suit.

I forgot about it!

Ding Zhaotian said: "Let's do it, Xiaowu, you will get close to Coral Island in a while, and you will set off. Me, Fatty, A Niu, the three of us go down and fish for shrimps!"

The fat man said with joy: "Okay!"

Aniu also grew up by the sea, so he is naturally familiar with water, and there is no problem!

Ding Zhaotian asked Xiao Wu to sail because he was afraid of accidents. As long as the boat is under his control, Xiao Wu's brain is active!

Aniu is relatively stupid!

Therefore, he didn't let Aniu sail the boat. It was not that he could not, but, after all, there were strangers on the boat, so the heart of defense was indispensable!

This is Ding Zhaotian's idea.

I thought about it, and it went away in a flash.

At this time, after Ding Zhaotian and Fatty changed their clothes, the barrage also became lively.

In Europe, there are many people who like to dive, so many viewers are talking!

Some viewers were even curious and said: "I didn't expect the diving suits in China to do so well!"

"The diving skills of the Chinese people should also be great, right?"

Everyone is discussing diving suits and diving technology issues!

The topic has changed again!

In fact,, America, Europe and the United States, as well as Oriental, and Korea, the audience groups in these countries discuss different topics!

Europe is discussing the issue of diving suits and the differences in diving suits in various countries!

In the U.S., through an interpreter, I learned that Lao Ding and Fatty are going to catch lobsters. Splendid lobsters! So excited, waiting to see if there is a big lobster!

Goryeo is close to China, so we are discussing climate issues and asking where we sailed!

And the East Asian country is still discussing sushi and sashimi!

Because of this fresh herring, it is very suitable for making top-quality sushi!

In addition, the issue of salmon and tuna is also discussed!

At this moment, the second net of herring was closed!

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