Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 75: Magical Blue Lobster

The herring of the second net, close the net immediately!

Everyone is excited!

Ding Zhaotian said directly: "After the nets are collected, the three of us dive to catch lobsters. You communicate with the audience on the deck. When the fish is sold, we will start to divide the money and transfer the money!"

Just say the word cent!

Everyone is excited!

In fact, for example, Mr. He Zhiqiang, who is thirty-four years old, is in good health. A large part of the reason for coming here is because he wants to make a lot of money!

That is what they call making a pot of gold!

But there are also others that are not for making money. For example, Wang Qiang, who is the oldest and has a successful career, is to seduce himself and show his muscles!

To put it bluntly, in order to be famous in the live broadcast, but also to experience life at sea!

It can not be said that everyone has their own ghosts, but they also have their own thoughts!

How smart is Ding Zhaotian! I understand everyone's state of mind!

Therefore, in order to cheer everyone up, Ding Zhaotian specifically stated that he would divide the money before encountering the fishing boat!

Mr. Shen Quanshen, 29 years old, is an ordinary worker, a high-altitude mason!

It was very hard work. No, I resigned this time just to break through my life and want a different experience!

When asked, the other party said that he had just paid a down payment of 450,000, and would have to pay back a mortgage of 3,000 every month!

This time, there is actually a bit of a lasting fight!

I hope to take this, one is to become famous, the other is to improve life, improve the quality of life, and the third is to have a memory of adventure!

In addition, Plum Tree, this person is very interesting, from the southwest, speaks with a slight accent, but very funny!

He is 23 years old and has just graduated from university. He hopes to take this risky experience and embark on a different job search path!

I even want to take this opportunity to work in Tianyu Company!

In other words, be an operation or something!

Therefore, before he came, he came one day in advance and asked Manager Xu and Zhao Sisi about the recruitment of Tianyu Live Broadcasting Company!

Li Zishu graduated from Jiangnan University with a bachelor's degree, which is still very advantageous!

His biggest goal is to perform well here, let the global audience know him and get familiar with him, and then apply for a job in Tianyu APP, even as a small member of the operation!

It’s okay to start at the grassroots level!

He is a young man who is willing to endure hardship!

Ding Zhaotian also understood the demands of these people during the chat during this period of time!

So, sometimes let them behave a lot!

For example, if Wang Qiang is a rich man, let him show his muscles!

And, let him face the camera more and show off his fit body!

Of course, Wang Qiang also understands Ding Zhaotian's careful thinking, and in his words, I am very grateful to Lao Ding!

Ding Zhaotian was in the sea.

The fat man followed closely.

Then Aniu!

The herring school has gone far, and it can be chased again, but Ding Zhaotian ordered not to chase, but to stop the boat!

Stop for a while, let the three people, Fatty, Ah Niu and themselves catch lobsters!

Ding Zhaotian entered 10 meters below the sea and saw a lot of lobsters, but they were not big!

At this time, Fatty and Aniu went in two directions respectively!

And Ding Zhaotian began to use the power of his Sea Lingzhu!

The perception was operated, and sure enough, the big lobster was found!

It's that simple, it's so easy!

Then, in the process of swimming, clearly perceive the location of each lobster and sea oyster!

There are all kinds of shellfish, and so on!

Suddenly, I saw something like a monster!

Ding Zhaotian almost squirted out a mouthful of water. He took a closer look. Damn, why is this lobster blue?


Ding Zhaotian passed by and saw that the lobster was still moving!

Waving big paws!

I guessed it, it's more than ten catties!

Ding Zhaotian felt like he was dreaming.

I usually see Splendid lobsters are all Splendid yellow, why suddenly a big blue monster comes out?

It looks like it is indeed a lobster!

Hurry up, hello Fatty and A Niu!

But the two of them are nowhere to be seen!

Obviously it's going in another direction!

No walkie talkie. In fact, this equipment is on board!

Suddenly Ding Zhaotian had an idea, which is to broadcast live underwater!

That requires high-tech techniques. Now that you have money, you can buy some high-tech equipment for underwater live broadcasting, which can realize conversations with the audience underwater. That's so cool!

But, don't think about this problem for now. What needs to be considered for the time being is how to move the lobster!

Ding Zhaotian took out his dagger and his short dagger to assassinate the lobster, the blue lobster!

If you don't kill it, it's valuable, but Ding Zhaotian feels a little weird for the big lobster claws!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian saw the lobster attacking him, like a monster!

Quickly assassinate it, stab it to death!

Then he took the big blue lobster in both hands and went out to the sea!

At this moment, I saw about 100 meters in the distance, Fatty, Aniu and the others were already on the boat, greeting Ding Zhaotian!

Ding Zhaotian didn't go there!

Instead, he waved his hand.

Sure enough, the ship sailed over!

Then the fat man shouted: "Where are your goods?"

Ding Zhaotian pointed to the blue thing in his hand!

The fat man wondered: "What is the blue one?"

Aniu Qi said, "How come it looks like a big lobster?"

Then, the barrage asked: "What's the situation? You guys on the sea, don't you know what the Splendid Lobster looks like?"

"Quickly adjust your vision!"

Xiao Wu was also taken aback when he saw the blue monster!

Then I saw the barrage, and then pointed the camera at the blue monster!

The barrage exploded completely!

Chinese and foreign audiences left the same message: "What is that?"

"Yes, is it a big lobster?"

"I'm going, what's the situation, blue lobster?"

"Blue lobster? I'm not dreaming, am I?"

"This thing seems to be very valuable?"

"This is not a lobster? Where can the lobster be blue?"

"I searched the Internet, there are blue lobsters, one in a million!"

Chinese and foreign audiences, whether it is from the United States, from Korea, from the East, or from Europe!

It was all so, the barrage was in an uproar!

And the fat man said, "Well, let's take a look. How can I look at it as a lobster?"

Xiao Wu was surprised: "The blue lobster?"

Aniu said, "I'll help!"

Wang Qiang loves Bing Se, shows his strength, and eagerly stepped forward to help!

Then, two people, Fatty and Wang Qiang brought up the big lobster!

When the blue lobster appeared in front of everyone, everyone was shocked again!

The audience, whether they are domestic or foreign, were stunned!

An audience in the Toyo Kingdom sent a bullet screen and said: "My uncle once got a blue lobster weighing a pound. It was incredible. It sold for tens of millions of yen!"

Everyone help translate, the relay is average, translate until Xiaowu sees it!

Xiao Wu exclaimed: "Old Ding, Fatty, there is an Oriental man on the barrage who said that some people collect blue lobsters over there, which may be worth tens of millions of yen, and it is per catty!"

The fat man wondered: "Yen seems to be quite worthless, right?"

At this time, the barrage said: "There is someone in the U.S. who has offered $100,000 and wants to buy it!"

Xiao Wu also conveyed it!

The six experiencers including Li Zishu, Wang Qiang, Shen Quan, etc. were all surprised and delighted!

They have never seen such a big blue lobster!

Chef Yang Dawei said: "There are mutated blue lobsters in the lobster colony, but I have never seen such a big bright blue one! This is simply!"

The fat man asked, "Do you know why it is blue?"

Xiao Wu smiled and said, "I use my mobile phone to check, the Internet is so developed, I must know it!"

After checking, he found out, the fat man also leaned over to look, and smiled: "This blue lobster is unique, and a lobster over 2 catties is even more unique!"

Xiao Wu nodded, and said with a trembling voice: "This is a priceless treasure!"

Ah Niu was also very excited, but his mouth was unsatisfactory!

Don't speak much!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian looked carefully, and the lobster was obviously stabbed to death by himself!

But it's still very fresh!

I thought, putting me here is a full meal, so let’s sell it as soon as possible!

At this moment, the phones of Fatty and Ding Zhaotian rang at the same time!

Ding Zhaotian saw that it was Mr. Xu!

Boss Xu of Dingsheng Seafood City!

On the fat man's side, there was actually a number who didn't know his name!

The fat man was extremely excited, so he trembled as he spoke, wondering: "Who are you? Which one?"

The other side said: "My surname is Qian, and my name is Qian Mu. I am the new boss back to Yanlou!"

The purchasing manager who returned to Yanlou was surnamed Wang. This fat man knew that he was not very happy at the time. Now that he can't continue to operate and change the boss when he returns to Yanlou?

The fat man then asked directly: "What's the matter, are you under the contract? Is the original boss unable to manage it anymore? Or what?"

The boss Qian Mu asked was embarrassed!

Boss Qian Mu said, "I want your big blue lobster! Let's make a price!"

The fat man said in a strange way: "Yah, I knew it was. It's this thing. You can make a bid. It is said that this is a priceless treasure!"

At this time, the boss of Qian Mu smiled and said: "Generally speaking, priceless treasures refer to real objects, such as antiques, etc.! But this is seafood! This is indeed a great supplement, and the protein content is extremely high! However, there are also people. Appreciation is good! I have a customer and pay 200,000! Can you sell it?"

The fat man smiled and said: "You, you are asking the wrong person, I am an assistant, and Old Ding has the final say!"

The fat man is telling the truth!

It is indeed Ding Zhaotian who has the final say!

Qian Mu was slightly embarrassed and asked, "Ding Zhaotian can't get in there, so I called you, Mr. Wang!"

The fat man smiled and said: "Okay, you will call him later, and I will let him talk to you specifically, I guess, I mean, in my personal opinion, I guess I have to bid in the end!"

When it comes to bidding, the money is actually well-informed!

Said: "If it is an auction, we are willing to participate!"

And Ding Zhaotian's phone call! It's Mr. Xu's! Mr. Xu from Dingsheng Seafood City asked directly: "Don't sell your blue lobsters, let's bid for it, brother!"

He is called Ding Zhaotian directly as a brother!

This is really poor in the downtown area, no one asks, rich in the mountains and distant relatives, but now it is not the mountains, but the sea!

Ding Zhaotian didn't have time to check the Internet, but he probably knew that it was extremely rare!

However, it is time-sensitive, what does it mean? After all, it's seafood, it's easy to spoil!

If you can’t sell it, just put it here, just two meals!

It's sold out, it's a red ticket!

So he asked: "Then, Mr. Xu, to be honest, how much do you think it is worth?"

This is not easy to answer!

Sure enough, Mr. Xu said: "It depends on the source of customers very much! If there are customers who pay 1 million ~ I can pay 900,000, and I will be satisfied if I earn 100,000! The problem is, the people in the seafood circle , May not be willing to pay the higher price! 2 million, 3 million? I think the rich in Huanghai City may not be willing to spend 5 million to eat a shrimp, right? But it's not good!"

hang up the phone!

Ding Zhaotian's phone rang again!

Ding Zhaotian was too lazy to answer the phone, so he hung up and went to read the description of lobster on the Internet!

There are very few descriptions of the blue splendid lobster on the Internet!

However, there are a lot of descriptions about the golden yellow lobster!

It is rumored that in the Northern Song Dynasty, the first year of Tiansheng, a fisherman got a three-foot-long lobster in the sea!

Known as the **** shrimp!

This is the most famous record about the Splendid Lobster!

In addition, there are some records about the reproduction of the splendid lobster, such as shallow water in summer, and moving to the deep sea in autumn and winter! When it breeds, it returns to the shallow sea, such as around the coral island!

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