But Ding Zhaotian said: "This is just the beginning, it doesn't matter how much you sell!"

Overseas audiences are boiling!

European and American audiences, they were shocked to see such a large piece of sea bass!

Following that, it was boiling.

The barrage exclaimed!

At this time, not only that, but the audiences in Asia and the East also exclaimed!

How did viewers in other countries in Asia watch the live broadcast?

It turns out that the global integrated live broadcast platform, for example, has branches in Dongyang Country and Korea Country!

Strictly speaking, the global network is so developed now, except for China, all other countries use the same website to log in!

This website is the website of Global Integrated Live!

After logging in, you can watch the live broadcast!

In Korea, a country close to the sea, it is surrounded by the sea on both sides.

They naturally know the value of this extremely large sea bass!

And the more exaggerated is the Oriental Kingdom!

People in Eastern countries love sushi. Japanese sushi!

The main ingredient is fish!

Marine fish!

People in Eastern countries love sushi, and top-quality sushi needs to match the fillets of sea fish within 3 hours to make it delicious!

Their audience watched the live broadcast of Lao Ding's sea life, and was amazed when they saw such a big sea bass fishing scene!

It should be said that the entire audience has started to discuss how much it would be worth if it was made in a sushi restaurant in the country!

This is indeed a practical problem.

Some people even say that if it is sold in the port of the East, this sea bass will surely be able to sell for a great price!

The fat man saw the translated text and shouted: "Old Ding, have you seen it?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "See what?"

The fat man said: "The people from Toyogo say that if you sell it at the port of Toyogo, or sell it to a sushi shop in Toyogo, you can sell it at a great price!"

Xiao Wu, Wang Qiang and the others, all came together to see!

Wang Qiang has experienced big scenes, with a company of 20 million, so he is actually a small rich man!

I have eaten sushi from the upper middle level, and I have also traveled to the East for a short time!

So in fact, this group of sailors, including Ding Zhaotian, have seen the world!

Wang Qiang said: "Sea bass is indeed a good material, but it is not the best material!"

The fat man wondered: "Then what is the best material?"

Wang Qiang made a gesture and said, "For example, herring, cod, and squid are all good ingredients! Scallops, sea carp, and sea urchins are all good ingredients! Pippi shrimp, star butterfly, Red kagi, whitebait, wait!"

The fat man was fascinated and asked, "How do you know so much?"

Yang Dawei said: "It is true, I have also learned a little bit of sushi!"

Then he said: "Good sushi is always more than 100 yuan! Very expensive, and above, the top fresh sushi in the physical store is always ranging from 300 to 1,000 yuan!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "I'm too ignorant, I thought it was all tuna salmon!"

At this time, Chinese and foreign barrage also began to discuss how and how to eat sushi, as well as which sushi restaurant is delicious.

And how about some domestic frozen sushi...

This is another topic!

Everyone was busy putting a large number of sea bass into the ice store, and then proceeded to sail without returning!

Then He Zhiqiang and Li Zishu asked: "Aren't we going back?"

The fat man explained, "We waited until the ship was full, and when we met the fishing boat, we would sell it directly at a discount, so as to save time back and forth. Lao Ding wanted to save money to buy a big ship, a ship worth 80 million! "

Everyone is surprised!

A Niu is silent, just can eat, everyone eats fried fish, fried sea bass, eat together, then A Niu can eat a whole large fish with rice, about two and a half catties!

Everyone watched the sea on the deck and continued to sail!

At this time, the barrage gradually stabilized!

The next day, at noon, the second online came, nothing unusual!

It's a batch of giant Spanish mackerel, but its size is no different from the giant Spanish mackerel caught by other sea-going ships, so it's not worth too much. A net is about 100,000 yuan!

Rao is so, everyone feels very excited too!

At this time, I encountered a fishing boat, which was actually the old customer, Lao Ding!

The owner of that ship is also named Ding.

Everyone calls him Old Ding, or Manager Ding.

Ding Zhaotian sold it to him for the second time, and gave him a 20% discount. All the fish were sold to him!

There are a total of 9 porters on their boats, and they move them quickly!

And at this moment, Ding Zhaotian felt it again!

Yes, Ding Zhaotian feels that there are a lot of fish nearby, and they are not big fish, but the number is surprisingly large!

Ding Zhaotian didn't know all the marine fish, so he went out of his body to take a look, and sure enough, there were a large number of fish of about half a catty, swimming!

Too much!

At this time, the detector is also displayed!

Yang Dawei visited in the monitoring room and shouted: "Look, there are a lot of red dots!"

The red dot is the school of fish!

Everyone came together to take a look, and the other party hasn't finished transporting them yet!

Gu Dali was anxious, and asked, "Now go off the Internet?"

Xiao Wu said, "At least wait for them to finish moving, right?"

Ding Zhaotian smiled and said: "Don't worry, it should be ours, that's ours!"

The fat man shouted: "I don't know what fish school is, so dense?"

In fact, Ding Zhaotian knew it was herring.

After finally waiting for them to move, Fatty and others quickly got off the net!

Start dragging and fishing!

Herring is actually amazing, juvenile herring, it takes four years to mature, and the life span can reach more than 20 years!

Moreover, herring is a big category, including, for example, Nordic sardines from Nordic fisheries, as well as grey sprats, etc., which are important economic fishes!

The number of fish is unparalleled in the ocean!

Take the large yellow croaker as a comparison. Although the large yellow croaker is large, the yield is low.

The herring may be large or small, but the number of groups is dozens of times that of large yellow croaker!

Because a group of herrings, there are too many, and they swim extremely fast!

It can be said that herring is the most productive fish in the world, not one of them!

Herring can smoothly enter various depths of water to prey on prey!

It can be said that the adaptability is very strong!

Herring swimming in groups is a common magnificent scene in the ocean in documentaries such as the animal world!

In the first two days of the herring's collective migration, there were a few brightly-colored large herrings as the leading troops.

Groups of groups!

As we all know, the seabirds in the sky eat fish, and herring is also their main food!

Therefore, UU reading www.uukanshu.com swam a lot of herring school, even aroused the shock of the birds in the sky!

Flocks of seabirds also gradually formed, so two males appeared, namely large herring flocks and large seabird flocks!

At this time, fishing is the most cost-effective, one net is 150,000 to 200,000, and one net can not catch half a school of herring!


Some schools of fish have to be caught five or six times before they disperse!

There is also a spectacular sight, that is, the male herring excretes semen, forming a jelly, even whitening the sea!

Of course, Ding Zhaotian did not see it, because this is not a place to lay eggs, and it is not a place to breed, but there is no doubt that Ding Zhaotian and others encountered a large herring school!

Get off the net quickly. Everyone giggled at the red dots on the screen!

Because these red dots are too dense, and they are constantly moving! high speed!

Everyone is looking forward to it!

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