Absolute Resonance

Chapter 60: Danger

With the passage of time, Bailingxu ushered in more and more students, and the students who were able to walk here, without exception, had gone through a lot of competition and defeated many powerful enemies, so it can be said to be Tianshu. The county's elite in this session.

Therefore, their arrival directly broke the peace in the ruins, and fierce battles one after another began to erupt everywhere in the ruins.

And this fierce battle is also reflected in the top of the standings, whether it is outside Bailing Mountain or inside the mountain, everyone can see the rapid changes on the rankings.

From time to time, the name in front of you suddenly disappears and is replaced by another name, which is a direct result of being eliminated.

The fierce battle continued, and countless eyes were nervously looking at the standings, because as the number of people began to drop sharply, this also showed that the college entrance examination had reached the most intense stage.


In a dilapidated building.

Li Luo listened to the battle in those places not far away, then looked at the standings reflected by the crystal card in front of him, and exclaimed: "This is eliminated too quickly."

In just over an hour, there were originally more than one hundred people on the standings, but now, there are only sixty people left.

During this period of time, he didn't meet any enemies, and his points didn't change much, so the ranking has dropped from 17th to 23rd.

"It's too cruel." Zhao Kuo nodded at the side.

While they were talking, a figure blew in like the wind, and the figure of Yu Lang appeared.

"It's too messy outside now, it's fighting everywhere." Yu Lang was detecting news outside, his wind phase speed was extremely fast, but he was suitable for being a scout.

"Anything to find?" Li Luo asked.

Yu Lang nodded, his complexion suddenly became more solemn, and said: "I just accidentally discovered the figure of Shi Huang, and beside him, there are three people including Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zong Fu."

Li Luo's eyes condensed when he heard the words, and said, "Did they join hands?"

"I suspect that they may have joined hands to deal with Lu Qing'er." Yu Lang licked his lips and said solemnly.

Looking at this college entrance examination, Shi Huang was able to make such a painstaking effort, except for Lu Qing'er, I'm afraid there is no one else.

Zhao Kuo's expression on the side also changed. In fact, in a sense, whether they could get the admissions of the Saint Profound Star Academy, the hope may not be on Li Luo, but on Lu Qing'er.

Because only she can win the first place, and the extra places the first place gets can take them flying.

Li Luo's brows were also slowly frowned, and said, "This is very likely. Shi Hao has a deep mind and must have made a comprehensive plan for this. If Lu Qing'er is really targeted by them, then it will be in danger. ."

If Shi Huang really made such a plan, then for them, Lu Qing'er would definitely not have trouble, because once the other party eliminated Lu Qing'er, then their other members of the Nanfeng Academy might be wiped out by Shi Huang.

Even if it was him, it was impossible to face the teamwork of Shi Huang, Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zong Fu alone.

Li Luo was silent for a few breaths, then took a deep breath, looked at Yu Lang and said, "Which direction did they go?"

Yu Lang quickly pointed him a direction and said, "You are going?"

"You also understand the importance of Lu Qing'er, so I have to go and see, otherwise there is a problem with her, and we may not be better off." Li Luo sighed and said.

Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo nodded when they heard this.

"You two will stay here for the time being. It will be more convenient for me to go alone." Li Luo said.

"Okay, how careful you are."

Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo also understood that the battle at that level was not something they could participate in, so they didn't say much, just a reminder.

Li Luo nodded, and said no more, his body shook, and the blue phase force was looming, as if a layer of water and light covered his body, and then his figure swept out silently.


Somewhere in Bailingxu.

Lu Qing'er was sitting in a ruined high-rise building. She had a beautiful face and a white shirt on her upper body. She outlined the sharp curvature of the small lotus on her chest and her thin waist.

The lower part of the body is white trousers, wrapped around the hips, while making the already slender legs even more straight and slender.

The long hair fell down and fluttered gently at the waist.

The beautiful scene seems a bit incompatible with this ruined scene.

At this time, Lu Qinger took out a small cloth bag from her arms, which contained some dried fruit. She reached out and held it, chewing slowly, to supplement the day's consumption.

Suddenly she chewed slightly, because she saw a beautiful shadow coming in too.

Lu Qinger glanced at it, and it was Tifaqing who came here.

When she entered Bailing Market before, she met Tifaqing. The latter was of course overjoyed when she saw her, and then she wanted to follow the points. Lu Qinger did not refuse this. After all, she was a classmate and helped. Don't mind her.

"Qing'er, you are really winning honor to our girls, so many men are suppressed by you alone." Tifaqing praised with a smile.

Lu Qinger smiled faintly and said, "It's not over yet."

Tifaqing nodded and said: "This time the college entrance examination, the Dongyuan Academy is indeed a strong enemy, and I am also a little worried about that Shi Huang."

"That is indeed a powerful enemy." Lu Qing'er did not deny this, that Shi Huang, even she felt threatened.

"Well, at this time, the people in the classmate’s house can always help each other, so I just left a mark. This is what Song Yunfeng reminded me before the big exam, saying that if I meet you in the end and feel that you need help at the same time, Just use this sign to inform him that if he sees it, he will come to help." Tifaqing laughed.

The dried fruit chewed in Lu Qing'er's mouth suddenly stopped.

She tilted her head to look at Tifaqing, her cold eyes became sharper: "You said you left a mark for Song Yunfeng nearby?"

Tifaqing was taken aback by her sharp eyes, and said unequivocally: "Yeah, what's the matter? Song Yunfeng is the second place in our Nanfeng Academy after all. If he can come to help you, he won't be afraid of the teacher. "

Lu Qing'er stared at Tifaqing for ten seconds, and then she put the small cloth bag in her arms, her pretty face stood up coldly.

"I'm leaving first, so don't follow me."

"Qing'er...you, what's wrong with you? Did I do something wrong?" Tifaqing asked quickly.

Lu Qing'er ignored her and tapped her toes lightly, her delicate body lightly skimmed out of the dilapidated high-rise building, and then fell into a rocky ruin, and wanted to sneak away quickly.

Although she didn't know if Tifaqing's mark would bring anything, she didn't want to expose her whereabouts in this way, which would make her instinctively feel insecure.

"I hope I think too much."

Lu Qing'er passed this thought in her heart.

But at the moment when she was about to sneak, her delicate body suddenly tightened, and the rocks under her feet suddenly burst, and a green light burst out, entwining her ankles directly.

The attack came too suddenly.

However, Lu Qing'er was not completely unprepared. Faced with a surprise attack, she was not chaotic in the face of danger. With a little toe, she would have a cold force gushing out.

The green light that struck was instantly frozen ~www.readwn.com~, showing its path, as if it were some kind of green vines.


There was a clapping sound in front, Lu Qinger looked at her with a pretty face, and then saw a figure standing on the ruined wall, watching her with a smile.

It is Shi Wei.

And on her left, right and behind, a figure flashed out, and at the same time all her escape routes were completely blocked.

"Lu Qing'er, I caught you." Xiang Liang said with a hot eye and a grin.

At this time, Lu Qing'er had Shi Huang in front, and Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zong Fu in the left and right rear, also ranked extremely high.

For a time, this place seemed like a desperate situation.

And on the broken pavilion not far away, there was a sparkle of spar light, projecting this scene onto the crystal wall at the foot of Bailing Mountain.

Then, the atmosphere at the foot of the mountain was detonated.

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