Absolute Resonance

Chapter 61: Hunting Lu Qinger

When the huge crystal wall at the foot of Bailing Mountain projected the picture of Lu Qinger's besieged and suppressed, countless uproars broke out, and the eyes were filled with shock.

"That's Lu Qing'er from Nanfeng Academy? First place in the standings."

"Is this being targeted? That's Shi Qi, and Xiang Liang, Chi Su, Zong Fu, Tsk Tsk, they are all the top players in the standings."

"This time the Nanfeng Academy is going to be dangerous. That Shi Huang is clearly prepared. I am afraid that he has already made plans for this. If Lu Qinger is eliminated by them, then he will lose the first Nanfeng Academy. I am afraid that this year will be Will be surpassed by Dongyeon Academy."

"These people are too thick-skinned to besiege such a beautiful little girl."

"It's not a violation of the rules, I can only say that Lu Qing'er was too careless."


All kinds of voices echoed at the foot of the mountain, but everyone was cheered up, because no matter how you look at it, this battle is probably the most exciting scene of this big exam.

In the pavilion, Yan Lingqing and Cai Wei also cast their eyes on the crystal wall, their pretty faces a little dignified.

"There may be something wrong with Lu Qing'er," Cai Wei said.

"This is an action against Nanfeng Academy." Yan Lingqing said sharply.

The opponent grasped Lu Qing'er's whereabouts so accurately, and not only dispatched Shi Huang, but also invited three other top five people in the standings. This obviously did not give Lu Qing'er any chance to escape.


Cai Wei frowned slightly, because Li Luo is a member of the Nanfeng Academy, of course she was standing here, and the little girl Lu Qinger helped Xiyang House before. From a sensory point of view, she did not want Lu Qinger Be eliminated.

But obviously, her thoughts cannot change this well-designed siege.

In the main pavilion, the atmosphere quietly became condensed at this time, and the flow of air seemed to be stopped.

Because this came from the old dean's face that suddenly became gloomy, in his body, there was a faintly strong and powerful force looming, and a strong sense of oppression permeated.

However, the division governor on the side didn't care about the sense of oppression, instead, there was a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

"It seems that Governor Shi has put a lot of effort into this siege, right?" The old dean's gloomy voice sounded.

In this siege, not only Dongyeon Academy, but also people from three other institutions participated, so this is a long-planned plan, not a temporary one.

Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zongfu are just students. They will choose to cooperate with Shi Huang. It is most likely that they have been instructed by the college behind them, and they will be able to bring together several colleges and universities to fight against Nanfeng College. The entire Tianshu County, I am afraid that only this division governor has this ability.

The Governor-General of the Division smiled and said: "Nanfeng Academy has occupied the signboard of Tianshu County's No. 1 Academy for too long. Now that this situation exists, it can only be said that it is what people want."

"The Governor-General of Division has come to this Tianshu County, but it is really a rat **** that ruins a pot of soup." The old dean relentlessly sneered.

A touch of anger passed in the Governor's eyes, and he said faintly: "This is also forced by the old dean."

"Don't worry, the old man will still give you a bad review of Wang Ting's political performance this year. At that time, the division governor should also move his position." The old dean said coldly.

A sneer finally appeared on the Governor-General's face, and said: "Then you have to rest assured, if you lose the sign of the No. 1 Academy, the assessment of Nanfeng Academy will not have that gold content."

The two of them never looked at each other, but the anger and hatred between the words made the atmosphere in the main pavilion extremely suppressed.

And that teacher An Lie watched his nose, nose and heart, and didn't interfere with the fight between the two parties at all, because he saw a lot of this situation, anyway, as long as no one violated the rules, then he would not interrupt.

His gaze was just staring at the picture on the crystal wall, shaking his head secretly in his heart, facing this dilemma, the little girl named Lu Qing'er was afraid it would be a pity...


All over the ruins of ruined walls.

Lu Qing'er stared at Shi Huang in front of her with a pretty face, and her clear voice was full of Ling Li's chill: "For this scene, it seems that you are taking great pains."

"This is the greatest importance to Qing'er you." Shi Wei said with a smile.

Lu Qing'er gently shook her head, knowing that nonsense was useless, and immediately there was an ice-white phase force on her tender body, and the ice silk gloves on her hands also stood upside down with fine white scales at this time, looking like a tiger. The tongue of the beast is normal, and this lightly squeezes it down, for fear that a piece of meat will come out directly.

Obviously, this special ice silk glove is Lu Qing'er's weapon.

Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zong Fu also immediately used their powers, each took out their weapons, and locked on Lu Qing'er with fierce and jealous eyes.

The atmosphere in the field solidified for a moment.

The next moment, Xiang Liang's trio suddenly shot, directly from three different directions, turned into three lights and shadows, and attacked Lu Qing'er with a fierce offensive.

Lu Qing'er's long hair fluttered under Xiangli's encouragement. Facing the three-person attack, not only did she not step back, but instead took the initiative to meet it.

The ice-white phase force whizzed, causing the nearby air to be lowered, and a faint frost appeared in the ruins below his feet.


The four phase forces directly collided together, causing phase forces to oscillate and impact. However, it was Xiang Liang and the three who changed their complexions, because they clearly felt how overbearing Lu Qing'er’s ice phase force was, and directly affected them. Their phases rushed away.

"Sure enough, it is the strength of the Nine Seals!"

"Seventh-Rank Ice Phase!"

The three of them passed these thoughts in their hearts and threw them out again.

"Red Flame Palm!" Xiang Liang roared, his whole body roared with fiery power, a palm blasted out, and only a fiery red palm print blasted towards Lu Qing'er.

"Poison Ivy!"

Na Chi Su folded his hands, and the green force galloped out along the ground, vaguely like a vine that turned into green, winding around Lu Qing'er's jade feet like lightning.

"Water whip!"

Zong Fu also waved his sleeve robe, and saw a blue water whip burst out of the air, wrapped in moist air, and attacked Lu Qing'er's eyebrows.

The three of them were obviously prepared early, and they were quite in agreement with each other, and they covered all the vitals of Lu Qing'er at the same time.

"The Ring of Ice!"

However, Lu Qinger's jade feet suddenly stomped, and the ice-blue halo burst out from her center. The ice condensed wherever she was, and the offensive from Xiang Liang's trio was dispelled.

Xiang Liangsan's popularity stagnated.

But Lu Qing'er suddenly attacked Xiang Liang, and Qianqianyu waved her hand, engulfing her with chills, making people fought with a cold war.

Under Lu Qing'er's offensive, Xiang Liang fell into a disadvantage in an instant, and he was very embarrassed. If it weren't for Zongfu, Chi Su quickly rescued him, and he might be defeated before long.

Fierce fighting broke out in the ruins, dazzling people.

But what made people stunned was that even if it was three-on-one, anyone could see that in this battle, Lu Qing'er still had the upper hand and suppressed the three of them.

With such combat power, countless people outside the mountain were amazed that this beautiful little girl was so aggressive.

"Shi Wei, don't you still want to make a move?!"

As the situation became more and more ugly, Liang finally couldn't help but roar.


And at the moment his voice fell, there seemed to be a subtle thunder in the ruins, and a thunder light flashed past and pointed directly at Lu Qing'er.

The sudden fierce offensive also caused Lu Qing'er's eyes to constrict, but she didn't panic. After all, she had already expected Shi Huang's entry.

Immediately on the silk glove, ice and cold phase force condensed, as if a faint ice crystal appeared on the glove and spread.

She patted it with a palm, and clashed with the tip of the thundering gun.


At the moment when the frost and thunder light collided, they swept away and spread all over the ground.

But Lu Qing'er's delicate body shook slightly, and the attacking figure both shot backwards.

This is the first time that Lu Qinger has failed to gain an advantage in this big test.

There was a little dignified meaning on her beautiful face, and she looked at the figure in front of the figure with thunder light rising all over her body, and slowly said: "Rank 7 thunder light, really domineering."

"Qing'er, your seventh-grade ice phase is not easy~www.readwn.com~ Shi Wei said with a smile.

"But in today's situation, you can't escape."

Lu Qing'er was silent for a few breaths. The strength of this Shi Huang was not weaker than her. Now, coupled with the siege of Xiang Liang and three people, she is indeed at a great disadvantage.

It's just that if you really think that you want her Lu Qing'er to be caught in this way, it would be too naive.

"Since you want to play, let's play with you to the end." Lu Qinger said coldly.

Hearing her words, Xiang Liang and the others were shocked.

Under the gaze of countless gazes, Lu Qinger suddenly stretched out her hand and gently removed the ice silk gloves on her hands.

And when the gloves came off, her hands were revealed.

When Xiang Liang and the others saw this, their pupils suddenly shrank, and Shi Wei's complexion also appeared solemnly.

"Is this hole card finally used..."

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