Absolute Resonance

Chapter 59: Bailingxu

After solving the blockade of the Dongyuan Academy headed by Lian Zhong, the three of Li Luo continued to move forward. During this period, they encountered some powerful enemies one after another, but in the end it was the result of the other party's tearful contribution of points.

So after two hours.

Standing on a high ground, the three of Li Luo looked at the vast ruins that appeared in front of them. The ruins were originally an abandoned town, which has eroded down over the years and has long been dilapidated.

Many broken buildings lined up, spreading to the end of the line of sight.

In the ruins, there are still giant trees and vines bursting out of the ground, obscuring the sight.

This is the Bailing Ruins, and it is also the decisive battle place for the college entrance examination.

The three of Li Luo looked around with vigilant eyes, and then slowly approached the Bailing Ruins, and at the edge of the ruins, they found a crystal wall standing upright.

Going forward, there are words appearing on the crystal wall, which is the final rule of this knockout.

The rules are actually very simple. When there are only ten people left in the Bailing Ruins, the college entrance examination will be announced directly, and at this time, the ranking will be ranked according to their respective points.

At this time, Li Luo and the others suddenly saw a light flashing on the crystal card on their chest, and then the light was projected, forming a faint light curtain directly in front of them.

"It's the ranking list." Yu Lang said in surprise.

Obviously, when you arrive at the Bailing Ruins, you can independently check the standings.

Li Luo stared at the list, only to see that the first place was Lu Qing'er's name, and her score reached nine thousand five hundred points.

"Tsk tsk, it's amazing, how many people have been harmed by this?" Li Luo smiled.

They used all kinds of methods to fish here, and during the period, they were still paying for welfare. At the moment, his points are only more than 4,000 points, and this Lu Qinger is twice as high as him. It can be seen that God is blocking and killing God and Buddha. Buddha, push all the way horizontally.

Behind Lu Qing'er, unsurprisingly, Shi Huang from Dongyuan Academy, with a score of 8,300 points.

Behind Shi Huang, one after another was about 5,000 points, and Li Luo also saw his ranking, seventeenth.

Yu Lang and Zhao Kuo are in the 30s.

"Brother Luo, if you encounter a strong enemy next, if the situation is not right, you should run your own way first. The two of us are almost at the limit in this ranking, so when we have a chance, we will give you the last light and heat. To create some value, I believe Yu Lang thinks the same way, doesn't he?" Zhao Kuo stared at the standings for a moment and said.

Hearing this, Yu Lang pondered for a few seconds, and said, "Actually, I feel that I might be able to rescue it again?"

Zhao Kuo choked and glared at Yu Lang: "You don't need to be rescued, you are already cold."

Yu Lang had to nod his head, well, I got cold.

Although Yu Lang’s inertia is playing cheap, he can see that he also agrees with Zhao Kuo’s words. The two of them are Qiyin’s strengths, but they are not as perverted as Li Luo. If they meet the strong opponents of the Bayin, the high probability is Those who lost, and as more and more fierce people came to Bai Lingxu, their strength following Li Luo would gradually turn from a helper to a burden.

Moreover, Bai Lingxu will eventually be eliminated until there are only ten people left. They can't expect to follow Li Luo abruptly and keep themselves until that time. This will put a lot of pressure on Li Luo instead.

Even if Li Luo didn't care, they couldn't take it for granted.

And most importantly, it doesn't make much sense for them to be in the top ten. As long as Lu Qinger can win the first place, the admission list distributed to Nanfeng Academy can also be enjoyed by their ranking.

Li Luo smiled upon hearing this, and said: "It depends on the situation then."

In fact, his goal is only to enter the top ten and get an admissions quota. As for the important task of competing for the first place, Nanfeng Academy has Lu Qing'er carrying it, and he doesn't need to grab the limelight.

"Go, find a place to hide in the Bailing Ruins."

With a wave of his hand, Li Luo led the two into the Bailing Ruins with complex terrain.

At the same time, in the other direction of Bailingxu.

Standing in front of a crystal wall, Shi Wei looked plainly at the standings formed by the faint light curtain in front of him. His gaze stared at the first place Lu Qing'er for a long time.

"Boss, Lian Zhong's name is not on the list, has something happened to him?" Behind Shi Wei, a student from the Dongyuan Academy suddenly said in shock.

Shi Wei was also a little surprised when he heard this. He looked behind, and did not find Lian Zhong's name, but saw Li Luo who was ranked seventeenth.

His eyes squinted. He had previously instructed Lian Zhong to "take care" of Li Luo, but now why is Lian Zhong eliminated, but Li Luo rises up?

"He should have been eliminated by Li Luo." Shi Hong said lightly.

"Ah? Isn't that Li Luo just the strength of the Seven Seals? How could it be eliminated?" The person next to him said in disbelief.

"There will always be various ways, and do you really think that Li Luo is a waste?" Shi Wei smiled, but his eyes showed the meaning of ice cold.

"The Young Palace Master has been hiding himself."

"Does that need to be targeted?"

Shi Wei waved his hand and said: "The most important goal now is Lu Qing'er. Although Li Luo is a little unexpected, he is not qualified to change our plan."

"Don't pay attention to him. After Lu Qing'er is resolved, he will just be a clown, not to be afraid."

As Shi Hong said, he stepped into the Bailing Ruins.

Shortly after entering the Bailing Ruins, Shi Huang saw a mark on a ruined wall that was obviously just painted, smiled immediately, and then walked through the broken streets overgrown with weeds along the mark.

After about ten minutes, he walked into a broken room.

The room was dark, and when Shi Huang walked in, there were four figures walking out of the shadow. It was Xiang Liang, Chi Su, and Zong Fu who had previously agreed with Shi Huang, and the last person was Song Yunfeng. .

"Shi Wei, you really got dumped some points by Lu Qing'er." That Liang grinned when he saw Shi Wei.

Shi Wei smiled lightly and said, "Being ahead for the time being, there is no need to care about it."

"Let's talk about it, when shall we do it?" Chi Su asked.

"The most important thing now is to determine the location of Lu Qing'er first, and then make a complete strategy so that she has no chance to escape, otherwise, once she escapes, I am afraid that she will not give us a second chance to encircle and suppress. UU reads the book www.uukanshu.com When that happens, as long as she delays for some time, or reduces the number to only ten people, then the big exam will be forcibly ended." Zong Fu said slowly.

Shi Wei nodded, then looked at Song Yunfeng, smiled and said, "I am afraid that Yunfeng will be troublesome for determining the location."

The three Xiang Liang also looked at Song Yunfeng, and under their gaze, the latter looked a little uncomfortable, because he faintly felt a little contempt in the other's eyes.

After all, the three of Xiang Liang had a different position from the Nanfeng Academy, so it was normal to deal with Lu Qing'er, but Song Yunfeng, a member of the Nanfeng Academy, was still helping Shi Xiao to deal with Lu Qing'er.

Although from their point of view, of course they would be happy to have a traitor like Song Yunfeng help, but this does not prevent them from expressing contempt for Song Yunfeng's character.

"I'm ready." Song Yunfeng was unhappy, but still said blankly.

"Then really thank Yunfeng. If this happens, you will be the biggest hero." Shi Hong's expression was very sincere and thankful.


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