Absolute Resonance

Chapter 49: Opening of the big exam

Time flies by in this lively Bailing Garden, and in the blink of an eye, the day of the big exam has arrived.

Outside the Bailing Garden, more and more people came surging, and it was obvious that people from all over Tianshu County came to watch this grand exam event.

At the foot of Bailing Mountain, the stretch of black on the viewing platform is full of popularity.

At the forefront, there are some spacious and luxurious pavilions. These pavilions are prepared for the great figures of Tianshu County.

In just a short period of time, Shiqing, the governor of Tianshu County, and the old dean of Weisha of Nanfeng Academy, all showed up, which attracted a lot of attention.

As the two with the highest weight in Tianshu County, they directly entered the most central pavilion, and then someone immediately offered fragrant tea and fruits.

"Haha, the spirit of the old dean is still as good as ever." Governor-general said with a smile.

The old dean of Wei Sha said with a smile, "I heard that the Governor-General of the Division is very dissatisfied with my Nanfeng Academy as the first university in Tianshu County."

"This must be a rumor." The Governor General smiled and shook his head to deny.

Immediately he changed his voice and said: "This Tianshu County's first college is based on strength competition, and no one can change it unless the strength of Nanfeng Academy is surpassed by other colleges."

The old dean said faintly: "When my Nanfeng Academy rose up in Tianshu County, you still don't know where the governor of the division was going to be."

In recent years, the Governor-General of the Division has been in power in Tianshu County, and there have been many conflicts with the old dean. Some of them even involve the reputation and interests of the Nanfeng Academy. You must know that the old dean almost regarded the reputation of the Nanfeng Academy as his lifeblood. , Governor Shi dare to hurt Nanfeng Academy on this, this is something he absolutely cannot tolerate.

The Royal Court of Daxia will review the performance of the governors of the provinces every year, and the old dean, as the head of the first school in Tianshu County, naturally has an important right to speak, but with the grievances between the two sides, how could the old dean give anything? Good evaluation, this has made it difficult for the governor to be promoted in these years.

With the accumulation of time, the grievances between the two sides have become deeper and deeper.

Especially this year, if the governor-general of the division still fails to reach a certain level, he will most likely be transferred and assigned to a county weaker than Tianshu County.

This is also the main reason why Shi Huang tried his best to remove the signboard of Nanfeng Academy, the No. 1 Academy in Shu County.

The atmosphere here in Zhongting is condensed, while other places are very lively. The Patriarchs of the Song family, the Tifa family, and the Bei family are all showing up.

President Lu of the Golden Dragon Chamber of Commerce also came here with a face full of spring breeze. After all, his little niece will show up in this big exam.

In a pavilion, Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing also arrived. After all, as members of Luolan Mansion, they of course also need to pay attention to the results of their young palace master in the big exam.

Of course, it’s also because they have a very good relationship with Jiang Qing’e, so when they treat Li Luo, they all have the feeling of treating him as a younger brother. In addition, Li Luo is handsome and has no personality. Although he sometimes feels arrogant, it is obviously very likable.

"Do you say that Young Palace Master can be in the top ten this time?" Cai Wei leaned against the back of the chair gracefully, took a banana and peeled it off, and between the opening and closing of her **** red lips, her shell teeth lightly bit it Off.

In this scene, if there is a man here, I am afraid that it will be scorched.

Yan Lingqing tapped the table with a jade finger, and couldn't help but said, "You fox, can you converge?"

"There are no outsiders."

Cai Wei said aggrieved, and immediately she took out a piece of cantaloupe from the fruit tray and handed it to Yan Lingqing, saying, "You have to eat more of this and make up for it."

"You have to make an inch, right?"

Yan Lingqing is angry, you are so fierce that you are terrific, right? You immediately got up, rushed directly to hold down Cai Wei, and scratched it vigorously.

Cai Wei was trembling and trembling, and finally she could only beg for mercy: "Forgive me, I was wrong."

That pitiful and coquettish appearance, there is no such thing as the calmness and rationality of the chief steward of Luolan Mansion.

Yan Lingqing snorted coldly before sitting back and saying, "Li Luo should be at the seventh seal level. Judging from the strength on the bright side, it is not easy for him to get into the top ten."

"But if Lu Qing'er from their Nanfeng Academy can win the first place, then Nanfeng Academy will get 15 additional places. Among these 15 places, it is not difficult for Li Luo to get one."

Cai Wei chuckled and said: "But I think it is not difficult for the young man to enter the top ten."

Yan Lingqing glanced at her in surprise, obviously not knowing where she came from so much confidence.

"Don't you think he is gentle and doesn't have the air of a young palace master, but he is still very proud in his bones. After all, he is the son of those two, and he is also the person who has a marriage contract with Qing E... With his character, He may not be obsessed with the first birth, but he may not accept this kind of "brought into" the Saint Profound Star Academy." Cai Wei said.

"Of course the most important thing is that, out of intuition, I always feel that our Young Palace Master is not as simple as it appears on the surface."

Yan Lingqing was thoughtful. In fact, Li Luo sometimes does give people an incomprehensible feeling. He was obviously just a person who hadn’t been open for a long time, but in just one month, what he accomplished could not be compared. A lot.

"I hope he can enter the top ten by his own ability and win the admission quota. Otherwise, this kind of person who is taken into the Saint Profound Star Academy will be a bit embarrassed when he arrives at the Saint Profound Star Academy in the future, plus he is still Luo The Young Palace Master of Lan Mansion and Qing'e’s fiance, tut, thinking of this, I think it may not be a good thing for Li Luo to go to the Saint Profound Star Academy.” Yan Lingqing supported the silver frame, and some cold cheeks showed off. Sympathy.

Cai Wei also nodded slightly. She also came from Daxia Wangcheng, and she knew the Saint Profound Star Academy well. At the same time, she also knew how famous Jiang Qinge was there.

It's better for Li Luo to hide in Nanfeng City now. Those storms can't blow, but once he goes to the Saint Profound Star Academy, I am afraid he will face the pressure brought by Jiang Qing'e's blinding halo.

If you change to someone with a poor endurance, I'm afraid you won't be able to handle it.

While they were talking, the atmosphere in this venue suddenly boiled, and the two women cast their eyes away, and then they saw teams from various schools entering the venue at this time.

They swept away their eyes and saw Li Luo in Nanfeng Academy. After all, the silver-gray hair and handsome appearance were so easy to recognize.

"Palace Young Master looks really good-looking. After the color of this hair has changed, it has become more handsome." Cai Wei commented with a smile.

Yan Lingqing said irritably: "The value of the face is controlled, and the skin is superficial."

However, she did not deny that Li Luo, who inherited the excellent genes of his two parents, really couldn't pick out the slightest problem in appearance.

As countless lights watched, a figure wearing a starlight robe appeared on the high platform. On the starlight robe, there were stars blooming with silver brilliance.

That was the uniform of the instructor of the Saint Profound Star Academy. Obviously, the person who came was a supervisor sent by the Saint Profound Star Academy.

"Dear students from Tianshu County, I am the instructor of Saint Profound Star Academy, An Lie, this year's college entrance examination will be ranked based on a points system." The instructor of Saint Profound Star Academy named An Lie looked like He was about thirty, and being able to become a tutor of Saint Profound Star Academy at this age was obviously young and promising.

As his voice fell, it was only seen that the leader instructor of each college took out a crystal card and distributed it to their respective students.

Li Luo and the others also got the crystal card, which was about the size of a palm, and was engraved with the school emblems of their respective universities and their names.

"When the big exams begin, all of you will enter two judging levels. Passing these two levels, you will get some basic points."

"In these two review levels ~www.readwn.com~ students are forbidden to do hands-on with each other, and once they pass these two levels, everything will become free, grab the crystal cards in the hands of others, and take their points away. It’s the third level knockout. Of course, there is no way to compete for points between classmates."

"Your end point is deep in the southwest of Bailing Mountain. There is an ancient city ruin called Bailingxu. When you get there, you will know the final rules."

As the peaceful voice fell, all the students' expressions gradually became serious, and the air seemed to be filled with tension.

After finishing all the rules, Na An Lie glanced at the sky, and immediately showed a bright smile.

"This is the end of the nonsense. I hereby announce that the college entrance examination has officially begun."

As soon as his words fell, the tight atmosphere between the heavens and the earth suddenly exploded, turned into a boiling air, and spread over the earth.

The big test has finally begun.

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