Absolute Resonance

Chapter 48: Bumped into Shi Huang

In the next two days, no one came to provoke Li Luo again, but whenever he went out, the gazes cast around seemed strange.

But will Li Luo care about it? Obviously not.

After all, this is nothing compared to what he experienced in the past two years.

Bailing Garden, Wind Restaurant.

Li Luo and Zhao Kuo came here to search for food, but when they went upstairs, they found that the spacious lobby was overcrowded, full of vigorous teenagers and girls everywhere, and there were a lot of laughter from time to time.

"There are too many people." Zhao Kuo said silently.

Li Luo was also a little helpless, just about to withdraw, but not far away, by the window, someone beckoned him.

Looking closely, it turned out to be Lu Qing'er.

"Go, go and have a meal."

Li Luo was not polite when he saw it, and walked over with Zhao Kuo, but as he approached, he saw Tifaqing and Song Yunfeng at the same table with Lu Qing'er.

"If you don't mind, just sit here, there is still room." Lu Qing'er said with a slender jade finger pointing to the vacant position.

Tifaqing, who is at the same table, glanced at Li Luo, but instead of mocking as before, she drank water quietly.

On the contrary, Song Yunfeng frowned slightly, and showed some unwillingness appropriately. He felt that if there were people with strong eyesight, he would understand what to do at this time.

Then, he saw Li Luo sitting next to him, and smiled gratefully: "It's still a classmate, so I'm in a hurry."

Song Yunfeng's mouth twitched slightly, and said faintly: "Li Luo, I heard that you are in trouble again. Now there are so many people from other schools in Bailingyuan, can you stop discrediting Nanfeng Academy? Those of us who are also Nanfeng Academy students feel very embarrassed."

Li Luo heard the words and suddenly pondered: "If what I did makes you feel embarrassed, then I suggest you drop out of school as soon as possible."

What this said directly made Song Yunfeng's eyes anger appear, while Lu Qing'er on the side was slightly bent at the corner of her lips.

Song Yunfeng sneered: "I won't quit school. It doesn't count as you said, Li Luo, I'm for your own good. Don't think that you can offend people from other institutions if you draw a tie with me in the pre-examination. You yourself know best whether your tie is useful here."

However, Li Luo did not listen to what he said. Instead, he said to Lu Qing'er who was greeting the waiter: "Help us order a meal, thank you."

Lu Qinger didn't respond coldly, but when talking to the waiter, he obviously added two expensive meals.

Upon seeing this, Song Yunfeng became more angry, and a faint fire of jealousy rose, because he had never spoken to Lu Qing'er like this, but Li Luo, a bastard, dared to call her in front of him.

"The big exam is about to start tomorrow, are you all ready?" However, Lu Qinger obviously didn't intend to listen to their cynicism, so she took the initiative to speak.

Several people nodded, and then the topic turned away.

Li Luo didn't participate much, but concentrated on eating.

But after eating halfway, he suddenly noticed a slight pause in the atmosphere on the table, and immediately looked in one direction with a sense of gaze, only to see a figure walking up there.

The young man's appearance is not too outstanding, but he faintly exudes an oppressive aura, even with a gentle smile on his face, it is still not to be underestimated.

Dongyuan Academy, Shi Huang, son of the Governor of Tianshu County.

And this Shi Xiao went upstairs, looked directly at Li Luo and the others, and then walked with a smile: "Everyone, it's feasible to put in a seat?"

Lu Qing'er raised her eyes and said lightly: "I'm sorry, the seats are full."

Shi Wei smiled and borrowed a chair from the side. The people at that table obviously knew him too, so no one dared to stop him.

Shi Wei sat down on the other side of Song Yunfeng and said, "Qing'er, my father and Uncle Lu are also acquaintances. There is no need to be so indifferent, right?"

"You and I are in a competitive relationship, why pretend to be affinity? Isn't it tired to pretend?" Lu Qinger said.

Shi Wei smiled helplessly, and said: "You and I will definitely enter the Saint Profound Star Academy in the future, but then they will be classmates. There is no need to be so strange."

"Yunfeng, are you right?" He also asked Song Yunfeng on the side.

Song Yunfeng nodded calmly.

Li Luo was satisfied with his meal, put down his bowl and chopsticks, looked at Lu Qing'er, and said, "Have you finished eating? Are you going to go for a walk?"

When Lu Qing'er heard this, she suddenly lightened her head. Of course, she knew that it was Li Luo who helped her resolve the situation. After all, she didn't want to stay here and say these useless words to the false-faced teacher.

Upon seeing this, Shi Wei narrowed his eyes. He held a broad bean with his fingers, and then flicked his fingers. There seemed to be a faint sound of thunder, and a silver light was directly facing Li Luo's face in the direction of thunder. Ejected away.

But just when the silver light was about to hit Li Luo, a chopstick that exuded a chill flew over, knocking the broad bean that was entwined with the power of thunder, and finally the chopsticks plunged into the building fiercely. In the column, the spreading cold air caused some hoarfrost to appear nearby.

Lu Qing'er stared at Shi Wei with some cold eyes, and a faint cold air rose up all over her body, and said: "Shi Wei, don't be okay."

The movement here also caused some riots in the lobby, and a series of surprised eyes were projected. When they discovered that the conflict was actually Lu Qinger and Shi Wei, they suddenly became interested. Is it the most powerful competition for the college entrance examination this year? The first two people, are they going to do it in advance here?

Amidst the many concerns, Shi Wei smiled and said, "You missed your hand...Palace Master Young, don't be angry."

Li Luo shook his head and said helplessly: "You are not angry, but you are a waste of food. It seems that brother, your tutor is unqualified. Does the Governor-General of Shi usually teach you? If there is no leather whip at home, I can send it. You two."

Shi Wei smiled and said, "Palace Master Young is right, I will pay more attention next time."

"If you know what you are wrong, please correct it~www.readwn.com~ then you will still be a good boy."

Li Luo nodded in praise, then turned and left with Zhao Kuo.

Lu Qing'er glanced at Shi Wei coldly and followed, and Tifaqing also hurriedly followed. Song Yunfeng first looked at Shi Wei before getting up and leaving.

Shi Wei looked at their leaving figures without paying attention, reaching out and throwing the few broad beans left on the plate on the table into his mouth, chewing lightly, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, but indifference in his eyes.

"Is this Li Luo hiding his strength, or is he really incapable? I still want to test it out."

He whispered to himself, then smiled and shook his head again.

Forget it, an abolished Young Palace Master shouldn't pose much threat. As long as Lu Qing'er is eliminated, then this time, Nanfeng Academy will definitely not be able to hold the sign of the first school in Shu County that day.

But this guy is really annoying.

It seems that it is necessary to make some arrangements to let him get out of it early.

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