Absolute Resonance

Chapter 50: Use your brain for exams


With the start of the big test of Teacher An Lie, in front of the many students, countless trees broke out on the ground. These trees entangled each other, and finally formed a corridor of passages, which was dark and led to the Bailing Mountain. .

In front of the Nanfeng Academy team, Lin Feng and Xu Shanyue stared at the corridor for a moment, and then waved to the students behind them.

"Let's go."

When their voices fell, they saw the power of different colors on the bodies of the figures rising up, and finally shot out, directly rushing into the corridor.

At the same time, students from other institutions were also moving, and the scene seemed extremely boiling for a while.

And the silver-robed tutor of the Saint Profound Star Academy entered the pavilion in the middle. The governor of the division and the old dean nodded slightly and smiled: "Training and An Lie tutor."

Although in terms of strength and status, An Lie is a bit worse than them, but after all, they now have the status of a supervisor sent by the Saint Profound Star Academy, so they have also given some respect.

And this An Lie is also considered young and promising. Although he is only Yinhui instructor now, he has the potential to be promoted to Jinhui instructor. Once he is promoted in the future, he will be regarded as a figure in the Great Xia Kingdom.

In the Saint Profound Star Academy, there are three levels of tutors, divided into Yinhui, Jinhui, and Zihui. It is said that the hard standard of Yinhui tutor is to reach the realm of the evil generals, and Jinhui is the state of the sky, the top Instructor Zihui needs to reach the Fenghou stage, but the instructor of Zihui, even in the profound Saint Profound Star Academy, is extremely rare.

An Lie smiled back and sat down, saying, "Tianshu County, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, this year's college entrance examination must be extremely intense. I don't know if Nanfeng Academy will continue to lead this year, or will there be a sudden emergence?"

Obviously, neither the governor of the division nor the old dean could answer his question. They just smiled, and then they cast their eyes on a crystal wall erected in the front, which was divided into many mirrors, which would have been placed long ago. The light and shadow stone in Bailing Mountain will transmit the picture back, and at the same time, it will also display the score ranking of all the students next, and it will be updated in real time.


When the atmosphere outside Bailing Mountain was boiling, Li Luo followed the crowd into a corridor made of trees, and he found that as he continued to move forward, there were more and more bifurcations in front of him, just like that. Diverting the crowd in general.

As the wave of people continued to divide, the people around them basically became strangers, but Li Luo and Zhao Kuo were still together, and there were also a few students from the Nanfeng Academy.

Moving forward like this, after about ten minutes, Li Luo and others finally saw the end of the corridor in front of them, and a wooden door appeared in front of them.

And as they arrived, the tall wooden door slowly opened.

Li Luo and Zhao Kuo looked at each other, and then followed this wave of teams cautiously into it.

When the last person walked in, the wooden door suddenly closed, and a light burst out. Then everyone discovered that this was an extremely spacious hall, which was made of wood, thick and heavy.

Everyone kept quiet, looking around nervously.

Li Luo and Zhao Kuo stood on the sidelines, looking around, listening to the previous instructor of the Saint Profound Star Academy said that they would first meet two levels of review levels to determine their basic points. Right now, it should be the first level. Got it.

But, how is it tested?

And while Li Luo was puzzled, suddenly his ears moved, and he heard some faint noises, and then he stared fiercely at the top of the hall, where he saw two dark holes about a few feet away.

The sound came from there.

The noise quickly became louder and louder, and everyone noticed it later, looking up at the two holes vigilantly.


And under everyone's gaze, two black torrents suddenly rushed out of the two hollows, and the harsh sound was reverberating. It turned out to be countless black four-winged bats!

These bats are stout, the size of a basin, sharp claws, and red eyes. They look scary.

Countless four-winged bats swarmed into the main hall, and then involuntarily rushed towards the students below.

The students in the hall were also hurriedly running the phase force, using various methods to deal with the impact of the four-winged bats. At this moment, everyone knew that this test was probably to deal with the attack of these four-winged bats.

Li Luo was also running the phase force at this time. He didn't dare to let these bats get close, so he used the phase force to attack from a long distance, killing the approaching bats in the air.

And as the number of four-winged bats increased, some of the students began to scream, because they discovered that once they were caught by those bats, the points card on their chests would flash red once.

"You can't let these bats hit your body, otherwise it should lower your basic score!" someone shouted.

Someone panicked and wailed, because he had been hit many times in a row. Obviously, this first round of judging level did not get much basic points.

"That's it."

Li Luo was also suddenly, and immediately he and Zhao Kuo were close to each other, continuously beheading the four-winged bats that attacked from all directions.

However, the four-winged bat seemed to be endless, constantly pounced.

After arriving, Zhao Kuo couldn't help howling: "I can't stand it anymore, I'm exhausted!"

Li Luo's gaze was swiftly scanning, he looked at the endless four-winged bat, his gaze flickered, and suddenly he grabbed Zhao Kuo's wrist and retreated to the edge.

"Don't move, don't dissolve my physiognomy."

He said, and immediately activated the phase force, a faint stream of light spread across his body, and it also flowed onto Zhao Kuo's body.

Under the light, the figures of Li Luo and Zhao Kuo seemed to be gradually fading.

"This is a middle-level physiognomy, water shadow technique?"

Zhao Kuo was taken aback when he saw this, and immediately he looked at the four-winged bats coming forward, and couldn't help but said: "Brother Luo, you are useless, do you want to kill these bats?"

Li Luo didn't speak, and the strength of the two people's bodies seemed to be shiny.

When Zhao Kuo saw that Li Luo didn't reply, he could only gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to kill the four-winged bat.

However, just as Zhao Kuo was waiting for the upcoming attack, he suddenly saw that the four-winged bat that had attacked them suddenly seemed to have lost the target of the attack, and stopped blankly. Turned around and attacked the others and left.


Zhao Kuo widened his eyes in surprise, and said, "Can you still play like this?"

He was a little unbelievable that an intermediate water shadow technique could directly avoid the perception of these bats?

He looked down and found that his shadow had disappeared, and he was a little shocked immediately: "Brother Luo, your water shadow technique is a bit abnormal, it's almost the same as the legendary invisibility technique."

"Fart's invisibility technique only uses the refraction of water and light to hide us under the light. A low-level blind eye technique, as long as we can perceive it attentively, we will be discovered." Li Luo said in an angry voice.

"That's also great, I haven't seen anyone who can practice water shadow art so much." Zhao Kuo admired.

Li Luo smiled. What he didn’t say was that ordinary water shadow art certainly couldn’t do this step. The concealment effect of this "water shadow technique" is so strong.

"You don't need to take action next, just wait here for the end." Li Luo said leisurely.

"Brother Luo, you are not only handsome, but your brain is so easy to use. The Saint Profound Star Academy hasn't made any special tricks on you, so your eyesight is really bad." Zhao Kuo was happy and blew wildly.

"Forget it, after all, it will be our alma mater in the future, so we don't need to be too harsh on her." Li Luo said generously.

"Hey, you can't think of Brother Luo you still have such a broad mind."

Zhao Kuo sighed, but when he was boring at this time and planned to lick the thigh of Xiao Luo first, he suddenly saw a figure chased by a four-winged bat who was jumping up and down and constantly facing them. The side approaches.

"Brother Luo, that guy is a bit familiar," he said.

Li Luo looked at it, and then the corners of his mouth twitched, because the one who was chased by the ghosts and howling wolves was not Yu Lang, who else would be.

"Don't pay attention to him, when I didn't see it." Li Luo said.

Na Yu Lang is a sixth-grade wind element ~www.readwn.com~ The speed is extremely fast, although he shouted embarrassed, but the four-winged bats did not catch up with him.

"That's not right, Luo Ge, we are bumping into us for a day, does he know that we are hiding here?" Zhao Kuo said quickly.

When Li Luo saw it, it really was, he couldn't help but feel some brain pain.

And at this time, as Yu Lang approached, he looked at the direction where Li Luo and Li Luo were hiding, and said in a low voice; "Brother Luo Ge Luo, please give me a hand."

Li Luo pretended to be dead.

"If you don't pull me anymore, I will bring a bunch of bats over and knock you out." Yu Lang immediately threatened when he saw that there was no response.

"Damn, Yu Lang, you are so cheap, sooner or later you will be slapped to death."

A somewhat helpless voice came out, and then a palm stretched out out of thin air, grabbing Yu Lang's arm, and the light flowing, covering his figure.

The four-winged bats that rushed to the rear stopped again blankly, and finally dispersed.

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