Absolute Resonance

Chapter 36: 1st product market

When Li Luo and Song Yunfeng drew a tie, in this pre-examination, his results were completely stable in the top 20.

According to the normal process, the top 20 people will usually be ranked again, but Li Luo is not interested in this, because in his opinion this kind of ranking dispute is meaningless, after all, whether it is second. The tenth place is still the first place, all just have the qualifications to take the college entrance examination.

And once too many hole cards are exposed here, and when the time comes to meet a strong enemy in the college entrance examination, the other party has too much information about him, which will undoubtedly add some difficulty to himself.

So, isn't it bad for low-key development? He won the first place in the pre-examination, and the stingy old dean would not give him any reward.

Even in this competition with Song Yunfeng, if the opponent hadn't jumped on the edge of death repeatedly, Li Luo would have chosen to give in with a high probability.

After all, he doesn't think it's shameful to give up if he fails. Li Luo feels a little unworthy of his improved version of "Water Mirror" being exposed here.

So when Xu Shanyue came to ask him whether he would participate in the top 20 competition, he directly rejected it. With this time, he absorbed more spiritual water and worked hard, taking advantage of the college entrance examination. Is it not fragrant to get the sixth grade from its own "water light phase"?

And Xu Shanyue's choice of Li Luo was not surprising, just let him work hard to prepare for the college entrance examination.

The result of this top 20 ranking dispute came out on the second day. In the end, two people were selected in the Second House, it was Li Luo and Zhao Kuo, but both of them were considered hard brothers, Li Luo fifteen and Zhao Kuo ten. Six, it just happened to be the last section.

Li Luo's ranking obviously has a lot of room for improvement. If he wants to, it is not a problem to enter the top ten, but because he gave up the ranking competition, he was finally rated in this ranking.

And these twenty of them will represent the Nanfeng Academy to participate in the college entrance examination in two weeks, and win the admission quota of the Saint Profound Star Academy.

As the top university in Daxia, St. Xuanxing Academy will issue some admission quotas to each county every year, and these quotas will be robbed by all the universities in each county to take the college entrance examination. Feng Academy has won the most admissions, and this has gradually stabilized the golden sign of Tianshu County's No. 1 Academy.

However, the Nanfeng Academy is not completely without rivals. The Dongyuan Academy is a strong enemy. Although the history of the Dongyuan Academy is not as good as that of the Nanfeng Academy, the speed of its rise is quite rapid, behind it is the support of the Governor's Mansion of Tianshu County. , The college entrance examination in previous years also caused a lot of threats to Nanfeng Academy.

It is said that this year Dongyuan Academy is still eyeing the golden sign of Tianshu County's No. 1 Academy, and it must have been a long battle after the college entrance examination.

After the pre-examination, Nanfeng Academy will have a holiday of more than a week. Students can choose to go home and continue to practice in the Academy. Of course, Li Luo did not hesitate to choose the former.

The old house, the attic of Li Luo's room.

Li Luo closed his eyes tightly, and there was a faint light lingering on his body. On the coffee table in front of him, there was a fifth-grade spiritual water that had been used.

The absorption lasted for a long time before Li Luo gradually opened his eyes, and blue light flashed by in his eyes.

"This is the last bottle of this batch."

He looked at the empty crystal bottle in front of him, and couldn't help scratching his head. Until now, Cai Wei has helped him purchase 83 bottles of fifth-grade spiritual water, which consumed more than 400,000 gold. , This is a huge sum of money. If it weren't for Cai Wei to sell off some of Luolan Mansion's Tianshu County properties, I am afraid it would really not be able to sustain his consumption.

And after absorbing so much of the fifth-rank spiritual water, Li Luo's fifth-rank "water light aspect" has indeed improved a lot, but the distance to the sixth-rank evolution still has some distance.

But he had to upgrade the water and light phase to the sixth rank before the college entrance examination came.

This time the battle with Song Yunfeng, although it ended in a tie, Li Luo did not feel complacent because he knew that if it were not for the time mechanism of the pre-test, he would eventually lose his energy.

In the college entrance examination, such a tie will never happen.

If you want to win admission to the Saint Profound Star Academy, you must rely on real skills.

In the university entrance examination, top students from all universities in Tianshu County will participate. The fierce competition is far from comparable to the pre-examination of Nanfeng Academy.

In addition, Li Luo had already selected a conversion energy guidance technique in advance, and its minimum requirement was that it needed six stages.

Therefore, these six-grade water light phases are the top priority.

"According to the current progress, if you want to evolve to the sixth-grade, you should still need the last batch of the fifth-grade water light phase."

"But Sister Cai Wei has seen me walking around a little bit recently... It seems that I don't want to see me very much." Li Luo expressed a little distress. Cai Wei hasn't even eaten breakfast in the old house these days, maybe she is afraid. He asked for dozens of spiritual waters.

After all, the fifth-grade Lingshui Qiguang is not a Chinese cabbage. The market price is about five thousand gold, and if it comes down to fifty, it will cost 250,000 yuan. This is already close to the profit of Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County for a year. .

Therefore, Li Luo also understands this very well. He is a good butler with a gold medal, but when he arrives at Tianshu County, he can only rely on the continuous dumping of Luolan Mansion's properties to maintain the operation. This is simply a huge stain on the career path. Ah.

Until now, Cai Wei has not resigned, and Li Luo already feels that she is as broad-minded as the sea.

But Li Luo couldn't help it. His acquired appearance was simply a gold swallowing beast, and his father and mother left a Luo Lan Mansion for him, otherwise he felt that in five years, he would probably belch directly.

"Go to Xiyang House first."

Li Luo pondered a little. Now that Luolan Mansion is suffering from internal and external troubles, he can't always sit back and forth and continue to sell Luolan Mansion's properties. Although Tianshu County's property Jiang Qing'e is given to him to splurge at will, he can't really put it here. It was broken, in that case, the people below Luolan Mansion would also have opinions on him, the Young Palace Master.

Most importantly, this will make people suspect that he, the Young Palace Master of Luolan Mansion, may be a fool...This is obviously not acceptable to Li Luo.

With some thoughts in his mind, Li Luo tidied up a bit, then left the old house and went to Xiyang House.

When he arrived at the Xiyang Room, he went straight to Yan Lingqing’s refining room. When he opened the door and entered, he saw two familiar figures sitting together, seeming to be talking about something. At the same time, on the cheeks of the two women, All with a little worry.

It is Yan Lingqing and Cai Wei.

Seeing Li Luo's figure, both Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing were startled: "Young Palace Master?"

"What are you talking about?" Li Luo walked in with a smile, and then saw a few bottles of spiritual water on the table in front of the two women, and one of them was the first pinnacle he refined before. Bi Lingshui.

"I'm talking about the sales performance of Xiyang House this year." Regarding Li Luo, Cai Wei did not conceal anything, and said directly.

"The performance is not so good?" Li Luo frowned when he saw this. Xiyang House contributed nearly half of the profit of Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County each year. If the performance here deteriorates, this will obviously affect his evolutionary plan. .

Yan Lingqingyu pointed to the crystal bottles in front of him, and said with a cold voice: "For example, the first-grade spiritual water on the market in Shu County today, there are mainly two competing, one is the Qingbi spiritual water of our Xiyang House, and the other One is the "Sunshine Wonderful Light" produced by Songziwu under the Song family. The quality of these two Lingshui Wonderful Lights is similar. Therefore, in the first product market in the past few years, the two together accounted for nearly 80%."

"However, recently, for some reason, the quality of "Sunshine Wonderful Light" produced by Pine House has improved. The average tempering power has reached about 57%, which is almost close to the highest quality of our Xiyang House.

"Therefore, the Song family has recently hyped up their "Sunshine Wonderful Light" of the Pine House. This has caused them to account for more than half of the Tianshu County First Grade Lingshui Wonderful Light market, and our Qingbi Lingshui sales have significantly weakened."

"If this situation continues, Xiyang House will be completely lost to the Song family in the competition at the stage of First-Rank Spirit Water and Wonderful Light. This will be a great loss for Xiyang House. Of course, the most important thing is , It will affect the reputation of Xiyang House in Tianshu County."

Li Luo looked slightly solemn when he heard the words, and said, "What is the production rate of the first-grade Lingshui Qiguang of Xiyang House?"

"Xiyang House in Tianshu County can produce five bottles of one-grade Lingshui Qiguang every day, one hundred and fifty bottles a month, and the price of first-grade Lingshui Qiguang on the market is about fifty days gold, so one By the end of the year, the total sales of Xiyang House on the first-grade Lingshui Qiguang will reach about 90,000 gold, excluding all costs, and the profit will be 30,000 gold." Cai Wei said without thinking, obviously. Know all the industries and data of Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County.

Li Luo first expressed his appreciation for Cai Wei with a thumbs up, and then slightly estimated that he was a little surprised, because the profit of this grade of spiritual water alone accounted for 10% of Luolan Mansion’s annual income in Tianshu County. One, we can see from this, how much benefit this lingshui market possesses.

But this is also normal, because high-quality spiritual water wonders are not something that everyone can squander freely. More people who buy first-grade and second-grade spiritual water wonders do not mean that their own appearance is only this grade. , But because they may not be able to consume a large amount of higher-grade spiritual water singular light, so they can only use lower-level spiritual water singular light as a substitute.

It's just that the efficiency of this improvement is obviously much lower than using high-quality spiritual water, and the accumulation of impurities will be faster, but there is no way, not everyone has a family business like Li Luo at the beginning.

After knowing this information, Li Luo's first feeling was that Xiyang House must not be affected, otherwise it would definitely affect the rhythm of his future evolution of water and light.

"Why will the quality of the "Sunshine Wonderful Light" produced by the Songziwu "Songziwu" improve this year?" Li Luo asked.

"There are three things that affect the quality of Lingshui Qiguang, the formula, the experience and strength of the refiner, and the quality of the source water."

Yan Lingqing said indifferently: "I checked the "Sunshine Wonder". After my analysis, the formula should have been slightly changed. I think it is likely that the Song family has paid a lot of money to ask some experts for advice."

Cai Wei encircled her chest, supported her right elbow, and then touched the snow-white chin with her right hand. Liu frowned and said: "In addition, Zhuang Yi has been using this head to attack Lingqing recently, saying that this result is due to her. , Let her exit the Xiyang House."

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing stood together, but she didn't know that her unintentional movement suddenly made the already turbulent waves a little dazzling. Especially in such a comparison, Yan Lingqing next to her can only use a tragic word to describe it. .

But Yan Lingqing seemed to be aware of something, and stretched out her hand expressionlessly, and tore off Cai Wei's left arm.

Cai Wei hadn't reacted for a while, but soon there was a blush on the gentle and charming goose egg cheeks, and at the same time, the hand under the table pinched Yan Lingqing next to her with a little embarrassment.

Then, the two women looked sharply at Li Luo, and the latter was taken aback. Not only did he not panic, but instead said with a serious face: "When talking about business, don’t engage in small actions. They are all such big people. Next time, I will criticize you."

Li Luo's serious words eventually only caused a cold snort from the two women, and immediately skipped the matter.

"So Zhuang Yi is still messing up?" Li Luo asked, returning to the topic.

Speaking of this Vice President Zhuang Yi, Yan Lingqing's cold cheeks were a little annoyed, and said: "This guy is looking for things all day long, causing many internal conflicts in Xiyang House. This year, the quality of Xiyang House's products has declined. It's not unrelated."

"It seems that this is a scourge. Can you find a way to get rid of it?" Li Luo grinned, also very unhappy. I am in need of a large sum of money here. If you don't hurry to make money for me, you have to burn fire in my backyard?

Cai Wei furrowed her eyebrows and said: "Now Xiyang House is considered a group of dragons without a leader. After all, Lingqing is new and has insufficient prestige. And Zhuang Yi is an old man. There are some tempering masters in Xiyang House who still trust him very much. The reason, forcibly driving him away, I am afraid it will cause panic."

"And ~www.readwn.com~ is behind him, after all, there is still Pei Hao's support."

Li Luo frowned. Pei Hao's white-eyed wolf is the biggest scourge of Luolan Mansion. This Zhuang Yi is only affecting the sales of Xiyang House, but Pei Hao wants to take the entire Luolan Mansion. Go.

This is simply to cut his life. Luo Lan Mansion was taken away by you. How to fill in the acquired appearance of my bottomless pit? Rely on the face?

But now that Pei Hao's climate has become, but on the other hand, he is not just a fledgling, and has no strength to fight him at all, so for the time being, he can only develop and develop in a low-key way behind Sister Qing'e.

And when Li Luo was thinking about it, someone suddenly came to report.

"Palace Master, Chief Steward, Vice President Yan...Vice President Zhuang suddenly summoned all the management of Xiyang House, saying that there is a major issue to discuss, please participate."

Hearing the announcement, Li Luo, Cai Wei, and Yan Lingqing were all startled, and immediately looked at each other, frowning at the same time.

This guy is going to do something again.

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