Absolute Resonance

Chapter 35: Draw

Around the battle platform, the crowd was surging, but at this time there was silence.

Everyone looked at the spectator who shot Song Yunfeng down with stunned mouths, and then looked at the hourglass that was exhausted.

The battle here is so fierce that they didn't pay attention to the passage of time at all before, but when they came back to their senses, it turned out that it was already time...

At this moment, they suddenly understood that Song Yunfeng wanted to exhaust Li Luo's physical strength before, but he did not expect that Li Luo was also delaying time.

When the hourglass is over, there is no winner or loser in the battle. According to the previous rules, it will be judged as a tie.

In other words, the match between Li Luo and Song Yunfeng... ended in a tie.

And this ending surpassed everyone's expectations.

Because no matter from any angle, this competition should not have such a result. The strength of Song Yunfeng and Li Luo is huge, so in the eyes of many people, this competition will be the result of Song Yunfeng’s defeat. Like a victory.

No matter how Li Luo struggles, it is difficult for him to gain the slightest benefit from Song Yunfeng, who possesses the seventh stage and reaches the eighth seal.

But the result?

In their eyes, this game that should almost be crushed, was turned into a tie by Li Luosheng...

At this moment, they looked at Li Luo, whose face was slightly pale because of the exhaustion of his energy, and his eyes were silent, and some admiration gradually emerged.

Even that Bei Kun, at this time, looks like constipation, and his complexion is wonderful.

Tifaqing, who was on the side, also stared at the stage blankly, her absent-minded beautiful eyes showing the shock she had suffered in her heart. After a long time, she exhaled heavily and gave Li Luo a deep look with her beautiful eyes.

At this moment, the latter, although her complexion was a little pale, she seemed to see faintly, a dazzling light radiating from his body little by little.

This reminded Tifaqing of the legendary shadow on the honor monument of Nanfeng Academy.

But immediately, Tifaqing shook his head. Although Li Luo had a miracle, he was still far behind Jiang Qing'e.

On the battle stage, Song Yunfeng's sluggishness lasted for a while, glaring at the spectator: "I am obviously about to defeat him, he has no strength, and then I will win!"

"Give me another second, just one second!"

The spectators frowned and looked at Song Yunfeng who was in a state of disbelief. The former was indifferent and gentle at Nanfeng Academy, but he was completely unmoved from the present.

"Rules are rules, and the hourglass is gone. If the winner has not yet been determined, it is a draw." The spectator said.

"You fart!" Song Yunfeng roared a little sullenly.

How could he accept the result of this draw, this draw, it would simply make him faceless.

However, the spectators ignored him, looked around, and announced: "This competition, the final result, a draw!"

"Luo Ge is awesome!"

When his voice fell, there were countless excitement and frantic shouts resounding from the second hospital. All the students of the second hospital were very excited. Li Luo's test greatly increased their second hospital's. Face.

The bandaged Yu Lang opened his mouth and muttered: "Is this pervert really going to rise? Even Song Yunfeng has been deflated."

Amidst the deafening cheers, Lu Qing'er stared at Li Luo's figure quietly with bright eyes. At this moment, she seemed to see that when she entered the Nanfeng Academy earlier this year, she was also very immature, but she was always in physiognomy. They took a step ahead of them in their cultivation, and in the end they had a face full of leisure and pointed them at the beginner teenagers.

Li Luo at that time was undoubtedly dazzling.

Even at that time, Lu Qing'er had a trace of admiration for him secretly and targeted him.

It's just that... the appearance of the empty phase caused Li Luo's once aura to disintegrate, and after he avoided her, she had no choice but to not bother.

"I know, Li Luo, you will stand up again. Only then will you be truly dazzling."

"But you are not enough right now, I want to see you reach the top, and then..."

"Beat you."

Lu Qing'er's hair was lightly raised, and her bright eyes were filled with scorching warfare. She glanced at Li Luo again, and then she didn't stay here, but turned around and left.

Who could have imagined that Lu Qing'er, who seems to have a quiet and sweet temperament, could be so strong and warlike in his bones.

On the battle stage, Li Luo looked at the gloomy Song Yunfeng in front of him, and sighed: "I gave you a chance, you can't grasp it, Song Yunfeng, you are such a waste."

Song Yunfeng stared at Li Luo fiercely.

"I missed this time, Song Yunfeng, you shouldn't have much chance in the future."

Li Luo was not afraid of his fierce gaze. Instead, he stepped forward, patted his shoulder lightly, and said with a smile: "You discredited my parents. We will do the calculation next time."

Song Yunfeng gritted his teeth and sneered: "Okay, I'll wait."

Li Luo nodded and didn't say anything to him. He just walked past him, got off the platform, and then left the square surrounded by the excitement of many students in the Second Academy.

With his departure, the atmosphere in the square gradually weakened. Many people looked at Song Yunfeng with strange eyes, and then gradually dispersed.

In today’s matter, Li Luo had intended to directly admit defeat. As a result, Song Yunfeng wanted to attack other people’s parents, but he tried so hard to get Li Luo out, but he failed to win. Jokes.

It is conceivable that this matter will inevitably spread in Nanfeng Academy for a long time in the future, and Song Yunfeng will be the supporting role used to set off the protagonist in this story.

On the high platform on the edge of the square, the old dean and the mentors were also a little silent. This result also surprised them.

After a moment of silence, the old dean finally sighed and said: "This Li Luo never thought of winning from start to finish. His goal is to drag a tie."

"What people didn't expect was that he actually did it."

Xu Shanyue had already laughed from ear to ear at this time. Li Luo, today, gave him too much face. That was Song Yunfeng, the top student in a hospital second only to Lu Qing'er, but this time, Li Luo was forced to give birth to him. The forcing became a draw.

So who said that their second hospital can't produce talents?

No one would think that it was just a tie, because the power gap between Li Luo and Song Yunfeng was indeed too big. His phase strength was only in the Six Seal Realm, and his own water phase was only the fifth rank, but what about Song Yunfeng? Eight seals, seventh grade red carvings... To be honest, this kind of overall gap, they don’t know how they should be able to complete the reversal, and Li Luo is able to force the situation to a tie. It feels incredible.

Do you really think that everyone is like Jiang Qing'e's peerless arrogant, with a nine-pin appearance?

Lin Feng's complexion on the side was as dark as the bottom of a pot. Facing Xu Shanyue's triumphant laughter, he endured, and finally said: "Li Luo's performance today is indeed impeccable, but the pre-examination time is limited. What about the college entrance examination afterwards? At that time, it was necessary to rely on real skills, and these opportunistic tactics were of no use."

Xu Shanyue snorted coldly: "Li Luo at that time may not be able to go further."

"Furthermore, it is only the Seven Seals Realm." Lin Feng said blankly.

The old dean waved his hand to stop the habitual quarrel between the two people. He looked at the direction where Li Luo was leaving, and then stared at Lin Feng and Xu Shanyue. His face became much more serious, and he said: "Li Luo It's his business to behave, but I have to remind you that this time the college entrance examination, my Nanfeng College must maintain the golden sign of Tianshu County's No. 1 College. If something goes wrong by that time, huh."

The last cold snort made many instructors startled.

Especially Lin Feng, he understood that what the old dean said was more to him, because the first college brought together the best students from the Nanfeng Academy, and it also occupies the most resources of the Nanfeng Academy, and the college entrance examination is to verify every time. Is a hospital worthy of these resources?

As far as Lin Feng knew, because of the previous college entrance examination, Nanfeng Academy almost lost the sign of Tianshu County No. 1 Academy, and was directly kicked out by the old dean. Academy.

So if he had a bad job in the college entrance examination this time, I'm afraid the old dean would not spare him.

Thinking of the result, Lin Feng trembled in his heart, and quickly promised: "The dean can rest assured that the strength of our first hospital is obvious to all, and it will definitely be able to maintain the honor of living in the university."

"That's the best."

The old dean's expression only eased slightly, UU read www.uukanshu.com and then stopped talking, turned and left.

As he left, many mentors glanced at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. The angry old dean is really terrifying...

"However, this year's Dongyeon Academy is coming very aggressively, and Dongyeon Academy is an institution fully supported by the Governor's Mansion. These years, it has been extremely vigorous and chasing Nanfeng Academy. Now the first person in Dongyeon Academy is the son of the Governor. Isn’t it called Shi Huang? His own talent is extremely high, and in terms of strength, he will not be inferior to Lu Qing'er. Therefore, this year’s college entrance examination, our Nanfeng Academy may not be under pressure.” After the old dean left, some instructors couldn’t help it. Worry out loud.

Lin Feng glanced at the instructor and said faintly: "Dongyuan Academy is not as good as my Nanfeng Academy, after all, they have to ask me if they agree with this signboard if they want to **** this sign."

When the voice fell, he turned and left.

The others looked at each other, they were all a little uncomfortable with Lin Feng's arrogance, but they were helpless and could only grumble in the end.

"You can pull it off, then you can play off, and see how you end up."

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