Absolute Resonance

Chapter 37: Presidential controversy

"The King of Wanxiang (

Xiyang House, Chamber.

When Li Luo, Cai Wei, and Yan Lingqing came here, they found that there were no empty seats, and all the senior management of Xiyang House were all present.

In the front position, Zhuang Yi smiled, but beside him, there was an old man with a rather stiff face.


When they saw the old man, Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing both gave a sigh, and then explained in a low voice to Li Luo who was a little confused: "The old man is called Zheng Ping, an elder from the Xiyang House headquarters. He is in Xiyang. The seniority in the house is very high. When the two palace owners built Xiyang House, he was one of the first batch of old people."

"However, this old man is extremely pedantic and severe. He is a stinky and hard bone. He is usually in the headquarters of the Royal City. He suddenly arrived at the moment, but we didn't hear anything about it. Most of the people who came were unkind."

When the two women introduced Li Luo, everyone in the chamber stood up and saluted Li Luo.

Even the elder Zheng Ping from the Xiyang House headquarters stood up, looked at Li Luo, and said, "I have seen the Young Palace Master."

"Elder Zheng is too polite." Li Luo smiled at the elder Zheng Ping, and then took the seats with Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing.

"When did Elder Zheng arrive at Nanfeng City?" Yan Lingqing asked suddenly.

Elder Zheng Ping had no expression on his face and said: "The performance of the Xiyang House Tianshu County Branch this year is very poor. Let the old man at the headquarters take a look. By the way, I will confirm the pending president."

As he said, he stared at Yan Lingqing somewhat sternly, and said: "Vice President Yan, I have read some financial reports. The first-grade refining room you are in charge of the recent performance has been extremely poor, and even caused the reputation of Xiyang House in Tianshu County. Have been affected, do you have anything to say about it?"

Yan Lingqing said coldly: "Why is this happening? You may find it clearer if you ask Vice President Zhuang Yi."

Upon hearing this, Vice President Zhuang Yi said immediately: "Vice President Yan has no abilities himself, don't shirk it to others."

"If it wasn't for you to secretly jam the materials in the first-grade refining room, which caused me to sometimes be unable to perform some training, would this kind of result occur?" Yan Lingqing scolded coldly.

Vice-chairman Zhuang Yi called Qu: "The situation of Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County was originally not good, and some of the refining materials had to pass through the three Tianshu County, but those three held us extremely tight, and finally we were able to get it. Naturally, there are not many materials, and my third-grade refining room is the best performing refining room in Xiyang House. Shouldn’t it be given priority?"

"You!" Yan Lingqing slapped the table angrily.


Elder Zheng Ping exclaimed, he gave Zhuang Yi and Yan Lingqing a fierce look, and said: "You all have reasons, but the old man is not interested in listening. I only care about the performance of Xiyang House. Whoever drags Xiyang House back, If it affects the reputation of Xiyang House, the old man will not let him go."

"The performance of the Tianshu County branch is getting worse and worse. The ultimate reason is that there is no president in control of the overall situation. Therefore, after discussion at the headquarters, the Tianshu County branch must decide on a new chairman as soon as possible."

In the chamber, Wei Wei was a little quiet, and some other high-level officials were silent, because they knew very well that the dispute between Yan Lingqing and Zhuang Yi was a contradiction between Yan Lingqing and Zhuang Yi, and what was involved was deeper, so they wisely maintained their neutrality. .

Li Luo's eyes flashed slightly. Actually, what Zheng Ping said was right. The Xiyang House Tianshu County Branch is now fighting too much. If you want to really maintain stability, deciding on the chairmanship is the most important thing. Of course, the key is. .. Who will be the president?

Thinking in his mind, he smiled and asked: "Who does Elder Zheng Ping think is more suitable to be the president?"

Although Zheng Ping was not polite to Yan Lingqing and Zhuang Yi, when facing Li Luo, he still maintained a point of respect. He was silent for a moment, and said: "If you follow Xiyang House's usual rules, you will generally have the best performance. The person in charge of the refining room was promoted to president."

Zhuang Yi on the side showed a slight smile. Among the three refining rooms in Xiyang House, the annual profit of the third-grade refining room he controlled far exceeded the other two refining rooms, so this rule was most beneficial to him.

However, Elder Zheng Ping then said: "It was the same in the past, but if the young palace owner has any suggestions, he can also put it forward. The old man can send it back to the headquarters, but this time the Xiyangwu branch must decide on a meeting. Long, otherwise the old man may have to stay here forever."

"I also hope that the Young Palace Master will not blame it. The old man did it for the sake of Xiyang House and Luolan Mansion."

When Zhuang Yi heard the words, his expression remained unchanged, but his heart was a little annoyed. This old guy was really talkative.

Li Luo glanced at the old man, thoughtfully, it seemed that Elder Zheng Ping had not been sent to target them, as Yan Lingqing had guessed. At least, he said, he was not like someone from Pei Hao.

The Xiyangwu headquarters will suddenly send people to Tianshu County. Among them, I am afraid that Jiang Qinge and Pei Hao are fighting over and over, but the person who comes in the end is a stubborn elder Zheng Ping who has no tendency to stand in line. It can be seen that this is The final result of the battle between the two sides.

In a sense, it's not bad news.

However, if you really want to determine the position of the president according to the performance of each refining room, then Yan Lingqing's disadvantage is too great. After all, the third-grade refining room in Zhuang Yi's hands is the heavyweight product in Xiyang House. The profit is even higher than that of the first and second-grade refining rooms combined.

Yan Lingqing on the side also understands this, her pretty face is cold, her beautiful eyes are filled with anger, and she is about to break out.

However, Li Luo suddenly stretched out his hand and pressed it on the back of her hand, staring at Elder Zheng Ping, and said, "Which refining room has the best performance in the future, can be promoted to the chairman?"

"Yes." Elder Zheng Ping nodded.

Li Luo pondered for a few breaths, and finally said: "This is a good method, just follow this."

As soon as this remark came out, it immediately caused a low uproar.

Both Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing looked at him in a little astonishment. They obviously didn't understand why he agreed, because this made it clear that they would give up their position.

That Zhuang Yi also froze for a few breaths, and immediately laughed: "It's still young palace master knowing the general idea! That's right, UU reading www.uukanshu.com anyway, in the end, don't we want Xiyang House to be better? Xiyang The house is ready, isn't that also making money for the young palace owner?"

Elder Zheng Ping was also a little surprised. He said to Li Luo: "Palace Young really decided this way?"

Li Luo nodded with a smile, and then didn't say much, pulling up Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing who were still in shock, and out of the chamber.

Walking out of the chamber, Li Luo immediately released the two women, but at this time Yan Lingqing said in an angry voice: "Li Luo, what the **** are you doing? That rule is extremely unfavorable to me, why should you accept it? If you don't want me here If you say it, just say it, and I will return to Wangcheng immediately."

Cai Wei also stared at Li Luo with beautiful eyes. Judging from the contact during this time, Li Luo should not be a random person, but today's behavior is really unclear.

After Yan Lingqing came to Xiyang House in Tianshu County, it was considered that after a lot of hard work, he maintained the current situation, but now, because of Li Luo's words, he was directly beaten back to his original form.

Li Luo looked at the two women, smiled, and said, "Two sisters, I'm not a fool. Can I still see who is trustworthy?"

Cai Wei looked at him suspiciously, while Yan Lingqing folded her arms around her chest, turned around angrily, not wanting to pay attention to him.

"Although this kind of rule is not good for Sister Lingqing, don't you think that this is the best chance to send Sister Lingqing to the chairperson position and drive away the evil of Zhuang Yi?" Li Luo smiled.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing frowned slightly. This is indeed a good opportunity, but the point is... that Zhuang Yi is in an absolute advantage. After playing this game, who is driving away?

Cai Wei's eyes flashed, and then stared at Li Luo in surprise.

"Could it be..."

"Do you have a way to help Lingqing come back?"

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