Absolute Resonance

Chapter 27: 1st grade refining room

Latest website: After leaving the university, Li Luo did not rush back to the old house, but rushed to the Xiyang House.

The guards outside Xiyang's house had long been accustomed to Li Luo, who had been here recently, so after bowing his head, he let him in and out.

Walking into the Xiyang room full of faint fragrance, Li Luo's spirit was also slightly lifted. During this period of study, he became more and more interested in the profession of tempering master.

"Hehe, Palace Master Young came to Xiyang House recently, but he was really diligent." When Li Luo thought of the peculiar light of spirit water he practiced in his heart, suddenly laughter rang from the side.

Li Luo tilted his head and saw that Vice President Zhuang Yi of Xiyang House was looking at him with a smile on his face.

"I heard that the Young Palace Master awakened a fifth-grade water element?" Zhuang Yi asked, seemingly curious.

Li Luo had practiced the tempering technique for so many days in the Xiyang Room, and news about his fifth-grade water phase had already spread.

Li Luo stared at the vice-chairman of Xiyang House who had taken refuge in Pei Hao, nodded slightly, and said, "I'm learning the phase tempering technique with Sister Lingqing."

Zhuang Yi smiled and said: "Vice President Yan is a high-achieving student of the Saint Profound Star Academy. His skills are indeed not bad, but his experience is a little bit shallow. If the Young Master really wants to learn, I am not talented, I can also give some suggestions. Of."

Li Luo smiled. This Zhuang Yi is so kind, and he doesn't know if he wants to put himself under his supervision, determine his exact situation and report to Pei Hao, or really wants to point him?

However, between Jiang Qing'e's best friend and the vice president who has taken refuge in Pei Hao, Li Luo's choice obviously won't hesitate.

So he shook his head and said, "I think Sister Lingqing is pretty good. If I need it in the future, I will come to Vice President Bei again."

"That's really a pity." Zhuang Yi sighed as if it were a pity.

Li Luo didn't say much. Just about to leave, he immediately thought of something, and said: "By the way, Vice President Bei, I heard from Sister Lingqing before that in some of her refining rooms, sometimes materials always appear. It is in short supply. I heard that the purchase of materials is on your side, so can you add it in time?"

After hearing this, Zhuang Yi frowned, and said in embarrassment: "Young Palace Lord, this is not my problem, but sometimes the procurement of materials is indeed troublesome, so occasional shortages are quite normal. Of course, since Shao Fu The Lord mentioned it, so I will pay more attention to this in the future."

Facing the other party's seemingly respectful and polite, in fact, there are some casual excuses, Li Luo did not say anything, just took a deep look at the other party, and walked directly across.

Zhuang Yi looked at his leaving back, and the smile on his face gradually faded.

"Vice President, I didn't expect this Young Palace Master suddenly awakened to the fifth stage, which is really surprising..." Beside Zhuang Yi, a subordinate who was loyal to him whispered.

"The high probability is that the two palace masters left him some rare natural treasures. Such treasures are really wasteful to be used on him." Zhuang Yi said lightly.

"But after all, it's only Rank 5, not too good, so this young palace lord wants to rise, but it's not that easy."

He waved his hand and said, "Pass this news to Master Pei Hao."

"In addition... the resumption of power in the first-grade refining room should also be pushed forward. The woman Yan Lingqing is really getting more and more eye-catching."



When Li Luo walked into the first-grade refining room, he saw that it was divided into dozens of compartments with crystal walls as barriers. Behind each compartment, there was a figure of a person busy.

Among them, Li Luo also saw Yan Lingqing, who was tall and slender. She was wearing a long dress with her hands in her pockets, looking around with a cold look.

At this moment, she stopped in front of a crystal wall, faintly watching a first-grade phase tempering master completed the refining of a magical light of spiritual water in her hand.

And under Yan Lingqing's gaze, the young First Grade Tempering Master was also a little nervous, and then took a slender crystal needle from the side. There was a precise scale on the crystal needle.

This is a quenching needle. As the name suggests, it is a tool used to test the quenching power of the finished Lingshui Qiguang.

The crystal needle was inserted into the bottle of spiritual water, and the scale on it was gradually rising from low to top.

In the end, it stayed at 46%.

Seeing this scene, Yan Lingqing suddenly said coldly: "If this kind of tempering power of spiritual water is sold, it will only smash the sign of Xiyang House."

The First Grade Tempering Master lowered his head in frustration.

However, Yan Lingqing did not feel soft, but sternly said: "The previous refining, you made a total of no less than four mistakes, the white leaf fruit is not prepared enough, the moonlight juice is too thick, the smokeless water is too thin, and finally it is reconciled. At that time, your water phase power has not yet reached the saturation requirement."


After finishing speaking, he turned and left, and at the same time, his eyes swept across the many First-Rank Tempering Masters in the field, and everyone was silent and concentrated on refining.

Yan Lingqing supported the silver-framed glasses, her pretty face was cold. Obviously, she was very dissatisfied with the achievements of these first-class tempering masters.

There was a trace of boredom in her eyes. Although she came to help take care of her at Jiang Qing'e's request, she finally came by air. If compared with her reputation in this branch, Zhuang Yi is indeed stronger than her.

In this Xiyang House branch, there are a total of three refining rooms, one to three, and different levels of refining rooms are responsible for refining different levels of spiritual water and miraculous light.

With the help of Jiang Qing'e's appointment, Yan Lingqing took down the control of the first-rank and second-rank refining rooms as soon as he arrived, but the third-rank refining rooms were still firmly held by Zhuang Yi.

Because of the control of these refining rooms, the two sides have been fighting for a long time. After all, as long as they master the refining rooms, it is equivalent to mastering most of the tempering masters. For Xiyang, who has the sole purpose of refining spiritual water and miraculous light. Housing, the quencher is undoubtedly the most important asset.

But recently, Zhuang Yi was obviously unable to sit still. He started to work on the first-grade refining room, and his reason was that a disciple he cultivated, the refined first-grade spiritual water and miraculous light had reached 50%. Three qualities.

This quality can be regarded as the top level among the first-grade spiritual water produced by Xiyangwu, so Zhuang Yi used this as a reason to spread the remarks that Yan Lingqing is not good at guiding the first-grade tempering master, which led to the recent Xiyangwu These first-grade tempering masters also showed some signs of vacillation.

If this situation continues, Yan Lingqing feels that this product refining room might really be taken away by Zhuang Yi.

Even if she has the support of Jiang Qing'e and Cai Wei here, but Zhuang Yi did not make any obvious mistakes, they would not be able to kick Zhuang Yi, the old man in Xiyang House, directly, otherwise it would attract Xi. There was some turmoil in the Yang Room, which would affect the refinement of Lingshui Qiguang, and only Luolan Mansion would lose.

Feeling annoyed, Yan Lingqing only glanced at Li Luo who had entered the refining room, without any extra thoughts to say.

Li Luo was very casual about this, and went straight to an unused refining room. A beautiful young woman said in a low voice: "Palace Master, you are here."

Li Luo smiled and nodded in response. As he sorted out the materials on the refining stage, he asked in a low voice, "Sister Sakura, Vice President Yan seems to be in a bad mood?"

The young woman he called Sakura Sister spit out her tongue and said, "We have been scolded all morning..."

Then she simply said the reason for the matter.

After Li Luo listened to it, UU reading www.uukanshu.com was slightly surprised. It turned out to be for the first-grade refining room. This is indeed a big thing. If Zhuang Yi really succeeds in the fight, it will cause Yan Lingqing’s reputation. The tremendous blow caused her to gradually reduce her right to speak in the Xiyang Room.

Thinking of this, Li Luo frowned. Of course he didn’t want to see this scene. After all, this Xiyang House Branch contributed about half of Luolan Mansion’s annual income in Tianshu County, and he just needs it right now. When there is a lot of money, if there is any problem here, it will undoubtedly have a great impact on him.

Of course, the most important thing is that Zhuang Yi is Pei Hao's. With that white-eyed wolf character, maybe even this Xiyang House branch will be swallowed by him.

But now he thought it was useless, so Li Luo turned around and put a page of the recipe drawing of the first product named "Qingbi Lingshui" on the table, then took out a lot of configuration materials, and started his practice today.

Two hours of practice time passed quietly, and just as Li Luo's refining began to become more and more proficient, the door of the first-grade refining room was suddenly pushed open. Seeing a group of people headed by Zhuang Yi pouring in.

The momentum alone seemed to be unkind.

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