Absolute Resonance

Chapter 28: Li Luo's first bottle of spiritual water

Zhuang Yi and his party suddenly entered the first-grade refining room aggressively, causing a commotion in the atmosphere here, and staring at them with surprise.

Yan Lingqing also noticed their arrival, her pretty face suddenly sank, and her cold face shouted: "Vice President Zhuang Yi, are your people so unruly?"

Zhuang Yi smiled and said, "Vice President Yan, don't be angry. I am here. It's the same thing as before. Since the first-grade refining room has been put under your control, the output of Lingshui Qiguang refining during this period of time is available. The decline, and even a lot of substandard products appeared, which seriously affected the performance of our Xiyang House."

He looked worried.

Yan Lingqing said coldly: "Don't you know the reason for the decline in production? If it weren't for the restrictions on the materials, how could this happen?"

Zhuang Yi frowned and said, "Vice President Yan, you are spitting out blood. The materials are already scarce. Can I just make it for you?"

"I feel that although Vice President Yan comes from the Saint Profound Star Academy, he still has little experience after all. Maybe some of your ideas are not in line with some of the first-grade tempering masters of our Xiyang House. You will give them advice. I'm afraid it will delay them."

In the first-grade refining room, no one else dared to interrupt. Everyone could understand that this was a battle between the two vice-chairmen, and they didn't need to blend in and become cannon fodder.

Zhuang Yi stared at Yan Lingqing and said: "Vice President Yan, as a tempering master, everything depends on the results. You have been in charge of the first-grade refining room for a while, but the effect has not been great so far. The first-grade tempering you taught Master, the refined first-grade spirit water with miraculous light has the highest quenching power of just 50%. On the other hand, my disciple Shi Yun has been able to stably refine the "Qingbi Lingshui" with a quenching power of 56%. "."

"You have to know that in the past, the average level of the first-grade spiritual water produced by our Xiyang House was only fifty-thirds. Therefore, if Vice President Yan is really thinking about the Xiyang House, I suggest you to refine the first-grade. Hand it over to the manufacturing room, or if it goes on for a long time, there will be no market for the first-grade spiritual water produced by Xiyang House in this Tianshu County."

Zhuang Yi spoke, looked at some other high-level people in Xiyang House who were following him, and said, "You guys, do you think what I said is reasonable?"

Those high-level contemplations, although they don't want to get involved in the struggle between the two sides, they have to say that what Zhuang Yi said is very reasonable. In their Xiyang Room, everything has to rely on the results to speak.

That disciple of Zhuang Yi was able to stably produce a first-grade spiritual water with a tempering power of 56%, which is enough to show his excellence.

So some high-level officials hesitated and said, "Vice-Chairman Yan should hand over this refining room to Shi Yun, so that you can concentrate on guiding the second-grade refining room. After all, there is also the weight of our Xiyang House. Product."

Yan Lingqing had no expression on her face. If she really gave in right now, it would indicate that she had failed in the fight between her and Zhuang Yi. This would form a weather vane, which would cause her to step backwards.

But if you insist on not letting go, this Zhuang Yi is aggressive, and the reason is extremely legitimate, if the stalemate continues, it will also have some impact on her.

So now she is really in a dilemma.

Zhuang Yi looked at Yan Lingqing, whose eyes were struggling, and a smile could not help appearing at the corner of his mouth. How about the top students of the Saint Profound Star Academy, not just a tender young man?


And just as Yan Lingqing was under increasing pressure, a blue light suddenly burst into the first-grade refining room where the atmosphere was almost frozen.

The sudden change caused everyone to look astonished. Then they looked down and saw Li Luo holding a bottle of green liquid in his hand in front of a refining table behind that. Rejoicing.

In this situation, the first bottle of spiritual water in his life was refined.

After refining this bottle of "Biqing Lingshui", Li Luo also took the quenching needle from the side and inserted it into it.

Then he saw the pointer start to climb up quickly.

After counting the breath, the pointer directly stayed at the 60% position.


Some of the nearby First Grade Tempering Masters clearly saw this scene, and then they couldn't help but erupted in an uproar of horror.

A group of human figures couldn't help but rushed over, and lost their voice: "Sixty percent tempering power?! The bottle of "Biqing Lingshui" refined by the young palace master actually reached 60% tempering power?! "

"How is it possible?!"

In the first-grade refining room, the person who heard the exclamation suddenly had an incredible face, and then, regardless of Yan Lingqing's fight with Zhuang Yi, swarmed towards Li Luo's place.

And when they saw the index on the quenching needle, they lost their voice for a while, and their eyes turned to Li Luo who was smiling at the corner of his mouth with shock.

They knew very well that Li Luo had only learned the phase tempering technique in about two weeks. However, in such a short period of time, he not only succeeded in refining the first-grade spiritual water, but also the most unbelievable thing is that this The tempering power of Lingshui Qiguang is so high!

What kind of talent is this?

"Get out of the way."

Yan Lingqing's voice sounded outside the crowd, and the crowd hurriedly separated, only to see her walking in quickly with her long legs, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at the Biqing Lingshui in Li Luo's hands.

"Let me see." She said to Li Luo.

Li Luo handed it over according to the words, Yan Lingqing took it, and quickly poured a drop of Biqing Lingshui from it. He felt a little, and his pretty face was a little moved: "What a pure and pure Biqing Lingshui, it is indeed It can reach 60% of the tempering power."

Her beautiful eyes stared at Li Luo scorchingly. She hadn't really noticed that Li Luo still had this talent in the tempering technique?

You know, this is his first time.

She remembered that when she became a first-grade tempering master, the finished product was only about 50% or 80%, which was pretty good.

Yan Lingqing seemed to have thought of something suddenly. A smile appeared on her always cold and pretty face. She grabbed the bottle of green spirit water, turned around, looked at the same surprised Zhuang Yi behind, and said: " Vice President Zhuang Yi, it seems that I don’t need to hand over this product refining room for now."

Zhuang Yi stared at the bottle of spiritual water with strange light, and he heard those exclamations before. Li Luo refined 60% of the green spiritual water?

You must know that even if he and Yan Lingqing were able to refining the first-rank Biqing Lingshui, he would barely reach 65 percent of the tempering power, but in Zhuang Yi’s memory, he It has been almost many years since he has personally refined the first-grade spiritual water strange light, because this kind of refining is purely a waste of time for him, and the price is too low and too low. After all, a first-grade spiritual water strange light, also It's just a few dozen days of gold.

This was the first time he heard that someone had achieved 60% of the tempering power the first time he refined the spirit water miraculous light. His disciple Shi Yun, but he had practiced Biqing Lingshui for a full year. Can barely reach 56%.

Compared with Li Luo, this is simply the difference between clouds and mud.

Zhuang Yi twitched the corners of his mouth, and said stiffly: "Vice President Yan, isn't this what you did? The young palace master has only been in contact with phase tempering technique in less than half a month."

Yan Lingqing glanced at him lightly, and said, "Many people have seen the refining of Palace Master Young. Your excuse is too weak, or is it necessary for Palace Master Young to perform for you again? "

Many people around nodded their heads, and they had indeed seen this bottle of spiritual water come out with their own eyes.

The expression on Zhuang Yi's face became even more rigid, and finally he gave a dry smile and said, "Dare not dare."

Although he didn't see that Li Luo was valued much in his heart, no matter what, Li Luo was the young palace lord in name. In the presence of so many people, he didn't dare to show any contempt for him.

"Vice President Zhuang Yi, if someone refines the first-grade spiritual water with a higher tempering power, he can become the person in charge of the first-grade refining room, can I also?" Li Luo smiled and made a knife.

Zhuang Yi sneered: "It depends on what Vice Chairman Yan said."

After that, Zhuang Yi also understood that today's attack was a complete failure, so he echoed a few awkwardly, then turned around and left with a gloomy expression.

In the first-grade refining room, the atmosphere suddenly eased, and then a congratulatory voice sounded. Those eyes that looked at Li Luo were full of envy and admiration.

Li Luo smiled and responded to those congratulations, and then Yan Lingqing drove everyone to continue practicing. Then the beautiful eyes stared at Li Luo with interest, and said: "Unexpectedly, you could refine this tempering power for the first time. The spiritual water, it seems that you are very talented at the top of the phase tempering master."

In the Saint Profound Star Academy, UU reading www.uukanshu.com Yan Lingqing has seen a lot of tempering geniuses. Of course there are some who can reach this level for the first time, but what she did not expect is that Li Luo's five-grade water phase can actually What does it mean to do this step? It shows that Li Luo should have a unique sensitivity in the fusion and harmony of many materials. This is a special talent. Yan Lingqing has seen this talent in the Tempering Academy of the Saint Profound Star Academy.

"Maybe it's just luck." Li Luo said modestly. If he knew Yan Lingqing's guess, he would be a little embarrassed, because he didn't have that so-called talent. For the first time, he was able to reach 60% of the tempering power. In fact, it only relied on the unique temperability of his "water and light phase", because he found that even though he had been estimating, when the results came out, he still somewhat underestimated the water phase and the light phase. The temperability after being perfectly blended together.

Yan Lingqing ignored his modesty and said, "Thanks to you this time, but I don't bother to say thank you. After all, Xiyang House is making money for you."

Immediately, she paused, and a smile on her face that had always been cold and cold bloomed.

"But I'm in a good mood, so I can treat you to dinner later."

Li Luo originally wanted to say that I actually wanted to go home in a hurry to practice physiognomy, but thinking of Yan Lingqing's sternness on weekdays, so the survival instinct finally made him look happy.

(There was an error earlier. The other vice-chairman should be called Zhuang Yi. The name of Bei Yu was the original name, but later changed it if he was unpleasant. As a result, I didn’t notice that there was still a fish that slipped through the net. It has been revised. Does not affect reading.)

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