Absolute Resonance

Chapter 26: Plain pre-examination

Latest website: The atmosphere of Nanfeng Academy today is a bit hotter than before, all because the pre-examination is about to start.

The so-called pre-examination is to do a screening in the university until the top 20 are finally selected, and these 20 will eventually represent the Nanfeng Academy to participate in the university entrance examination.

The college entrance examination included all the colleges in Tianshu County, and the final competition for the entrance examination was the admission quota from the Saint Profound Star Academy.

In other words, only by passing the pre-selection and entering the top 20 of the academy can they be eligible to compete for admission to the Saint Profound Star Academy.

Of course, many students also understand that the Saint Profound Star Academy is too far away for them, but if they can get some good rankings as much as possible in the preliminary selection, then they can choose some other high schools in Daxia. Academy.

Although in terms of scale, strength, and fame, these institutions of higher learning are far inferior to the Saint Profound Star Academy, but they are still a way out.

Therefore, for them, the pre-examination is the last chance to prove themselves.


At the central square of Nanfeng Academy.

Today, it can be described as a sea of ​​people, dozens of arenas have been erected as pre-selected competition venues.

When Li Luo and Zhao Kuo came here together, they were both shocked by the boiling voice.

"Hey, this is too lively." Zhao Kuo smiled.

"Although it is a pre-examination, for the vast majority of students, this is their last opportunity to reveal themselves in Nanfeng Academy." Li Luo said.

Zhao Kuo nodded and touched his head in a sad voice: "I don't know if I can make the top 20 this time."

Because of Li Luo's sudden outbreak, Zhao Kuo is now the second strength of the Second Academy. If placed in the entire Nanfeng Academy, the probability of entering the top 20 is not small. Of course, this also requires some luck. After all, if you are unlucky one after another. Encountering some tyrannical opponents, resulting in an ugly record, I am afraid it will hang.

"It depends on your luck, but luck arises from each other. Visually, you won't survive a few rounds." Li Luo looked around and said casually.

Zhao Kuo's face was green, and he cursed: "Asshole, curse that you met Lu Qing'er in the first game."

"The curse rebounds."

"Play again!"

When the two were interacting in a boring and childish manner, a loud and piercing voice suddenly came out from the high platform of the square, and many sights in the hall projected away, and they saw the old dean Wei Sha showing up with the instructors of the various hospitals. Up.

"Dear students, the pre-examination of the university is officially opened today. I hope you can do your best to show your strongest status, because this ranking will affect your future."

"The pre-test lasts for three days, and each day's match list will be posted on the stone walls of the square for viewing."

"I won't talk too much nonsense, I'm here to announce that the pre-test begins."

As the voice of the old dean fell, the boiling sound in the field became more intense.

And Li Luo and Zhao Kuo came to a stone wall on the sidelines at this time. A projection spar hung on the top of the stone wall, and a large number of subtitles washed down like flowing water.

The two watched for a long while, and then they found the opponent they would meet in today's match time.

Zhao Kuo breathed a sigh of relief for the first time. Obviously, the two opponents he met today did not exceed his expectations. It seems that this round is over.

Li Luo's expression was also relatively plain. The two opponents he faced today were both from the same house, and their strength was not as good as Bei Kun, who had fought before.

But it is also normal. The several colleges of Nanfeng Academy add up to nearly a thousand people.

On the contrary, I am afraid that he and Zhao Kuo are in the eyes of many people.

"It's coming to me, I'll go and prepare first, and you can do it too." Zhao Kuo looked at the time and greeted Li Luo, and he couldn't wait to get into the crowd and disappeared.

Li Luo shook his head and turned to another platform. His first match was about to begin.

When he arrived at the designated battle platform, Li Luo waited for about half an hour. After the spectators on the stage read his name, he jumped onto the stage.

The appearance of Li Luo has also attracted a lot of attention. After all, since he defeated Bei Kun in one pass before, his reputation in the Nanfeng Academy is showing signs of recovery again.

However, there were still some students who hadn't witnessed the battle that day. Therefore, they were always suspicious of Li Luo's outbreak. Therefore, seeing Li Luo on stage now, it is natural to observe and observe.

And Li Luo’s opponent was a lean young man in the Six Seals realm. The young man’s expression was a bit bitter. His strength in the Six Seals was about mid-level in the Nanfeng Academy. I met Li Luo unfortunately in one event.

And Li Luo, who had awakened his personality, showed signs of soaring into the sky.

"Go ahead."

When the spectator saw the two sides on stage, he directly announced the start of the competition.

The lean young man did not hesitate to explode to his full strength, and at the same time directly entered a defensive state, obviously intending to cope with all changes without any hesitation.

But Li Luo didn't hesitate at all, the blue phase force surged, flowing like a water wave on the surface of his body.

His figure shot out like electricity, and his fierce physiognomy exploded directly.

The battle ended sooner than everyone thought.

In just a few minutes, the lean boy who was under Li Luo's stormy offensive broke down directly, and finally resolutely chose to admit defeat.


There was a lot of uproar around the battle platform, and a series of horrified eyes were cast on Li Luo, especially some students who were also in the Six Seal Realm, all of them looked solemn, how could they not see that Li Luo burst out for a short time. 'S strength seems to be stronger than when he played against Bei Kun before.

Li Luo didn't care about those gazes. After the spectators announced that he had won, he jumped down, squeezing into the crowd and disappeared.

Li Luo didn't wait too long for the second match, but it was more relaxed than the first, because the opponent didn't even have any interest in hands-on, so he directly chose to admit defeat.

So Li Luo's first day of the competition ended with a complete victory.

After the competition, Li Luo had to clean up and leave. He had to rush to Yan Lingqing in Xiyang House to continue to learn the tempering technique. After a period of practice recently, he felt that he was far away from the refining success and he was able to produce the first-grade spiritual water. , It's not far anymore.

But as soon as he got out of the crowd, Li Luo saw a beautiful shadow staring at him from the front, it was Lu Qing'er.

Today, she is wearing a close-fitting white exercise suit, with long slender and straight legs, a full grip on her waist, and her long hair curled into a ponytail. With her beautiful and attractive face, she is extremely eye-catching.

But when Li Luo saw her, he could only secretly smile helplessly, and said hello: "You finished the test today? It shouldn't be difficult, right."

This is completely nonsense. Lu Qing'er is the first person in Nanfeng Academy. Whoever meets her can only admit that he is unlucky.

Lu Qing'er looked at Li Luo and said, "Your strength has improved again. I just want to ask, to what extent are you planning to take the pre-examination this time?"

Li Luo smiled indifferently: "If you can get into the top 20, you just need to get a place for the big exam."

He is really not interested in competing for a higher ranking, because it is not necessary. Anyway, the pre-examination ranking will not have any real effect. On the contrary, it may be targeted by other institutions because of the high ranking.

When Lu Qing'er heard the words, Dai's eyebrows wrinkled and said: "Your strength, I feel that I should be able to compete in the top ten."

Li Luo smiled: "I'm so optimistic about me?"

Lu Qinger said: "Li Luo, I feel that you don't need to hide too much, and reveal yourself in a timely manner, so that those who question you can shut up completely."

Li Luo is a little helpless. Lu Qing'er looks elegant, but in fact she has a very strong personality. Perhaps this is why she always stares at him. At that time, Li Luo was the only one who could hold her down, so she treated Li Luo has some special recognition.

However, Li Luo's character does not want to expose all of his strength to the eyes of the public when it is unnecessary.

Perhaps it is a habit of self-protection that has been cultivated under special circumstances over the years.

"I know, I will try my best."

But Lu Qing'er didn't have any bad intentions, so Li Luo could only make a perfunctory voice, and then just found an excuse to slip away.

Lu Qinger looked at his back, feeling a little helpless, and finally turned and left.

It's just that the two of them dispersed, but they never saw it. On a battle platform not far away, Song Yunfeng, who had just ended the battle like a ruin, was watching this scene.

He stared at the direction where Li Luo was leaving, his eyes darkened.

"Obviously warned you..."

"Do you have to mess with me?"


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