Absolute Resonance

Chapter 23: Xiyang House

Latest website: On the second day, Li Luo went to Nanfeng Academy as usual.

And when he entered the teaching field of the Second Academy, he could clearly feel that the original lively sound in the field had become quieter, and he projected a little admiration towards Li Luo in curiosity.

In the past, Li Luo was actually not bad in the Second Academy, second only to Zhao Kuo, but to be honest, other students used to have more sympathy for him, respect, respect, and so on. Can't talk about it.

After all, in their opinion, even if Li Luo's current strength is not bad, he is empty, which means that his potential is limited. As long as they are given some time, he will eventually catch up with Li Luo slowly.

But yesterday Li Luo suddenly revealed himself, and also defeated the three people of Bei Kun in the First Hospital. This made them understand that Li Luo was finally different.

Although the five-rank phase is not too high, it is definitely enough. Coupled with Li Luo's physiognomy talent, the future Li Luo, even if he can't return to his peak, can still be ranked in the Nanfeng Academy.

Therefore, now no one dares to have any sympathy for Li Luo, although they don't understand that they are the young palace masters of Luolan Mansion, they have the right to sympathize with others?

When seeing Li Luo walking by, there were still students smiling and saying hello: "Brother Luo."

Another girl smiled and said, "Brother Luo is so handsome today."

In response to these greetings, Li Luo smiled back, and then returned to his position, Zhao Kuo staring at him with scorching eyes.

"You man, can you stop looking at me like this?" Li Luo frowned.

Zhao Kuo smiled, and immediately pretended to be melancholy: "It seems that in the future, the first person of my second hospital will give way."

Li Luo said angrily: "Who is rare of this stuff, please keep your eyes on it."

"Long-term? Then come on, when you win glory for our men from Nanfeng Academy, we will all cheer for you." Zhao Kuo said.

"What do you mean?"

Zhao Kuo said angrily: "You know, other schools in Tianshu County have always said that our Nanfeng Academy is full of yin and sun. Among them, Dongyuan Academy is the most jumpy. Every time we use this to laugh at our Nanfeng Academy. The males of South Wind Academy said that there is Senior Sister Jiang Qing'e in front of Nanfeng Academy, and Lu Qinger in the back. Basically, they rely on women to support the scene."

In this Tianshu County, in addition to the Nanfeng Academy, there are also a number of institutions, but the reputation and strength are weaker than the Nanfeng Academy, but the Dongyuan Academy has risen the fastest in these years, and it is a big challenge to the Nanfeng Academy. Signs of the first university's gold-letter sign.

Li Luo didn't have any interest in this, and said indifferently: "The mouth is on people, just let them say. The more they care about it, the more pressure Jiang Qing'e and Lu Qing'er will put on them."

Zhao Kuo patted Li Luo on the shoulder and said, "Even if you don't care about them, if you have a chance, you have to defeat Lu Qing'er. I believe you will be able to return to the top."

Li Luo curled his lips, expressing not much interest in this.

While the two were talking, Xu Shanyue also walked into the teaching field. He could see that he was in a very good mood, with a smile on his serious face on weekdays.

"Dear students, the first institute handed over ten gold leaves to our second institute today, so starting today, we will have ten more gold leaves in our cultivation."

Hearing Xu Shanyue's words, some excited voices suddenly sounded in the hall. After all, the college entrance examination was just around the corner, and Jinye's cultivation could make them go further.

"These golden leaves were won by Li Luo alone yesterday. Everyone should be grateful for this."

When his voice fell, there was a burst of applause in the field, and a charming female classmate boldly said: "In order to express my gratitude, I can accompany Brother Luo to dinner."

There was envious laughter in the venue.

Li Luo could only smile helplessly, sigh secretly this nowhere charm, and then ignored the female classmate's teasing.

Xu Shanyue pressed the palm of his hand, suppressed the laughter in the court, and then stopped talking, and immediately started today's teaching.

After the three-hour lecture was over, Li Luo found Xu Shanyue and wanted to take a leave in the afternoon.

"Are you asking for leave again?"

Xu Shanyue hesitated after hearing this. If it was before, he might refuse with a straight face, but now Li Luo has just given him a face, so in the end he said: "Yes, but you should also pay attention to it. The exam is almost here. You have been behind for a while, and you need to make it up quickly, otherwise you can't pass the pre-examination, and the Saint Profound Star Academy will be hopeless."

Li Luo responded with a smile, waved goodbye, and quickly left the university.

At the entrance of the Academy, there was a luxury car, like a mobile cabin. Li Luo got in and saw Cai Wei looking at the ledger by the car window.

Today's Cai Wei holds a lace round cat fan in her small hand, swings it gently, and a cup of steaming tea is next to her. She has a lazy and mature temperament, coupled with her exquisite and delicate body like a beauty snake, which is really charming. Touching.

It can be seen that Cai Wei is a woman with a very delicate life, the car wheel in front of her, the luxury and comfort level, is even more than that of Jiang Qing'e before.

Li Luo felt that Cai Wei's family background was not ordinary, but he did not know why he would come to Luolan Mansion to take care of her duties.

"Have you eaten? I prepared lunch for you." Cai Wei glanced at Li Luo, and pointed at the table with a slender finger, where there was a table of delicious meals.

"Sister Cai Wei is so considerate. Whoever marries you is really a blessing from her previous life." Li Luo admired. Cai Wei can manage the accountant, and she is beautiful and mature, and she is the best in every respect.

Among the women he has seen, Jiang Qing'e is the head of the women he has seen, and Lu Qing'er and Cai Wei are evenly divided in terms of their beauty and temperament.

"The little mouth is sweet."

Cai Wei smiled, and while she was taking advantage of Li Luo's meal, she also introduced him: "In order to refine the spiritual water and miraculous light, our Luolan Mansion has also established a special department called "Xiyang House", this brand In Daxia’s Lingshui Qiguang market, it can be regarded as some famous."

"Xiyang House is headquartered in King City of Daxia, with three branches in other counties of Daxia, and there happens to be one in Nanfeng City, Tianshu County."

"Xiyang House has brought a lot of benefits to Luolan Mansion every year, so now in Luolan Mansion, Na Pei Hao is also fighting fiercely for this, trying every means to occupy it."

"In Tianshu County, the previous president left for some reason, and the position of president was temporarily unavailable. So Pei Hao took the opportunity to take in a vice president and tried to get involved in this branch, but Qing'echa felt that it was timely. Soon, someone was arranged to come and restrain, so now this "Xiyang House" branch is also very troublesome, and it also affected the output of Xiyang House this year."

"This **** Pei Hao is really a beast."

Li Luo couldn't help cursing in his heart. He didn't care too much before, but now when he suddenly wants to spend a lot of money, he finds that he is restrained everywhere, and then he knows how much trouble the white-eyed wolf Pei Hao has caused him.

Otherwise, now Luolan Mansion is united, how can the funds he can use only the 300,000 yuan per year in Tianshu County?

Depressed, the big meal in front of me was not fragrant for a while.


The carriage passed through the crowded Nanfeng City, and finally stopped somewhere in the north of the city.

Li Luo and Cai Wei got out of the car. He looked ahead and saw a large building like a pavilion standing there, with a sign of "Xiyang House" hanging in front of the attic.

There are close guards in front of the Xiyang House.

But when they saw Li Luo and Cai Wei, they immediately gave way.

The two entered it unimpeded all the way, UU read www.uukānshu.com and then saw a group of people greet them.

Li Luo looked at it, and it seemed that there were two distinct groups of people. The one on the left was a smiling middle-aged man, while the one on the right made people's eyes bright.

It was a young woman with a slender body, a beautiful face, a tall nose, and a pair of silver-framed round glasses on it. Her long hair poured down, and she carried an undisguised cold arrogance. Gas.

At this time, Cai Wei's voice came softly.

"The person on the left is called Bei Yu, who is the vice chairman who took refuge in Pei Hao."

"The beauty on the right, called Yan Lingqing, is a high-achieving student in the Tempering Academy of the Saint Profound Star Academy, and is also Qing'e's best friend. Now she is the Fourth Stage Tempering Master, and she is the rescuer that Qing'e moved in."

When Li Luo heard the words, surprise suddenly appeared in his eyes, and he couldn't help but cast his eyes on the young girl with slender legs and silver-rimmed glasses, who looked extremely cold and arrogant.

He didn't expect that this was actually from the Saint Profound Star Academy he dreamed of.

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