Absolute Resonance

Chapter 22: The price of rising 6 grades

The latest website: The news of Li Luo's fifth grade water phase soon spread throughout the Nanfeng Academy, which naturally caused a heated debate.

"Unexpectedly, Li Luo could actually turn around...the acquired look, I have never heard of it before."

"It is said that it is a treasure left by his parents. Such treasures are extremely rare."

"Having a good parent is really enviable and hateful."

"It's okay. It's just a fifth-grade water phase, which is not too special, and it's less than a month from the college entrance examination. In such a short period of time, can he still catch up with the top students? "

"Yes, the three of Bei Kun he defeated couldn't even enter the top ten in the first courtyard. It is said that the top ten in the first courtyard are all in the seven seals. Song Yunfeng and Lu Qing'er are the two most terrifying. It is said that they have reached the eight seals. , The latter may be higher..."

"Well, Li Luo has lost the most important time. I don't think he can catch up in less than a month..."

But when Li Luo was being discussed everywhere in the academy, he himself had already finished his practice today, and finally left the academy quickly.

"Today's battle with Bei Kun, although we won in the end, it was a little harder than I thought. If it weren't for the end, I would use the light phase force in the "water and light phase" to cause a visual shift in Bei Kun. This battle will be delayed for some time."

In the chariot returning home, Li Luo was reflecting on today's battle, but his expression was not much relaxed, but rather dissatisfied and solemn.

Calculated in this way, even if he is currently relying on the peculiarity of "water and light phase" and his own proficiency in phase art, then his combat power should not be afraid of anyone in the six seals, but if he is against the seven seals. Opponents, then the odds of winning will be much smaller.

"Not enough, far from enough."

Li Luo said to himself, his goal is to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy, and Nanfeng Academy enters the Saint Profound Star Academy every year.

But now it is less than a month away from the big exam. If he wants to catch up, not only will his power level be improved, but the five-rank "water and light phase" may have to go further.

Only in this way can he be sure to fight against people of Lu Qinger's level.

But that said, it’s not easy for the fifth-rank "water light phase" to reach the sixth-rank...

"Go back and talk to Sister Cai Wei first."

Li Luo grinned, he felt that if he said that a lot of fifth-grade spiritual water was needed, Cai Wei might swallow him, right?


Old house, accountant.

Cai Wei sat at the desk and looked through the ledger carefully. Today, she is in a light yellow dress with delicate and charming goose-egg cheeks, with a style that a girl does not possess.

She watched for a long time, seeming to be a little tired, and then leaned forward without a trace, and the slightly heavy waves were gently placed on the table.


Cai Wei's whole body relaxed a little, and at the same time quietly let out a sigh of relief.


At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Li Luo stepped in: "Sister Cai Wei."

As soon as the voice fell, he saw the scene in front of him, and Cai Wei did not recover for a while, and Meimu stared at Li Luo with some astonishment.

The atmosphere freezes for a few breaths.

Cai Wei's leaning body suddenly sat upright like an electric shock, a light blush flew on her white goose egg face, while her beautiful eyes stared at Li Luo in shame.

"Don't you know who knocked on the door when you come in?"

Li Luo was full of cold sweat on his forehead, and he quickly lowered his head: "Sister Cai Wei, I will pay attention next time!"

Seeing his extremely correct attitude, Cai Wei's shame has only eased a lot, but she still said in an annoyed manner: "Palace Master Young, what do you want to order?"

Li Luo looked at the back, then closed the door with his backhand and said, "I want to show you a baby to Cai Wei."

His voice just fell, but he was stunned, because he saw Cai Wei lift up a hand, holding a crossbow that shone with cold light, and at the same time, a dangerous smile appeared on the latter’s beautiful goose cheeks: "Shao Palace Lord, I have the strength of the Master Realm."

Li Luo hurriedly raised his hand and smiled bitterly: "Sister Cai Wei, what are you doing?"

Cai Wei raised her slender eyebrows lightly, looked at Li Luo, and said, "Then what is the baby you are talking about?"

Li Luo was a little inexplicable, but didn't say anything further. With a thought, the blue phase force began to rise from his body, as if there was a vague sound of water flowing.

He revealed his five-phase appearance.


The crossbow in Cai Wei's hand fell down suddenly, her beauty was round, and she was a little shocked and said: "You, do you have sex?"

Li Luo nodded, and said: "Five-stage appearance."

Cai Wei's goose egg face was full of shock. After a long while, she gradually recovered her senses and said: "Did the two palace masters leave it to you to solve it?"

Li Luo smiled and nodded.

Cai Wei suddenly remembered her previous actions, and her cheeks were hot. What Li Luo said earlier was quite ambiguous. She was not an ignorant girl, and for a while she thought what Li Luo was going to do.

She couldn't help being ashamed and angry, Cai Wei, Cai Wei, you are really ashamed.

However, Cai Wei has seen a lot of winds and waves anyway, and immediately calmed down, and smiled casually: "That's really congratulations to Palace Master Young. If Qing'e knows about this, she will probably be happy for you too."

Li Luo nodded and said: "There is another thing, I'm afraid Sister Cai Wei guessed it too."

"Do you still need spiritual water?" Cai Wei frowned slightly.

"Well, and I am afraid that this time I need the fifth-grade spiritual water wonder light. The thing my parents left needs to be continuously nourished by the spiritual water wonder light, otherwise it may dissipate for a long time." Li Luo did not say that he can be unlimited He used Lingshui Qiguang to improve his appearance, but he lied. After all, this matter was too important, and he didn't want to expose it for the time being.

"Fifth-Rank Lingshui and wonderful light..." Cai Wei's eyebrows furrowed, her slender eyebrows all touching.

The 4th-Rank Lingshui has a strange light, and it is about 1,000 days worth of gold on the market, but the fifth-Rank requires a full 5,000 days of gold.

This is definitely an expensive consumable.

If Li Luo only needs a few, there may be no problem, but with previous experience, Cai Wei understands that what Li Luo wants is probably hundreds of...

That's not a small amount.

Cai Wei's expression changed, but to Li Luo's surprise in the end, she didn't find any reason to shirk, but nodded: "I understand, I will try my best to meet your needs."

She raised her head, saw Li Luo's slightly surprised face, couldn't help smiling, and said, "Do you think I didn't reject you?"

"You are the Young Palace Master of Luolan Mansion, and the entire Luolan Mansion's property belongs to you and Qing'e, so as long as you don't really do something too ridiculous, you can do whatever you want."

"What's more, if you have a phase, the impact on Luolan Mansion will be much higher than the price of these spiritual waters, so what reason do I have to refuse you?"

Li Luo was moved and said, "Sister Cai Wei, you are so understanding."

"Then can you help me get dozens of fifth-grade Lingshui Qiguang first?"

Cai Weisubai rubbed her eyebrows with her little hand, and said, "It is okay, but if we need so much next time, our funds will not be enough."

Luolan Mansion’s various industries and chambers of commerce in Tianshu County have earned more than 300,000 gold in one year. In the past, it had already spent about 150,000 for Li Luo to purchase four-grade spiritual water and miraculous light. At the moment, if you purchase dozens of fifth-grade Lingshui Qiguang, the remaining funds will basically be consumed.

Cai Wei pondered for a moment, and said: "Young Palace Master, I plan to sell some of Luolan Mansion's properties and chambers of commerce in Tianshu County."

"The current Luolan Mansion does not have much power in Tianshu County, which has caused the industry to be too bloated. Many industries are a burden for us. In addition, the three companies in Tianshu County are still making troubles and continue. , Will only cause greater losses, and at the same time will affect our energy."

"There are also three reasons. Now these three companies are showing signs of uniting against Luolan Mansion. This is because their interests are the same. If we split some industries and throw them away, as long as they operate well, it will inevitably cause them to compete. At that time, they will also have conflicts with each other, and it will be difficult for them to achieve coordination in the fight against Luolan Mansion."

Li Luo also showed thoughts on his face. After a while, he nodded and praised: "Sister Cai Wei, this is a strong man with a broken arm. Two peaches kill three men."

"I don't know much about this, just leave everything to Cai Wei to do, no matter what, I will support you." Li Luo waved his hand and said directly.

"Then thank the Young Palace Master for his trust first." Cai Wei's lips smiled.

Li Luo waved his hand, and immediately remembered something, and said: "By the way, don't Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County have an industry that produces "spiritual water and miraculous light"? If it can be made by ourselves, it should be much cheaper than the market. Right?"

Cai Wei said: "Luolan Mansion has a big business, and of course there is also the production of "spiritual water miraculous light". After all, this kind of consumables is in short supply and has great benefits, but our Luolan Mansion generally focuses on the third grade and the spiritual water miraculous light below. , The higher the level, very few people can make it, so the output is also very small."

"And about the fifth-grade spiritual water miraculous light, I am afraid that few people in the entire Tianshu County can refine it. These fifth-grade spiritual water miraculous lights circulating on the Tianshu county market, most of UU reading www.uukanshu.com They all come from other counties and even the royal city."

Li Luo suddenly, indeed, a person who can refine the fifth-rank spiritual water and miraculous light, even if he is a fifth-rank tempering master, this kind of character, I am afraid that it is not difficult to get a good share in a place like Daxia King City. The worship, so this is rare in Tianshu County and it is normal.

Li Luo thought for a while, and said, "Sister Cai Wei can take me to the place where Luolan Mansion refines the magical light of the spiritual water? I am the water phase, and I want to know more about the knowledge of the phase tempering master."

The price of purchasing Lingshui Qiguang is too high, and it is good to say that it is a fifth-grade. In the future, if you need a seventh, eighth or even a ninth-grade Lingshui Qiguang, where should Li Luo look for it? As far as he knows, in the entire Great Xia Kingdom, there are very few spiritual waters exceeding the seventh rank in one year.

At that time, most can only rely on himself to be self-sufficient.

Therefore, he should also be ready to become a tempering master.

Cai Wei has no objection to this, so she is gentle.

"Okay, I will take you tomorrow."

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