Absolute Resonance

Chapter 24: Yan Lingqing

Latest website: When Li Luo was surprised that Yan Lingqing came from the Saint Profound Star Academy, the two waves of people were already in front of him.

"Haha, Young Palace Master, the chief steward came to Xiyang House, which really made this place brilliant." The middle-aged man named Bei Yu took the lead to speak, with a sincere and enthusiastic smile on his face.

Compared with his enthusiasm, Yan Lingqing was much colder. She just looked at Cai Wei, then glanced at Li Luo, putting her hands in her pockets, and she didn't mean to speak.

"Vice President Bei Yu is really a job. Xiyang House is the property of Luolan Mansion. What's so brilliant about the Young Palace Lord who comes to see his property?" Cai Wei smiled.

Bei Yu was startled, and immediately nodded with a smile: "I said it was bad."

He accompany here to talk for another conversation, then he arched his hand at Li Luo, said that there was still something to do, and then walked straight away.

Li Luo looked at this scene, it was obvious that Bei Yu had completely fallen to Pei Hao, so when facing him, it seemed enthusiastic, but it was with some guard and alienation.

That kind of enthusiasm is just a pretense.

On the other hand, Yan Lingqing, who had always been cold and indifferent, didn't pay much attention to him, but after all, he stayed with him and didn't find an excuse to leave.

However, as Na Beiyu left, Yan Lingqing's expression only eased a little, and said to Cai Wei: "What is Cai Wei doing today?"

Her voice was crisp and sweet, like a stream, cold and moving.

Cai Wei stepped forward, took Yan Lingqing's arm, and said with a smile: "Bring Young Palace Master to have a look."

The two women have excellent temperaments and faces, and now they stand together, even more seductive, but because they are close together, some gaps are revealed.

If Cai Wei is turbulent, with magnificent peaks, then Yan Lingqing is a bit like a grassland.

Li Luo glanced over, but was still keenly aware of that Yan Lingqing, and immediately lifted his snow-white chin, somewhat contemptuously said: "Little brother, what are you comparing?"

Li Luo blinked innocently.

Yan Lingqing snorted and ignored him, pulling Cai Wei towards the inside.

Li Luo didn't care either, and stepped to follow.

As he walked into the Xiyang House, he boarded a covered bridge and stood on the covered bridge. It can be seen that there are several layers of refining platforms on the left and right sides.

These refining platforms are divided into many rooms, each room in front of which is a transparent crystal wall, and through the crystal wall, you can see a figure wearing a white robe inside.

There are many transparent crystal bottles hanging on the table in the room. At this time, the figures in white robes are holding various bottles and cans and constantly modulating them. Occasionally, some rooms will flash with blue light. Represents the emergence of a spiritual water and strange light.

"Sister Cai Wei, in this Xiyang House branch today, there are two fourth-rank tempering masters, nine third-rank tempering masters, 16 second-rank tempering masters, and thirty-three first-rank tempering masters."

Li Luo watched curiously, and at the same time, Yan Lingqing's cold voice came from ahead, which made him laugh secretly, because Cai Wei, as the chief manager, must have known this information a long time ago. Now Yan Lingqing said it again. Obviously it was for him.

This Jiang Qinge's best friend, seemingly indifferent, is actually pretty good-hearted. Of course, he understands that it is more because of Jiang Qinge's face.

Along the way, after doing some visits, Yan Lingqing took the two to her working place, which was her refining room.

"Sister Cai Wei is here, don't you just take a look?" At this point, Yan Lingqing took off her long dress. Inside was a simple dress with a slender curve. Her eyes were on the refining table, and her thoughts were clearly floating on it. Went.

"It's because of Palace Master Young."

Cai Wei smiled and said: "He wants to know the tempering master."

Yan Lingqing looked puzzled and said: "He is not..."

The words are not finished, but the meaning between the words is very clear. Isn't Li Luo empty? Understand what the temperament master does?

Cai Wei patted her little hand lightly and narrowly said to Li Luo: "Start your performance and surprise our top students."

Li Luo was a little speechless, but still ran the water phase, showing the blue phase force.

"This... is this the water phase?"

Some surprise finally appeared on Yan Lingqing's cheeks. She lifted the silver frame with her slender jade fingers, and looked at Li Luo: "Do you have a look?"

Li Luo nodded and said sincerely: "It's a fifth-grade water phase, so I want to learn the phase tempering technique and become a phase tempering master."

Yan Lingqing frowned at the tip of her eyebrows, like a crescent moon, and said, "Your Nanfeng Academy is about to take the college entrance examination soon, right? You should not practice with all your strength now, and try to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy first. The Xuanxing Academy has a Tempering Academy, where there will be many good teachers."

Li Luo smiled and said, "I just want to be familiar with it first."

Yan Lingqing looked at Li Luo and seemed to understand something. Although Li Luo had awakened his personality right now, it seemed that it was too late. With his current strength, he might not really be able to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy. If so, as soon as possible Becoming a tempering master, there are other ways out in the future.

"It's rare that the young palace lord is motivated, so you can teach him a high-achieving student." Cai Wei persuaded him from the side.

Yan Lingqing glanced at her helplessly, then put down the crystal bottle in her hand, and said, "You know some basic knowledge of Master Temper, haven't you?"

Li Luo nodded quickly. After he got the water phase, he immediately understood many basic things of the tempering master.

Yan Lingqing flicked his finger, and a blue force flew out from his fingertips, like a waterline, entangled a bundle of books, and then threw it in front of Li Luo.

"Read them all."

Li Luo didn't say anything when he heard the words, but sat down at the table honestly, and then began to read the books of these master tempering masters.

"Sit down by yourself, I still have something to finish." Yan Lingqing nodded slightly after seeing Li Luo showing no impatientness, and after speaking to Cai Wei, he went to the workbench to do his business. Up.

Cai Wei stretched out a little boredly, then sat down beside her, rested her mind.


At the same time, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is in another room of Xiyang House.

"Did the young palace master and the chief steward do anything?" Bei Yu sat on the chair and asked the person in front of him with a faint expression.

"I didn't do anything, so I looked around and went to Vice President Yan's workshop." The person replied.

Bei Yu nodded and said, "Keep your eyes on it. If they have contacted anyone, write them down. The most important thing during this period is to make me the president of this branch. Once successful, I can make Yan Lingqing Get out of here, when the time comes, this Xiyang House will be under our control."


Bei Yu waved his hand and sent the person back, and then a sneer appeared on his face.

"Jiang Qing'e, do you think you can fight with me if you find an academy girl? Tell you, dream!"

"This Xiyang house, I'm going to make a decision!"

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