Absolute Resonance

Chapter 12: Phase strength training

Li Luo walked into the bottom of the library and opened the huge gate made of special fine iron with a drop of blood.

   Behind the gate is a brightly lit training room.

This training room is not ordinary. Its material is made of pure heavenly gold. Tianliang gold is a kind of gold mine buried in the ground. It is a special metal formed only after years of tempering by the energy of heaven and earth. .

   So Tianliangjin is not only a circulating hard currency, but also because of its strong adsorption to the energy of heaven and earth, the training room built by Tianliangjin has always been a standard among some top forces.

   "It's a luxury."

Li Luo stepped on the hard ground and exclaimed. As far as he knows, the father and mother spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in building this training room. Cultivating here can get twice the result with half the effort. Only the two of them and Jiang Qing'e have come here to practice, and this is the first time Li Luo has come here.

   This is a real golden house.

   But I have to say that you get what you pay for. These days of spending money are not wasted, because just standing here, Li Luo can clearly feel that the energy here is far stronger than outside.

   While sighing, Li Luo came to the center of the training room. There are two stone platforms with a futon on each, which was obviously used by his parents when they practiced.

   Li Luo sat down casually on a futon, and then he held the crystal slip in his hand, his eyes were slightly closed, and he meditated in his heart the practice formula recorded in the Canglan meditation picture.

   At the same time, his breathing was vomiting in accordance with the rhythm of the meditation chart.

   Six spit and three swallows, nine light and four heavy... Then began to change constantly.

The initial attempt failed several times without surprises, but soon Li Luo’s top savvy showed its effect at this time. He quickly grasped some of the key points of this Canglan meditation chart, and then began to gradually get into it. Good condition.

   On the futon, Li Luo closed his eyes and his mind was concentrated. Gradually, he seemed to hear the sound of flowing sea water coming from his ears.

  The so-called Canglan is derived from the magnificent meaning of Ling Yu. Li Luo imagined sitting cross-legged in the ocean current, letting the heavy waves wash away.

   Then, he gradually felt the energy of the surrounding heaven and earth began to flow. Among that energy, the water energy was the strongest, and it also contained some light energy.

   These energies gradually poured into Li Luo's body along with the opening and closing of Li Luo's pores and the breathing between him.

   The softness of water energy, the purity of light energy...

   The two energies happily flowed through Li Luo's body. Under their infiltration, Li Luo's body, which had been exhausted because of the previous qi and blood, was gradually rejuvenating.

   After the two energies flowed in the body for a circle, they finally returned to the celestial palace shimmering with blue luster, and turned into Li Luo's phase force.

   With the gradual growth of the power contained in the temple, Li Luo also gradually began to indulge in it, and devoted himself to this hard-won practice.

   Time passes unconsciously, and in a blink of an eye, most of the day's time has passed.

   When Li Luo was awakened from his cultivation state, he first felt a tingling sensation in his body.

   That is the inside of the body reminding him that today's cultivation has reached the limit.

  Using the guiding technique to absorb the energy of heaven and earth, this will cause some load on the human body meridians. It is said that the lower the grade of the guiding technique, the greater the load it causes.

   Once the limit of the load is reached, the cultivation can only be temporarily stopped. After a period of rest, the cultivation can only continue.

   Li Luo is in this state now.

  This kind of sudden interruption made Li Luo feel a little bit unfulfilled, but he was helpless. After all, the "Canglan Meditation Chart" he was practicing was only a general level technique. It was already the limit to be able to practice for so long.

  From this point, it is enough to see how important a high-level guidance technique is to the cultivation of Xiangli.

   If you can have a high-grade guidance technique at the beginning of your cultivation, this accumulation over the years will naturally leave others far behind.

   However, it is a pity that high-rank guidance techniques are not only rare and precious, but also have strict training conditions. At the very least, the physical rank alone is enough to stop most cultivators, including the current Li Luo.

   Their Luolan Mansion, the candidate-level guidance technique is not without...but as far as he knows, that requires at least a seventh-level rank.

   But fortunately, this "Canglan Meditation Map" is just a temporary choice for Li Luo, and when he raises his phase quality, he will naturally switch to more advanced guidance techniques.

   From this point of view, it is really the faster the better to improve the personality rank.

   Li Luo sighed, then stretched out his palm, only to see a blue phase force slowly emerging from his palm.

   This is the strength of his cultivation.

Water phase force...At the same time there is light phase force in it.

   The fusion of the two powers of phase is undoubtedly more pure than the power of pure water phase.

   "My strength should have reached the level of three seals." Li Luo said to himself.

   Before Li Luo, although it was difficult to accumulate phase force due to void phase, it cannot be said that he had no foundation at all. Therefore, after this practice, his phase force was directly stabilized at the level of the three seals.

  According to the current cultivation speed, Li Luo is confident that he can raise his power to the Five Seals within a week.

Perhaps the fourth rank is not too high, but Li Luo is the young palace master of Luolan Mansion after all. With the accumulation of massive cultivation resources, he believes that his progress will surpass many people in the academy, including some excellent ones in the first courtyard. The person.

   "But this is not enough."

   Li Luo muttered to himself, because next month is the university entrance examination, his goal is to enter the Saint Profound Star Academy, and the admission conditions of the top university in the Great Xia Kingdom are extremely harsh.

   Every year, I don’t know how many self-proclaimed young people are eventually rejected by the high threshold of the Saint Profound Star Academy.

   Therefore, Li Luo wants to catch up, but the current speed is still not enough.

   "In the final analysis, I still need to raise my personality rank. The 4th rank is too low for me!"

Li Luo groaned in his heart, and immediately got up and walked out of the practice room. When he walked out of the library, someone who had been waiting here stepped forward and said respectfully: "Palace Master, Cai Guanshi asked Xiao Xiao to remind you. , Everything you asked her to prepare for you has been delivered to your room."

   Li Luo heard the words and exclaimed in his heart, this manager Cai Wei deserves to be Qing'e sister's right-hand man, and she is very efficient. He originally thought that at least he would have to get the goods tomorrow.

   He waved away the informant, and then went straight back to the room.

   As soon as he entered the room, he saw the exquisite sandalwood box placed on the table. The box opened, and dozens of crystal clear crystal bottles lined up neatly.

Li Luo picked up two crystal bottles with some curiosity. Only one of them was filled with blue liquid. The liquid gave people an extremely thorough feeling. When gently swayed, the sound resembled a stream flowing. Get up.

  The other crystal bottle is even more peculiar, because it seems to contain strands of streamer, the streamer is like a thread, and occasionally looks like a faint smoke.

   But although one of them is liquid and the other is light flow, they all exude a pure meaning without exception.

   "This is Lingshui Qiguang?"

Li Luo tut was amazed. It is this thing that can only be refined by a tempering master who possesses the water phase and the light phase, and they are just like medicinal pills, and they are said to be an indispensable auxiliary thing in the life practice of countless masters. .

   Li Luo turned the crystal bottle, and then saw the sticker attached to it.

   "Aquamarine spirit water, grade 4, tempering power: 50%."

Aquamarine spiritual water is considered to be a common fourth-grade spiritual water formula on the market, and this so-called tempering power is because when every part of the spiritual water is absorbed, a part of it will be rejected and resolved by the Xianggong, and it can pass The natural repulsion of Ai Miya enters into another part of which the quenching power is exerted. UU reading www.uukanshu.com is called the quenching power in the miraculous light of spiritual water.

   In fact, to put it simply, the purer the spiritual water and the miraculous light, the higher the tempering power, and the better the effect it exerts.

   The 5-8% of the quenching power of this blue crystal water means that when it is used, 42% of the water is directly repelled, making it useless.

However, if it can reach 58%, it is considered qualified. For the fourth-grade spiritual water miraculous light on the market, most of the tempering powers are in the form of 56%, and the spiritual water miraculous light that can exceed this amount can be said It is the best product, and the price will be even higher.

After all, for many people, there will always be the ultimate in the improvement of the phase quality. The higher the quality of the spiritual water, the less impurities it contains, and the more high-quality spiritual water of this type is used. , It can make them seal the palace later due to the erosion of impurities.

Li Luo looked at the crystal clear cuties in front of him with a smile. In fact, at this time, his natural emptiness is the most useful time. Others will be afraid of the one-time or short-term use of Lingshui Qi. Too much light causes impurities to accumulate and erode the phase palace, which in turn accelerates the sealing of phase palace, so be cautious when using the magic light of the spiritual water, but he...but he doesn't have this trouble at all.

The emptiness of   's natural emptiness allows him to use it unscrupulously.

   So right now, let's try it first. If all of the 50 spiritual waters are absorbed, how much improvement can his four stages be.

   Thinking of this, Li Luo even started to beat his heart faster.

   (The number of manuscripts is decreasing day by day, so sad.)

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