Absolute Resonance

Chapter 13: Li Luo in the bottomless pit

With excitement, Li Luo stayed up all night.

   Early in the morning, on the attic of the room, Li Luo rubbed his heavy eyelids, but looked at the sandalwood box in front of him with some regret.

   There is still about half of the spiritual water that has not been used up.

Li Luo discovered that he still overlooked one point. Although his own emptiness is not worried about the erosion of impurities in the spiritual water, but... it takes time to absorb a spiritual water strange light, and it is impossible for him. Mixing dozens of Lingshui Qiguang together for direct use, so that mutual interference will cause the Lingshui Qiguang to fail.

   So when he got down all night, he only absorbed the wonderful light of 27 spiritual waters.

  Of course, if this is only known to outsiders, I am afraid that Li Luo has been mad...because they have never heard of it, and some people dare to play like this...

   Absorbed twenty-seven spiritual waters in one night, and the impurities contained in it piled up, and I am afraid that it will not be long before it will seal the palace.

   Generally speaking, only those who are at the end of the road will choose this kind of almost crazy behavior.

   That is really just being unsuccessful.

   "However, the effect is good..."

The regret in Li Luo's eyes lasted for a while and then disappeared, and then his eyes became brighter, because in his perception, the light of his first phase palace was more pure and clear than yesterday. Even the phase force flowing in it has become vigorous and pure.

   According to this progress, Li Luo slightly estimated that if he wants to raise his own "water light phase" to the fifth rank, perhaps more than a hundred fourth-rank spiritual water wonders are needed.

   In this way, Li Luo's promotion from the fourth rank to the fifth rank would probably consume nearly 200,000 days of gold.

  This amount is actually acceptable to Li Luo, but...when he is promoted in the same way, the whole person is a bit bad.

  Because after the fifth-rank phase, the price of those fifth-rank spiritual water wonders will increase exponentially, and the promotion of phase-specific ranks will be even more difficult.

   Isn’t that right? From the fifth to the sixth rank, you have to consume nearly a million gold?

   Grade 6 to Grade 7... just millions?

   What's next?

   Suddenly, Li Luo was a bit suffocated. Although he didn't care much, he also knew that the income of the various chambers of commerce and industry in Luolan Mansion for a year was only about a few million dollars of gold.

   He swallowed Luo Lan Mansion alive, I am afraid it will be difficult to provide him with the amount of gold that will be consumed to promote him to the eighth rank, right?

   This so-called post-acquisition... it's a bottomless pit!

   Li Luo rubbed his eyebrows. The Luo Lan Mansion left by his father and mother, I am afraid that he will not be able to raise his prodigal son in the future...

   "But if I can refine the spiritual water by myself in the future, I can save a lot."

Li Luo thought of his water light appearance. In a sense, this is an advantage that belongs to him alone. If he can make good use of this, the spiritual water light he will refine in the future will probably be the only one on the market. One serving, looking at it this way, learning the phase tempering technique must also be on the agenda.

"It seems that my father and mother have also thought of this...that's why I became a tempering master, so that Luolan Mansion will not be eaten up by me." Li Luo sighed, once again feeling the foresight of his father and mother. .

   Li Luo finally didn't dare to continue thinking about this issue. Anyway, he should be able to barely support it at least before the sixth rank.

   So he shook his head, went straight back to the bedroom, and went to rest.

In the next two days, Li Luo turned on the liver burst mode and practiced the "Canglan Meditation Chart" day-to-day. After reaching the limit, he practiced physiognomy for two hours, and then began to take spiritual water and miraculous light to enhance Phase quality.

   And this full-strength cultivation, the effect is not bad, his power level quickly increased to the fourth seal, his own fourth-grade water and light phase, is also becoming more and more refined.

   At this time, Li Luo felt that nothing could stop his progress.

   Until the spirit water is exhausted.


   Old house, in a treasury room.

Cai Wei was sitting at the table in a long skirt, slender, and her chest arc was quite choppy. At this time, on her beautiful goose egg face, she looked at some of the books in front of her with a slight frown.

   "Gu Guan, this year Luolan Mansion's income in Tianshu County seems to have been reduced a bit." Cai Wei lifted her eyes from the ledger and looked at the number of stewards in front of her.

The middle-aged man known as the ancient steward nodded with a wry smile, and said: "The chief steward is right. Luolan Mansion has nine chambers of commerce in Tianshu County, 18 minerals, pharmaceuticals... just because of the mansion. During this year, the three companies in Tianshu County ate us a little bit tightly. Among them, the Song family was the most. Two of the nine chambers of commerce were broken up by the Song family by various means this year. Finally it was swallowed by him."

   Cai Wei's beautiful eyes are a bit cold. Luolan Mansion started from Nanfeng City in Tianshu County, and since then it has risen to one of the four big mansions of the Great Xia Kingdom at an extremely alarming rate.

However, in Tianshu County, in addition to Luolan Mansion, there are three great families. Although on the overall scale, these three cannot be compared with the complete Luolan Mansion, but in this Tianshu County, they are also regarded as old forces. Deep-rooted and deep-rooted.

When the two Patriarchs were still there, Luolan Mansion was in full swing. These three were extremely obedient and obedient one by one, but they did not expect that when the two Patriarchs disappeared, they would start to jump up due to the internal and external troubles in Luolan Mansion. Splashed down.

   Cai Wei had heard Jiang Qing'e say before that, behind these three houses, it was hard to say that there were instructions from other top powers, and nothing more than constant testing of the reality of Luolan Mansion.

The three families in Tianshu County, the Song family, the Bei family, and the Tifa family. Among them, the Song family is the strongest. At the same time, it has the most hands and feet in the past two years. Chamber of Commerce, Industry.

   And you must know that the Patriarch of the Song family was in the past few years, but he would come to visit with Nianli every year.

   The changes before and after are really like singing.

However, Cai Wei has experienced a lot, and naturally she is not naive. The existence of Luolan Mansion has squeezed the interests of the three people. Now that the other party sees Luolan Mansion’s internal and external troubles, it is impossible to say that he wants to step on a few feet first. There is no morality, just a different position, so naturally you have to treat the other side as enemies.

But... now Luolan Mansion really can’t spare any extra power to fight the fire in Tianshu County. After all, other places need support everywhere, and the existence of Pei Hao... even more attracted Luolan Mansion. To make matters worse.

   Cai Wei was silent for a moment, and finally said decisively: "Some chambers of commerce that cannot reverse their profits and losses should be closed for the time being. There is no need to entangle with each other. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com"

   Temporary tolerance is necessary, as long as Luolan Mansion stabilizes, and how much the three restaurants have eaten by that time, they have to honestly vomit out.

   Hearing that she had made a decision, the following stewards also responded, because they also understood that the current situation of Luolan Mansion in Tianshu County is indeed somewhat dwarfed.


  At this time, someone knocked on the door of the room suddenly, Cai Wei said please come in, the door was pushed open, and Li Luo walked in.

   Seeing this, the stewards hurriedly saluted.

   Li Luo waved his hand, Cai Wei told them to retreat first, looking forward to the front, and said, "Is there anything wrong with the young palace lord?"

   Li Luo gave a light cough and laughed: "It's really a small matter to trouble Sister Cai Wei."

   Cai Wei's narrow, slightly charming eyes blinked, feeling a little uneasy, but she still said, "What's the matter?"

   Li Luo showed a gentle smile, and said, "It's nothing else, that is, the fourth-grade spiritual water is so light. The previous 50 copies have been consumed, so I want to trouble Sister Cai Wei to help me purchase another 100 copies."

   The expression on Cai Wei's white and smooth goose egg face solidified a little bit at this time, she stared at Li Luo with beautiful eyes, her full chest was slightly undulating.

   "Purchase one hundred more copies? Fourth-Rank Spirit Water Wonderful Light?"

   Cai Wei couldn't help clenching her hands. How many days did she manage Luolan Mansion's finances in Tianshu County? Is it about to go bankrupt directly?

   So she endured and endured, and finally couldn't bear it anymore, slapped her on the table with her eyebrows erect.

   "Li Luo, don't you want my old lady to do it?"

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