Absolute Resonance

Chapter 11: Energy Guidance

On the second day, at the gate of the old house.

   Li Luo watched Jiang Qing'e's chariot go away, beside him, Uncle Liu stood with his hands, besides, there was also Cai Wei, who was tall and plump.


   Li Luo watched the caravan disappear into view, then sighed lightly against the morning sky, turned his head to Shu Shu Liu, and said, “Uncle Liu, please take a week off for me and the university. I want to rest at home for a while.”

   At the moment, because of the fusion of the acquired phases, his vitality and blood are extremely poor. In this state, he went to a school, fearing that it would lead to gossip.

   Now that he has the water phase, the most important thing is to find an energy guidance technique to practice and raise his phase power level.

  Although Nanfeng Academy also has a lot of cultivation energy guidance techniques, but there are many replacement conditions, it is not as convenient as his own library.

   It's just the big exam next month. He took a week off during this time period, and I'm afraid it will cause a lot of discussion in the university, but at this time, Li Luo obviously can't take care of this.

   "Yes, Young Palace Master." Liu Shu, who was honest and responsible, immediately responded.

   "Sister Cai Wei." After Li Luo finished speaking, his eyes turned to Cai Wei who was aside.

   From the look of Cai Wei's somewhat narrow and charming eyes, she smiled reservedly and said, "Palace Master Young, what's the order?"

   "Please also help me purchase some spiritual water and wonderful light, I want the fourth grade." Li Luo smiled.

   Cai Wei's bushy eyelashes blinked. Lingshui and Qiguang are all used to improve the appearance, but Li Luo seems to be born with an empty appearance. What do you want this to do?

   But even though she was puzzled in her heart, she still responded, and said softly, "Palace Master Young, how many copies do you need?"

   Li Luo thought for a while, and said: "Buy fifty copies first."

  Rao is that Cai Wei is a rather calm and sensible mature woman, but these fifty shares fell in her ears, and it made her stare at Li Luo in amazement, as if she felt that she had heard it wrong.

   "Palace Master, what are you talking about, fifty fourth-rank spiritual waters?" Cai Wei couldn't help repeating it.

   Li Luo met her startled gaze and nodded seriously.

Cai Weibei bit her **** red lips lightly. Lingshui Qiguang is an expensive thing, and the price of Lingshui Qiguang is not low. The price on the market is about 1,000. One day is worth of gold, and fifty copies is fifty thousand times of gold.

Luolan Mansion in the entire Tianshu County, many chambers of commerce and industries add up, and the annual income is about 300,000 yuan of gold, and this situation is gradually decreasing with the situation of Luolan Mansion over the years. .

Of course, in fact, the amount of the amount of gold is not too big a problem. Luolan Mansion is a big business, anyway, 50,000 days of gold is not enough to make Cai Wei gloomy. It is just that he purchased 50 copies of the fourth-grade spiritual water. , It really seems a bit weird.

Because the main function of Lingshui Qiguang is to quench its own phase and improve its grade. It is well known that Lingshui Qiguang contains some impurities produced when various materials are fused, and this kind of impurities will gradually corrode the phase. Therefore, the accumulation of time over time will lead to the gradual closure of the phase palace. At this time, the improvement of phase nature will even reach the extreme.

Many people will not use it uncontrollably when using the spiritual water and strange light. Generally, they will control it in an orderly time, such as about one or two a month. This will not only reduce impurities and affect their own physiognomy, but also Can maximize the use of the quenching power of spiritual water.

   So, even if someone else wants to buy Lingshui Qiguang, they will buy it in small quantities, like Li Luo, who buys 50 copies at a time. Is this enough to store for a few years?

   Cai Wei really can’t understand why Li Luo did this...

   But Li Luo is the Young Palace Lord after all, and Jiang Qing'e also said that she stayed here mainly to cooperate with Li Luo, so she finally nodded gently.


   "Then trouble Sister Cai Wei." Li Luo smiled gently, and then turned back into the old house.

   Cai Wei looked at her back and sighed a little helplessly. The Young Palace Master seemed to be in a mess. After yesterday's events, didn't he still know that Luo Lan Mansion is now an internal and external trouble?

   Even if he can't share Qing E's worries for Qing'e because of his health, there is no need to make trouble, right? According to his squandering tactics, Luolan Mansion's annual income in Tianshu County may not be able to withstand the toss for long.

   Will I still have to apply for assistance from Jiang Qing'e? But now Luolan Mansion is in a bad situation, and it is also a time when a lot of funds are needed.

   Cai Wei rubbed her eyebrows lightly. It seems that she might not be going too well during this period of time in Tianshu County.

As for Cai Wei's many psychological emotions, Li Luo did not pay too much attention to it. At this time, he was going directly to the library in the old house with some excitement and anticipation.

   The Library of Books contains many guidance techniques and Xiangshu collected from Luolan Mansion. Although most of them have been transferred to the headquarters in the royal city, there are still a lot of old houses here.

   And here, it can be regarded as one of the important places of the old house, and the protection is not small on weekdays, and patrolling guards can be seen everywhere.

   But as the Young Palace Master, Li Luo entered the library without any obstacles.

   "Little Palace Lord."

   In the library of books, someone in charge saw Li Luo coming in. Although he was stunned, he immediately welcomed him respectfully.

   Li Luo nodded, and said: "Get me all the energy guidance techniques suitable for the fourth stage in the library."

After hearing this, the manager was a little puzzled. Even if Li Luo came to the library, he only watched some physiognomy techniques, but didn’t care about energy guidance techniques at all, because he was born with emptiness, and these energy guidance techniques were effective for him. Not big.

   But he didn't dare to have any objections. After all, Li Luo is the Young Palace Master no matter what, and he has the highest right to speak in this old house.

   So he immediately responded, and turned around quickly to find the energy guidance technique according to Li Luo's request.

   Li Luo searched for a quiet room and waited patiently for a while, then the manager came in sweating profusely with a bunch of crystal jane.

   "Young Palace Lord, all the energy guidance techniques suitable for four-stage cultivation in the Zangshu Pavilion are here, among which there are 28 entry-level energy guidance techniques and six general-level energy guidance techniques."

   Li Luo nodded, waved to dismiss him, and then began to read these energy guidance techniques carefully.

In this Great Xia Kingdom, energy guidance techniques are also divided into levels, and its grading system is similar to the level of power. It is divided into entry level, general level, hou level, and king level. Subdivided into very vulgar upper, middle and lower grades.

   The entry-level energy guidance technique can enable people to complete the introductory training from the ten seals to the source master level. If you want to step from the source teacher to the general level, you need the energy guidance technique of the level, and so on.

   The entry-level energy guidance technique can be seen everywhere, while the general-level energy guidance technique has begun to differentiate. Only some intermediate-level forces can have it.

   The candidate-level energy guidance technique is even more rare, and only some top forces can have it.

   Li Luo remembered that their Luo Lan Mansion had two pre-level energy guidance techniques, which were left by his parents.

   As for the king-level energy guidance technique... there is no way to say how precious it is. If it does appear, it will surely cause frantic competition among many top forces in Daxia.

  Even, it may not be impossible to start a war between major powers.

   But generally speaking, the more advanced the energy guidance technique of UU Reading www.uukanshu.com is, the more stringent the training conditions will be, and many of them will have requirements on the level of the cultivator's phase.

   Right now, Li Luo's "Water Light Phase" is only Grade 4, so he can only ask the steward to find the energy guidance techniques he is qualified to practice.

  Time passed, Li Luo quickly flipped through the crystal Jane on the desktop.

   Finally, he selected three energy guidance techniques from them.

   Nine-stage throughput method, general inferior grade.

   Canglan meditation map, general grade middle grade.

   Ling Hua Jue, the middle grade.

   The three energy guidance techniques belong to the general energy guidance technique. If you practice to the highest level, you can break through to the general level.

   The potential of these three energy guidance technique grades is fair. Although they are not top-notch, they are not very popular. Of course, the most important thing is that they can be applied to Li Luo's fourth grade water light phase.

   If he raises his level of personality in the future, and then finds a suitable energy guidance technique to convert to the past, it won't be much trouble.

Li Luo hesitated for a while during the three energy guidance techniques, and finally chose the Canglan meditation picture. The strength of this energy guidance technique is as strong as the sea, which is similar to Li Luo's water and light. More matching.

   "It's you."

   Li Luo waved his hand and put away the "Canglan Meditation Picture" with a hint of impatientness in his eyes. Then he got up and left and went to the basement secret room of the library, where there was a practice secret room specially created by his father and mother.

  Here, he will begin to experience real cultivation.

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