Richest Man: Divine-Grade Reconstruct System

Chapter 8: Don't pretend, I'll showdown...

Looking at the small box of broken pieces of porcelain on the table, Lin Yi couldn't help thinking about whether he would recreate an antique porcelain for himself after disassembling it and remaking it.

Although the water in today's social antique trade is bottomless, there is no genuine product in the porcelain.

Of course, the complete set of broken porcelain pieces is another matter, and there is still some fake value in it.

However, there is not much tricks in this broken ancient porcelain piece. After all, this thing is not worth a lot of money, and even the cost of counterfeiting is not enough.

Reaching out his hand, he grabbed the cardboard box on the coffee table and tugged it a few times. Lin Yi was instantly overjoyed.

I have to say that the quality of my father's box of fragments is really lacking, not to say that it is a complete set, mainly because it is at least a period of things in it.

This also makes Lin Yi a lot more convenient. If Dad has a box of porcelain from any age, even if the system is broken down, it is very likely that there will not be enough 'system elements'.

The only regret is that today's dismantling and remanufacturing has been used up. If you want to dismantle and remanufacture the box of porcelain in front of you, you can only wait until after twelve o'clock in the morning.

But thinking that this is my father's treasure, just in case, Lin Yi simply took all this box of china fragments into his room.

After hiding the china, he went out into the kitchen and started cooking while humming a song.

When the four dishes and one soup came out of the pot, there was also the sound of the door opening.

It was just that Lin Yi was a little confused because his mother and father looked at him with very strange eyes.

"Hey, it's really time for the two of you to come back. I dare to cook this meal, er, what kind of eyes are you looking at, Mom? Let me explain first, I really didn't cause trouble this time!"

The reason why he was the first to explain is that every time Lin Yi was so diligent in the past, he must have caused trouble outside.

But this time, he really didn't get into trouble, because Lin Yi was in a good mood after getting the system.

Of course, my parents didn't suspect that Lin Yi was in trouble, but after listening to Lin Yi's class teacher's phone call, it seemed that they didn't know the son in front of them.

"You brat! Do you really have the ability to never forget?"

In the end, mother Ye Xiao'e couldn't hold back. After changing her shoes, she walked over and pinched Lin Yi's face. She looked up and down and asked in disbelief.

Hearing this question, Lin Yi also understood instantly, it should be my parents who knew about their school.

You don't need to think about it, you know, it must be Master Mie Tai's complaint.

However, this is not a bad thing. I can't say that because of this incident, my status in the family can be improved a little bit in the future, and it is very likely that I will surpass Comrade Lao Lin.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi immediately put on a stinky smile:

"Hey, it's all known to you, then I won't pretend, I'll showdown, your son, I really have the ability to remember! How, are you very proud? Hehe, then cheer for me Bar!"

It's just that Lin Yi's stinky appearance didn't last for a minute, and he immediately turned into a bitter face.

There was no other reason. After listening to Lin Yi's answer, Ye Xiao'e was instantly angry. As soon as she bent down, she took off the slippers from her feet and patted it on Lin Yi's ass.

While patting his mouth, he fiercely reprimanded:

"I'll call you a showdown!" Slap! "Ouch! It hurts!"

"I told you to never forget it!" Slap!

"I told you to stop pretending!" Slap!

Seeing that the situation was not good, Lin Yi immediately ran away, and soon ran behind his father, looking at the angry mother with aggrieved expression:

"Comrade Xiao'e! You are too unreasonable. Your son has the ability, you don't talk about rewards and rewards, why are you still using corporal punishment... Alas, there are no human rights!"

He reached out and rubbed his spanked ass. Although it didn't hurt much, Lin Yi still pretended to be miserable.

"Little bastard, do you still want human rights? Come on, I'll give you human rights! Lao Lin, hide for me, today I have to educate this **** well!

You have the unforgettable skills. You don't know how to study all day long, and he gave me the last one in the exam. Look, I didn't take care of you today! "

As soon as he heard what his mother said, Lin Yi immediately understood that his emotional mother had misunderstood him, but he had no way to explain it!

If I said that I only possessed the ability to remember the past few days, my mother would not believe it.

I jumped up and down for a while, and finally stopped after my mother was tired.

Looking at the panting mother, Lin Yi smiled helplessly, and finally helped her to sit on the dining table, not forgetting to pinch her shoulders:

"Hey, Empress Ye, why do you need to know me like me? Look, I'm fine with my rough skin and thick flesh. I'm so tired of your old man that you, your filial good son, have to feel bad for you~"

Ye Xiao'e threw off her son's hand angrily after hearing this. Com then pointed to his son's nose with an angry face and reprimanded:

"Okay, okay, don't be stinky with me here, go eat quickly, and I'll go to school with you tomorrow, and discuss with your head teacher about repeating your grades."

After saying these words, Ye Xiao'e stopped paying attention to her son, picked up the rice that Lao Lin had just brought, and started to eat.

But Lin Yi was stunned, and asked uncertainly:

"Repetition? What are you doing?"

Ye Xiao'e put the rice bowl in her hand on the dining table, and her eyes widened accordingly:

"Why do you say repeating grades? Could it be that you really want to go to a specialist?"

Seeing that his mother was going to run wild again, Lin Yi quickly explained:

"Hey, Empress Ye, don't you look down on your son now? You said that you don't believe in your son or your own strength. I have inherited your old man's IQ.

Okay, I will stop pretending, I will continue the showdown, this time I will not take the national champion, I will write all about Lin in the future! "

In the end, after Lin Yi reasoned and presented the facts and made two college entrance examination papers on the spot, the Queen Mother Ye and Lao Lin completely believed that their son really did not lie.

After confirming that her son is very likely to be admitted to a 985 university, Ye Xiaoe even shed tears in excitement, and Lao Lin also drank two more glasses in excitement.

Anyway, when they finally went back to their rooms to sleep, Lao Lin, who was a little confused after drinking, didn't realize that his box of treasured shards had disappeared.

Returning to his room, Lin Yi put the box of tiles next to the pillow, then lay on the bed and waited for twelve o'clock at night.

[To be continued. . . . 】

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