The waiting time was always long, and it was difficult for Lin Yi to fall asleep thinking about things in his heart.

Finally, during the agonizing wait, the electronic watch in the bedroom jumped to 0:00.

Seeing this, Lin Yi, who couldn't hold back for a long time, turned over and started immediately, and immediately took the small cardboard box into his hand.

In order to be safe, Lin Yi simply stretched out his hand and took out a large handful of porcelain pieces, all of which he held in his palm.

When everything was ready, Lin Yi took a deep breath and called out the system in his heart.

"System system, help me decompose this porcelain fragment and make it into a complete piece of antique porcelain!"


With this thought in his mind, the original heavy feeling in his hand suddenly became lighter, and at the same time, a mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

[A handful of the master's broken porcelain pieces were recovered. The system has already decomposed the master. The system has screened and optimized the molecules. The selection and optimization are completed. The reconstruction is in progress. 】

As the sound of the system in his mind disappeared, Lin Yi only felt that there was something suddenly in his empty hand.

Subconsciously, he hurriedly clenched it, and then looked over, and saw that there was a complete small porcelain cup in his hand at this time.

The small porcelain cup is not big, only half the size of a palm, and the overall height is only about ten centimeters.

The overall shape is similar to that of today's goblet, but the upper part is bowl-shaped, as if a small bowl is installed on a base.

Anyway, in Lin Yi's eyes, he didn't think there was anything good about this thing.

But although he didn't think it looked good, he knew that this thing was definitely not cheap.

"Hey, you're really powerful in the system. You really got me an antique. Come on, I'll go to the antique market after school at noon tomorrow and sell you for the first pot of gold!"

After waiting for most of the night, Lin Yi was already sleepy, but now looking at the small porcelain cup in front of him, his original sleepiness disappeared instantly.

Carefully placed the small porcelain cup on the desk, and Lin Yi turned on the computer and started searching. There is no way, who told high school students not to use mobile phones.

Although my studies are not good, but the college entrance examination is coming soon, my mother still earnestly implemented the school's instructions and confiscated her mobile phone.

The value of this antique is the most difficult to define, especially porcelain. Some antique porcelain can be worth tens of millions, while others can only be sold for a few hundred dollars.

For a layman like him, he could not tell the true value of this porcelain cup.

Don't be fooled by people who use thousands of dollars to be worth tens of millions.

Of course, there is actually one way that is the most convenient, and that is to find Dad and ask.

With my father's knowledge of antiques, I believe that I can definitely determine the approximate value of this porcelain cup.

At the very least, we can know whether the unit of its value is ten thousand or one hundred thousand.

But Lin Yi doesn't plan to let his father see it now, otherwise it won't be very easy to explain at that time.

Thinking of the prompt sound just given by the system, Lin Yi typed the 'Yuan blue and white peony pattern goblet' directly on the computer.

After pressing the search button, Lin Yi was immediately stunned, and at the same time he couldn't help but let out an exclamation:

"Damn it! This gadget is so valuable?"

According to the content searched above, Lin Yi was shocked to find that if this gadget was genuine, it would be worth at least two million yuan.

An auction company in Shanghai once sold a similar goblet, and the final price was 2.71 million!

Unexpectedly! I never thought that my first pot of gold could directly make myself financially free!

Two million, what kind of concept is this? With Dad's monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, it would take thirty years to earn it without food or drink!

Thinking of this, Lin Yi became even more excited, his eyes turned to the tall porcelain cup again, and his eyes were filled with symbols of copper coins.

I really want to pick it up and kiss it.

In order to ensure the safety of this baby, Lin Yi found a roll of toilet paper and wrapped it inside and out.

In the end, I was not at ease, so I found tape and packed it in a big package.

Looking at the quilt wrapped like a zongzi, Lin Yi nodded in satisfaction.

"Hey, this is foolproof, even if it falls on the ground, I won't be able to drop my baby!"

After carefully putting it in his schoolbag, he returned to the bed excitedly, thinking about how he would use this huge sum of money.

Early the next morning, the first thing Lin Yi did after waking up was to open his schoolbag and look at the 'zongzi'. After seeing him lying quietly in his schoolbag, he breathed a long sigh of relief.

As the saying goes, people feel refreshed at happy events, and Lin Yi is like that now.

"Calm down, calm down, we are also good men with systems, how can we get excited for such a small amount of money, huh... calm down."

Riding a bike on the road in the community, Lin Yi took a few deep breaths, and finally calmed down his excitement.

Drop drop!

Suddenly, there was a rush of loudspeakers behind Lin Yi, which immediately startled Lin Yi.

Looking at my current position, I'm already on the sidelines. Is the car behind this sick?

He turned around and was just about to see if it was a female driver, when an angry voice suddenly came from behind:

"The kid riding the bike in front, is this road driven by your family? Didn't you hear the car coming? Hurry to the side! You can't afford to scratch my car and sell it!"

Hearing the scolding behind him, Lin Yi couldn't help frowning.

Looking back, I saw an old black Porsche Cayenne driving over, and a middle-aged man with oily hair and powder in the window was looking at him with an angry face.

When Lin Yi turned around, the middle-aged man in the car was obviously taken aback for a moment, and then without waiting for Lin Yi to speak, he was still the first to speak in a superior tone:

"It turned out to be the boy of the Lin family. It's about to take the college entrance examination. I heard from your aunt Liu that your grades have been poor. What's the matter, where do you plan to work after the college entrance examination? Do you want to come to our company? In May, I'll get you one thousand eighteen, how about it?"

The middle-aged man in the car called Sun Zhi and Lin Yi lived in the same community. Not only that, his wife Liu Mei and his mother were also colleagues.

However, the relationship with his mother is not very good. To be more precise, it should be that he has a bad relationship with all the women in the unit now.

As for why, of course, it has something to do with her husband, who is said to have just been promoted to a company executive two months ago.

Lin Yi often heard complaints from his mother at home on weekdays, saying that since Liu Mei's husband was promoted, he used his nostrils to look at people in the work unit all day long, with a superior attitude, and his speech was even sarcastic.

[To be continued. . . . 】

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