Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 93: Being crapped by cold

Chapter 93 was swindled by cold

Junior high school is not as strict as high school, and Jiang Xinyue has a good grade, so the application is easy.

In high school, especially in the third year of high school, it is necessary to take the college entrance examination, so it is not the top ten in the grade. It is directly excused from not attending the evening. Of course, there are still special circumstances that must not come.

However, Gu Ning decided to wait for the monthly test, and achieved good results, and did not go to the evening to study.

Although she seems to have nothing to do now, she still feels that time is tight and she can't do anything she wants.

Moreover, once her company has developed, she is afraid that even the class will not be available.

However, with her ability, even if she does not go to class, it is not difficult to get good grades.

Before, Gu Ning returned home and was cold and clear. Now when he returns home, he is full of enthusiasm. It is mainly the irrigation of family, which makes Gu Ning feel very warm.

The two families are like a family, watching TV and chatting until it is almost twelve o'clock.

Before going to sleep, Gu Ning looked at the mobile phone, and some people were chatting, and they chatted with them in the group to sleep.

Gu Ning is getting up early in the morning, just out of the gate of the G area, Gu Ning has already been waiting for her cold and squatting outside the gate.

Suddenly, Gu Ning's whole person was suddenly bad.

This man is really a ghost!

Gu Ning knows that she is indeed losing money, so no matter whether it is cold or not, it is tracking or coincidence, she has no reason to blame him.

Even if she hates being tracked.

Cold and cold, no matter what Gu Ning is thinking, when she sees Gu Ning, she walks toward her.

"I advise you to hand over the guns so as not to cause trouble." Although Leng Shaozhen still has a cold and not hot attitude, he does not consciously accept the usual temperament and cold temperament, it seems that he does not want to fight from the bottom of his heart. Give each other a crush.

"Big brother, why don't you believe me!" Gu Ning has a deep sense of heart and can't tell the bitterness.

Cold and swearing, but the look is firm.

Gu Ning knows that this man is on the fence with her. If she does not hand over the gun, the man will always harass her. If you go to Gu Man and let Gu Man know what happened in G City, I am afraid that it will not only make Gu Man feel scared, but also limit her.

Gu Ning’s heart was almost compromised, but he was still not willing to make the final fight: “Big Brother, do you have to lose the gun? Isn’t it a gun! You are not missing this soldier!”

"Non-military police personnel, privately holding guns, is illegal." Cold Shaohao said.

"That's what you said, the people in the underworld are holding guns, why don't you take it away!" Gu Ning was not convinced.

"That's not the same," said Cold.

"But then you have to have evidence! There is evidence, you come to arrest me." Gu Ning said.

"There are surveillance videos as evidence," said Leng Shaoyu.

Gu Ning is a sigh, this is no refutation.

Because of the guilty conscience, Gu Ning simply did not doubt the truth of the words of Leng Shaoqi, and the identity of the other party was too deceptive.

After all, this incident was also the immorality she did, and she still had the chance to buy Blackstone.

Gu Ning took out his mobile phone and handed it to Leng Shaoluo: "The gun is not on me, give me your call, I will give you time."

The gun is on Gu Ning, but in the space, if she takes it out now, it is equivalent to carrying a gun with him, which is not good.

Cold and stunned, watching the mobile phone that Gu Ning handed over, did not immediately take it, it seems that it is not appropriate to touch the woman's things.

However, the abnormality in the heart did not produce a sense of rejection. Then, Gu Ning’s mobile phone was taken over. Then, Leng Shaoyu quickly saved his mobile phone number and name, and then rang aloud before returning the phone to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning took the phone and glanced at it. He couldn’t help but swear: "Cold and young, it’s really cold."

Wen Yan said that Leng Shao’s brows were slight, although many people were told that he was cold, and he never cares, but he said from Gu Ning’s mouth that he would feel resistance.

"Well, I am going to school, don't block me. I will give you a gun when I have time. It's not today or tomorrow." I don't care about the cold and cold, Gu Ning's sullen words, Walked straight past him and left.

What Gu Ning doesn't know is that he has been deceived by cold and cold, and there is no such thing as monitoring.

Looking at the back of Gu Ning's departure, the cold eyes of the cold flashed a glimpse of the unclear look. Although the other party clearly did what he always hated, he hated it.

After Gu Ning went away, the cold and stunned look suddenly sinking, and suddenly said: "Come out!"

In the dark, Xu Jing, a voyeur, was stabbed, screaming bad, and was discovered.

The **** was discovered, the consequences are very serious, but I want to run, but I dare not escape, swollen what to do?

Can you swollen? Anyway, they have all been discovered. It is a blessing that is not a curse. It is a curse. However, Xu Jingxi can only appear on the scalp.

"Boss, I..." Xu Jingyu tried to explain, even if she knew that he could not explain it, Leng Shaozhen would not believe it.

As a result, Leng Shaolian did not give him the opportunity to explain it. He directly said: "Twenty kilometers"

Suddenly, Xu Jingxi’s face was not good.

Although he knew that he might be punished, Xu Jingyu’s heart still felt deeply hurt when he was really punished.

Twenty kilometers, it is natural for a senior special soldier to be born, but he is wearing slippers now! Slippers! Slippers!

It’s all because I heard that I was out of the cold early in the morning, and my heart was curious to follow.

However, I thought that because I followed, I saw the shocking scene just now. Xu Jingzhen was full of blood and was resurrected. This punishment is worth it.

It turned out that his boss went out early in the morning, and was dating a woman, no, a girl! And he also recognized that this female student sent her to the hospital last week.

I can't think of it, I really can't think of it! Their boss finally opened up.

However, the appetite of his boss is not a bit heavy! The other party is only a 17-year-old high school student! Is it so good to eat young grass like this?

But as long as the boss likes it, it is not a problem, it is better than the previous female color!

Anyway, Grandpa has said that as long as the cold and the younger are willing to marry his wife, regardless of the identity of the woman, whether it is the right person, even an ordinary person, as long as the innocence is good.

However, this time Xu Jingzhen thought more, and now there is not a glimpse of Leng Shaolu and Gu Ning?

Because I had missed some time, I couldn’t get to school on time. I told them in the group. When I got there, I took the initiative to run and supervise each other. Whoever was lazy or did not complete the task was punished, and the person who reported it had a prize.

(End of this chapter)

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