Chapter 92 Red Flame Team

When I registered the certificate, Gu Ning thought about it and thought it would be faster if I had a relationship, so the first one I thought was Qin Yifan.

If Qin Yifan has no relationship, think about other methods.

Then there is the car thing, this generation, like Mercedes-Benz BMW.

Jiang Xu had liked Mercedes-Benz after seeing that Gu Qingxiang was driving Mercedes-Benz, so this time he also decided to buy Mercedes-Benz.

The next time, it is 468,600 yuan. At present, the deposit is paid, and the day after tomorrow, you can pick up the car, and then pay the money.

In this regard, Gu Ning is not a single opinion, Jiang Xu likes it.

There is also a computer thing, Jiang bought a station, but the person who installed the network will come tomorrow morning.

Gu Ning listened, let Jiang Xu install her side together.

Gu Ning feels that it is better to have a computer.

However, Leng Shaoluo followed far, until Gu Ning went to the G area and watched her go in before returning.

Leng Shaoyu opened the car and walked a few bends, because he now lives in the C District of Fenghua Haoting.

Area C is a duplex building with more than two hundred flats. Most of them are real non-rich and expensive.

Of course, the villa area is more able to understand the high-end non-rich and expensive.

Leng Shaolu is not a person in F city, and rarely comes here, so there is no house here. He went to his brother Xu Jingyu.

Xu Jingzhen is naturally not a F city person, but he is on vacation, being crushed by his unscrupulous brother, and staying here for the time being.

At this time, Xu Jingyi was wearing a gray home service, lying on a white sofa and watching TV. While watching the still-missing actor acting badly, this story is unreasonable, how to talk to himself, like a neuropathy.

However, it is almost the same. In F City, he has no friends. Apart from work or work, there is no entertainment at all. Only one person can watch TV at home and talk to himself.

At this moment, Xu Jingxi’s blame for the cold and cold swearing, he finally came to see, but did not know where to go, so late, not coming back, can he be alone?

Ok! In fact, even if the cold is less, the silent temper will not say a few words to him, but there are individuals, at least not so cold!

If it were not for his special nature of work, the perennial action was confidential and there was very little time, otherwise he would have talked about a girlfriend.

When I first thought about my girlfriend, I saw the kiss in the TV. Suddenly, Xu Jingxi’s heart was hurt by 10,000 points, and Nima was too abused.

Suddenly, the outside sounded the sound of opening the door. Xu Jingxi knew that Leng Shaoqi was back, and he was scared to pick it up and sit down.

No way, as a soldier, in front of your boss, you have to pay attention to the image, otherwise it will be bad if you are pulled to training.

Although it is an honor to be trained by Leng Shaolu, it is also guilty.

Because, too embarrassed, he does not want to idle and find nothing to sin!

"Less, you are going to do it!" Xu Jingwei asked.

"There is something" cold and less martyrdom.

Xu Jingyan flipped his eyes without a word, and of course he knew that there was something going out! What is the problem?

However, he also knows that if he asks if he is not willing to say anything, he will not ask anything if he asks again, so Xu Jingyi did not ask again.

When I changed the slippers, I went upstairs and ignored the meaning of Xu Jingxi.

It is not that he has any objection to Xu Jingwei, but he is a man who has always been so tacit, reticent, and people who are familiar with him are used to it.

Halfway through, Leng Shaoyu suddenly stopped and looked back at Xu Jingxi and said, "I will stay here for a while, and help me to prepare a few sets of changing clothes tomorrow."

Cold and younger let Xu Jingzhen go to prepare, not that he abused his power, but he is not interested in buying clothes. He is not good at it. In addition to military uniforms, it is just a few black clothes.

Let Xu Jingwei go to the preparation, mainly because the industry under the Xu family name has clothing, and Xu Jingqi does not need to personally take it. As long as a phone call is made, someone will send it.


Xu Jingyan heard the words, shocked and wide-eyed, with unbelievable.

It’s not a matter of preparing clothes, but a cold and awkward actually said that he would stay here for a while.

Did he figure it out? Leave yourself a holiday?

Needless to ask, Leng Shaolu knows why Xu Jingxi was shocked and ignored it. He turned directly to the building.

After Xu Jingxi reacted, he smiled, because cold and young can give him a rest and rest, he is very happy, it should be said that the entire Red Flame team will be happy.

In fact, the Red Flame team does not have so many things to do, and even if there is, it does not necessarily need to be the captain of the team, because the members of the Red Flame team are not vegetarian.

But in the life of cold and young, in addition to work is work, as long as there is a task, not very dangerous, he can not care, but once the danger is big, he will come forward.

It is clear that one year or two can be taken for a year, but he never stops.

Therefore, the cold and the young are too bitter, and the hardships of these subordinates can’t stand any longer. Many of them advised the cold to take a vacation, but he just did not listen.

Since the cold is less than a vacation, Xu Jingzhen decided that this time must bring cold and less fun to play, I hope he can live a little easier.

Below, introduce the Red Flame team.

The Red Flame team is the country's highest military team. Although it is affiliated with the country, it is not under the control of the state and has absolute autonomy.

Of course, this is because the Red Flame team has absolute strength and loyalty to the country.

Once the country has any threats, the first one is definitely the Red Flame team.

Although the team of the Red Flame team has only 12 players, each individual's strength is very strong, and each team member of the Red Flame team has an absolute rank and position, and all of them have an army.

Just like the cold and the young, it is the rank of major general. You must know that this is the youngest major in China’s history.

And he can win the rank of major general, not because he has a strong background in life, but has created a great achievement for Superman.

And Xu Jingwei, for the rank of the university, has achieved a lot of great achievements, but most of them are done under the leadership of Leng Shaolu, so the strength and the cold and the young are still very different.

Therefore, no member of the Red Flame team does not worship and disobey the cold and the young.

Although Xu Jingwei is only one level lower than the cold, but don't underestimate this level. Haven't you said it since ancient times? Guan Gao is the first to crush people! So this is the difference.

Cold Shaohao is the captain, so there is no need to say to anyone on vacation, anyway, there are things, other players will call him.

Gu Ning and Jiang Xu came back and went directly to Gu Ning's home. Both Gu Qing and Jiang Xinyue were in Gu Ning's home.

Jiang Xinyue read the third day, originally intended to study in the evening, but Gu Qing and Jiang Xu worried about her safety, they could not apply.

(End of this chapter)

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