Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 79: Buy a house, full payment

Chapter 79 Buying a house, full payment

Living room: ceiling, chandelier, sofa, coffee table, carpet, TV cabinet, TV, TV is fifty inches.

Restaurant: Dining table.

Kitchen: kitchen, refrigerator, oven, gas stove, range hood, pots and pans all have, they are not opened, the only thing missing is rice oil and salt vinegar.

There is a balcony in the kitchen, and there is a fully automatic washing machine on the balcony of the kitchen.

Study room, bookcase and desk, small sofa with three seats, small coffee table.

In the master bedroom, toilet, cloakroom, bed, wardrobe, dressing table.

The second bedroom also has a toilet, bed and wardrobe, and a desk chair.

The guest bedroom, there are also beds and wardrobes and a desk chair, but there is no toilet.

This house is clean because it is often cleaned, and there is no gray layer.

However, if they want to come in and live, they must first do hygiene, and there are four sets, they have to buy it for their own sleep.

"Miss Gu, you can rest assured, you are a friend of ordinary, I do not lie to you, this decoration is absolutely high-standard, the quality is in the middle and high, all the furniture has certificates and invoices, warranty cards, you can definitely confirm "Wei Ruirui vowed to say."

In fact, the quality is good or bad, Gu Ning took a look, touched it, and probably felt it, it was all good.

Then went to another house to look at it, all the same, then Gu Ning decided to take these two sets.

Although Wei Zhirui felt that the chances of the girl were great, when she asked for relief, Wei Zhirui was also ecstatic.

Although Wei Zhirui and Qin Yifan are rich brothers, he is not a rich second generation. Everything is done on his own, so when he sells his house, he will get a high commission and tell him how to be unhappy!

Wei Zhirui is a young and gentleman, and he is also very capable of the manager of the sales department of Fenghua Haoting.

"Miss, you want to pay for the whole or instalment!" asked Wei Zhirui.

"Full money" Gu Ningdao.

This time, Wei Zhirui was shocked again.

Full payment?

One hundred and sixty flats, but also finely decorated, plus this front position, a set, that is more than six hundred, almost 10,000! And there are two sets, that is more than 13 million.

This girl, how rich is it!

To be honest, although Fenghua Haoting is a high-end residential area, most of the households are rich, but many people are staging. Fenghua Haoting currently enters 2,000 households, and the full amount is only a few dozen.

Those who are tens of millions of people are all staging!

Although it is said that the people who sell the flats can also extract the commission from the later interest, the total is calculated, and the commission is higher than the full amount.

But who knows who will do this for a long time! Therefore, it is not as good as getting a commission at one time.

"But the names of the two sets are not one person, and I only brought a copy of one's ID card, so I will set a set first, and the other set will pay the deposit first. I will pay the full amount when I come to work tomorrow. "Gu Ning said.

"Good" Wei Zhirui should answer the road and immediately go to Gu Ning to go through the formalities.

Gu Ning has already prepared a copy of Gu Man’s ID card, and the property only wrote Gu Man’s name.

Because of the one-time payment, only the identity copy is made, and Gu Qing is troublesome. Because it is a house bought after marriage, it is necessary to have a household registration card, an ID card and a marriage certificate.

Gu Ning will not be related to Gu Qing's relationship, she will only write her name on the real estate license. The feelings of her uncle Jiang Xu and Gu Qing are so good. She knows how good he is to their mother and daughter, and she knows.

Therefore, Gu Ning will not be Jiang Xu as an outsider.

"Miss Gu, your two units are all 165 square meters, fine decoration, the total price is 13.6 million. I will give you the lowest discount I can give you, 9:5 Folded, that is, 12.92 million." Wei Zhirui.

"Thank you, thank you," Gu Ning sincerely thanked.

Gu Ning knows that this is the bottom line, and it is 9.5 percent, and it is also 680,000.

Don't think that 680,000 is not much for her now, but for real estate, the general minimum discount is 9.78, and it is not always available.

Moreover, Wei Zhirui sold these two houses, and the commissions did not have 680,000! I am afraid that there are not even 100,000.

"The total amount of a set of flats is 6.45 million, and the deposit of the other set is 100,000, so Miss Gu is paying 6.55 million now." Wei Zhirui said.

Of course, when Wei Zhirui took Gu Ning to the cashier to swipe the card, the cashier was shocked.

what? Full payment? This is how rich!

Soon, Wei Zhirui gave Gu Ning a good procedure. Gu Man’s house got the key directly, and he can stay today.

Gu Man’s situation can already be discharged from the hospital. If there is no place to go, there is still a safe haven in the hospital.

Before leaving, Gu Ning handed a key to Wei Zhirui, and troubled him to contact him for an hourly job, to do the hygiene, and she would come over later.

Because Wei Zhirui has good resources here, this matter is easily solved.

Gu Ningyi left, because Wei Zhirui sold the ‘one set’ room to pay the full amount of money, and exploded in the entire sales hall. They all asked Wei Zhirui how to do this.

Wei Zhirui is also not hiding, is a friend of friends.

Then I also throw a more shocking news, people do not want a full set, but two sets. There is only one set because there is no document, and it will be done tomorrow. The deposit is paid.

The news was like a bomb, and everyone was smashed.

This girl is simply too rich!

After Gu Ning came out and looked at the time, it was already half past five. He quickly called Gu Man and asked Gu Man to tell Gu Qing’s family that she was discharged from the hospital today and asked them to have a meal together.

Coincidentally, Gu Qing and Jiang Xu’s family are now accompanying her at the hospital, and they are resting today.

In this case, Gu Ning will not say more, go directly to the hospital and then say.

So now Gu Ning first went to Gu Man, and when he came back, he went to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities.

Then, I took a taxi directly to the hospital.

Fenghua Haoting is also very close to the hospital. In the case of no traffic jam, it will arrive in ten minutes.

Regardless of the current peak period, it took nearly half an hour to arrive.

When I arrived at the hospital, Gu Ning called Anzhen and told her about the discharge from the hospital, as well as the medical expenses and hospitalization expenses she had paid, and waited for the matter. When she was free to ask her to eat, she would return it. she was.

For medical expenses and hospitalization expenses, Anzhen refused because it was only tens of thousands of dollars. Gu Ning’s kindness to her does not mean anything.

However, if you want to eat, she accepts it, because when friends are in their leisure time, don’t they just want to eat together and go shopping?

Gu Ning did not argue with An Zhen, and she would return her.

Gu Ning first went through the formalities of discharge and went upstairs.

(End of this chapter)

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