Chapter 78 Buying a House

"Okay! Pay attention to safety." Qin Yifan knows that Gu Ning is going back today, so she learned that she is now at the airport and is not surprised.

After hanging up the phone, Li Zhenyu asked thoughtfully: "You have a very different attitude towards this Gu Ning. Actually, do you like her?"

Qin Yifan was a glimpse. He used to appreciate Gu Ning, but now he doesn’t know if he likes her.

Anyway, when she was talking to her, he felt very relaxed and in a good mood.

"I don't know," Qin Yifan replied ambiguously because he didn't know his heart.

But once you don't know, it means that he might like her.

For this answer, Li Zhenyu was somewhat disappointed, but he could not say anything about him.

In fact, he also knows that Qin Yifan is really a true sister, but he is not willing to marry her, but he still hopes that Qin Yifan can be true.

Qin Yifan’s parents also liked the truth. I hope that Qin Yifan is true, but they respect Qin’s wishes.

Therefore, the Li family is not too hard to be forced, so as not to hurt the harmony of the two families.

After hanging up the phone with Gu Ning, Qin Yifan immediately called his brother and said Gu Ning.

The hotels where the gun battles took place were also reported by TV news and the Internet, which attracted everyone's enthusiasm.

For this report, there is no mention of Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning stunned two robbers, and had merit and glory, once she reported it, she was afraid that she would be stared by other party members of these people, so she was suppressed by cold and cold.

At 3:15, the plane landed at the F city airport. Gu Ning opened the phone and saw a text message from Qin Yifan.

Qin Yifan said that he had already spoken to his brother. When he went, he called him and then attached the name and number of his brother. The name of the other party was Wei Zhirui.

Gu Ning immediately replied a thank you.

When Gu Ning walked out of the airport, he called Gu Man and said that he was back, but first went to see the house and went to the hospital later.

When Gu Ning came out of the airport, he took a taxi and went to Fenghua.

On the way to the road, he called Wei Zhirui. Although he knew that Wei Zhirui was there, Gu Ning politely asked him if he was absent and expressed his intentions.

Business is delivered to the door, how can Wei Zhirui be disgusted! Moreover, Gu Ning is also a customer introduced by his own good brother. Wei Zhirui naturally came up with 20% enthusiasm.

"Excuse me, Miss Gu?"

Gu Ning entered the sales department, and a man of about 30 years old came over to her and asked politely.

Because Wei Zhirui has already known from Qin Yifan that Gu Ning is a 17-year-old girl, and she is still beautiful, and there are no young girls to see the room, and the time of the other party is almost the same. So, when Gu Ning came in, Wei Zhirui was almost certain.

Although I knew that the other party was a little girl, when I saw Gu Ning with my own eyes, I couldn’t help but be surprised. A little girl actually came to buy a house, and she still had to buy two sets.

Regardless of what Qin Yifan introduced, it must be a rich owner.

Of course, even if people don't have money, don't buy them, just look at them, they will be warm and entertaining. This is the basic quality of service personnel.

"I am Gu Ning, you are Mr. Wei!" Gu Ning asked, but the heart is already affirmative.

"Yes, I am Wei Zhirui, Miss Gu, hello, welcome you to Fenghua Haoting." Wei Zhirui expressed his preference to Gu Ning.

"Miss Gu, I also told you about your request, but I will introduce you from the environment of Fenghua Haoting first! Please come with me, Miss Gu."

Wei Zhirui said, he walked with Gu Ningchao's exhibition hall: "Fenghua Haoting is the most high-end residential area in F City. The location is very good. It is close to the urban area, but it is quiet. In Fenghuahao There is a medium-sized shopping mall opposite the road in the court. There are food supermarkets, clothing, furniture, etc. There are many banks around, which is very convenient."

“The facilities, preservation and property of Fenghua Haoting are of high quality. Fenghua Haoting is planned in the form of the district central district. Each district forms a community with four to eight buildings and has independent gates. The residents need the door. Card, if you are an outsider, you need to get the guidance or consent of the head of the household. After the security guard is informed, the security guard will put it in. Of course, it is impossible to exclude someone from merging with other heads of households, but if the other party directly affects you, you can immediately Call the security room, the security guard will leave the area as fast as possible. There are small squares, greenery, swimming pools, leisure bars, gyms, small food supermarkets."

“Miss Gu wants a well-decorated house. As a result, the choice of location and floor is limited, because we have only three floors on one floor to make a fine decoration. The floor of each building is different. Each floor There are six households in the building, two four-bedroom, two three-bedroom and two-bedroom. If you want three-bedroom, there are two best locations for the first-phase housing. One is in the E zone and the other is in the G zone. District, each district is a community of four or five sieges, just in this position. If you go in from the main entrance, if you walk at a general speed, it will arrive in ten or twenty minutes. However, we have a sightseeing car ring, two It will be three minutes."

Said, Wei Zhirui pointed to the location of Gu Ning, in the first half of the entire community, the location is indeed pretty good.

"There are five buildings in Area E, and there are three houses in the three-bedroom E3 building, but not on one floor, there are 120 square meters. There are also four buildings in G area. If there is G2 building, there are three houses in the three-bedroom decoration. There are two households on one floor. On the ninth floor, the size of the apartment is larger, one hundred and sixty square meters. There is a garden, three rooms and one living room, one study, one kitchen and three bathrooms, and a large balcony in the living room. There is a model of the apartment here, you can look at it."

Said, Wei Zhirui took Gu Ning to the apartment model area and gave her the type of apartment.

Before I saw the apartment, Gu Ning planned to buy one hundred and sixty flats. Although I feel that the mother and the daughter live together, it is a bit big, but fortunately, the two houses are on one floor, and there is a family of Gu Qing, it will be very lively.

After seeing the apartment type, Gu Ning was more satisfied with the one hundred and sixty-five flats. However, I had to go to see the decoration before deciding.

Although Fenghua Haoting is a high-end residential area, the materials and furniture of the fine decoration are not much better, but it is better to see it with your own eyes.

It took less than three minutes to get on the sightseeing bus.

In fact, as long as no one gets on and off the bus, it will be very fast.

The elevator was on the floor, and on the ninth floor, after Wei Zhirui opened the door, he went in and saw it.

One entrance door is the entrance garden, the door is the shoe cabinet, there is a tea table and a fish tank in the garden, but there is no fish in the fish tank because there is no occupancy.

(End of this chapter)

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