Chapter 75 is too sensitive

When the waiter opened the door, the light of Gu Ning’s eyes saw a group of people walking, and he felt that the man’s temperament in front was somewhat familiar.

It was only when she looked up and looked at it, the man had already passed.

She doesn't know a lot of men, so he has a feeling of less at a glance, so immediately, Gu Ning has a correct name.

If she didn't read it wrong, the man was the man who gave her the emperor green. So clever, he is here too.

However, Gu Ning did not think so much, looked at the menu, ordered two dishes, and then handed the menu to Zhou Zhenghong: "Zhou Shu, you also like what you like to eat!"

Zhou Zhenghong did not have any feelings, took the menu, ordered two, and then handed the menu to the waiter.

After the waiter went out, Zhou Zhenghong immediately took out a briefcase and handed it to Gu Ning: "The boss, the contract I have already prepared, you see, I feel that there is something wrong, I will point it out, I will modify it."

"Good" Gu Ning took it, opened it and began to look up.

With the powerful plug-in of Yuxi, Gu Ning is naturally a line of sight and unforgettable. But in front of Zhou Zhenghong, it should still be installed, so deliberately staying on the paper for some time, it seems not exaggerated.

The contract was only two pages, so even though Gu Ning deliberately slowed down the speed, it took only two minutes to finish reading.

This is the labor contract between Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong, who hired Zhou Zhenghong as the executive director of Twilight Beauty Jewelry Company and has absolute right to speak. The registered capital of "Twilight Beauty Jewelry Company" is 100 million yuan. In addition to the monthly salary, Zhou Zhenghong also owns 20% of the shares of "Twilight Beauty Jewelry Company".

"Well, I have no opinion." Gu Ning said, he signed his name in Party A, and then handed it to Zhou Zhenghong, and Zhou Zhenghong also signed his name.

Gu Ning couldn't help but look at the private room next door. I saw that several people were standing opposite each other on the sides of the table. There were two black boxes on the table in front of the two sides.

This is a high-end restaurant, the sound insulation is very good, as long as it is not too loud, it will not be heard next door.

So Gu Ning can't hear what they say, just see what they are doing.

I saw that they opened the box, two of them, one in the box, it was just a bag of white powder that Gu Ning saw, and the other box contained a renminbi, and a gold bar.

Sure enough, it is in the transaction.

Although knowing that the other party is doing illegal activities, but Gu Ning does not have such great justice, to come forward.

Moreover, the other party has a dozen people, there are guns on her body, and she is not so powerful to confront them.

Gu Ning took back his sight and picked up the teacup for tea.

However, there are three people in the next-door private room next door. One of them is Gu Ning, who just saw the figure.

Cold and young, dressed in black, tall, chilly, almost no expression on his face.

He took the headphones and listened to the sound coming from inside.

The voice coming from inside is the voice of the conversation next door.

At this time, a young man came closer and said to Leng Shaoluo: "The captain, in addition to us and the enemy, there is a private room in this room. In Room 3, it is just next door to the enemy. Inform the hotel manager and he will immediately take them away."

"Well," the cold and the younger, just faintly responded, did not say anything else.

Because they did not know the location of the joint beforehand, they were not prepared in advance and could only check the surrounding situation after they were confirmed. Even the eavesdropping on the other party's eavesdrops is a cold and awkward sneak peek at the time when the person dressed up as a waiter enters the order.


At this time, Gu Ning's room was ringing and then pushed away.

Gu Ning thought it was a waiter, but he didn't want to be two men of about 30. This made Gu Ning and Zhou Zhenghong couldn't help but frown.

Two men walked in, and a man in his thirties was full of regrets saying: "Two guests are good, I am a hotel manager, because of special circumstances, I am bothered."

The man with the hotel manager went to the front of Gu Ning and took out a document and handed it to Gu Ning. He said: "Two, this is my military officer's card. Now our military is carrying out the task on this floor. For your safety, I hope that you will immediately change to the upstairs private room, please forgive me."

Wen Yan, Zhou Zhenghong was shocked, and Gu Ning was only a little surprised to know what was going on, no doubt, absolutely related to those in the next room.

Just the military, will it be the man and his party? The man looks like it is indeed a military temperament.

"Good" Gu Ning did not want to be despised, so he should take Zhou Zhenghong and leave with the hotel manager and leave the officer.

Just a few people just went out, and the two men standing outside the No. 4 bagroom immediately looked over. The status quo of the hotel manager suddenly turned pale and revealed panic, because he knew that the suspect was in the private room.

Gu Ning and the officer all screamed badly. The reaction of the hotel manager was likely to attract the attention of the other party. The officer immediately took a step forward and blocked the hotel manager and immediately gave him a warning look. .

And the two people who came out had already seen the manager's face, the sensitive nerves made them feel that there was a problem, and they felt bad. They immediately called: "Wait"

The hotel manager trembled, but in the eyes of the officer's warning, he was forced to calm down and immediately put on a formulaic smile. He asked the person who called him: "Hello, please, what is the need?"

The two men looked at each other and looked at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and the officer immediately gave birth to vigilance, knowing that things were not good, but they were afraid of stunned snakes, so they were temporarily unmoved.

The two men went to the front of Gu Ning and immediately took out the guns and confronted them. They whispered: "Go in"

The hotel manager and Zhou Zhenghong were shocked and trembled.

Gu Ning and the officer were relatively calm, but in order not to be seen, the complexion was full of fear.

In the face of danger, several people naturally have to listen to their return to the private room.

The No. 5 private room, which is the private room where the cold and the younger are located, has put the camera in the eye because it puts down the camera outside.

"Captain, what should I do? They are too sensitive!" said a man with some concern.

"Let's wait" cold and snarl.

Cold Shaohao did not miss it. Only a few of the few people, the smaller figure, could not help but deepen, and the heart actually gave birth to an unprecedented irritability, seems to be worried about her safety.

In the 3rd private room

"You just saw us, why did you show a scared expression?" A suspect asked the hotel manager that he was particularly sensitive because he knew he was a hotel manager.

(End of this chapter)

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