Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 49: Add a WeChat and send a red envelope

Chapter 49, add a WeChat, send a red envelope

However, for a few hours, Mrs. Gu was given a courier, the key that Gu Ning sent.

At the moment when I saw the key, Mrs. Gu was so angry that she almost didn’t come up. I really couldn’t think that Gu Man’s mother and daughter were so hard, and said that they would move.

Although Mrs. Gu’s words are rather embarrassing, if Gu Nian takes Gu Ning to admit her, and Gu Yu apologizes, she will not drive them away.

However, they would rather move away than apologize.

"Okay, very good, I have to look at how hard they are." Almost the sound that was squeezed out of the teeth, Mrs. Gu was so angry that her face was distorted.

Mrs. Gu felt that Gu Man and her mother did not find a place to live so quickly, and Gu Man and Gu Qing had a good relationship, and it was possible to go to Gu Qing to live there.

Therefore, Mrs. Gu immediately called Gu Qing and ordered her not to accept Gu Man and her daughter.

Gu Ning's mother and daughter moved out of the old house, Gu Yu was very happy, but this morning, Gu Ning hit a slap in the face, Gu Yu will not let this thing stop here.

When Gu Qing received the call from Mrs. Gu, she realized that such a big thing happened, but Gu Man did not contact herself!

Gu Qing was angry at the fact that Mrs. Gu’s order had ordered her not to accept Gu Man.

She has never dared to talk back to Mrs. Gu, and she has a bad voice this time, and her tone is still very bad: "Mom, why isn’t the fourth child, she is also your biological daughter! How can you be so cruel to her?"

I thought that Mrs. Gu just didn't like Gu Man and her mother, but she couldn't think of such cruelty.

Because Mrs. Gu’s patriarchal patriarchal, their two sisters did not feel much maternal love from an early age, they were bullied by their brothers, and they did all the housework and suffered.

If there is no father to protect, they still don't know if they can go to school!

It’s just that she didn’t study well. She didn’t read it after graduating from high school. Gu Man was out of the book because she didn’t read it. It’s because she’s not happy.

Mrs. Gu’s wife couldn’t think that Gu Qing would dare to talk back to herself. She was so angry that she screamed: “I can’t take care of you. If you have my mother in your heart, listen to me. All this is Gu Xiangmu. When the women are looking for themselves, I have to look at how hard they are."

After all, Mrs. Gu’s wife hangs up the phone.

Gu Qing is also very chilling about Mrs. Gu’s approach, so she does not intend to listen to her. I was worried that Gu Man and her mother had no place to go. After Mrs. Gu hang up the phone, she immediately called Gu Man and took the initiative to ask her mother to come to her for a temporary stay.

Although she only has two rooms there, it will still be ok.

Gu Man did not refuse to call Gu Qing’s phone. After knowing that Gu Qing knew that they had been driven out of the old house, she did not hide it and told Gu Qing that she was in the hospital.

When I heard Gu Man’s accident, Gu Qing still sat there! I didn't have time to ask, although I still had an hour to get off work, but I quickly went to the hospital.

When Gu Qing came to the ward, she realized that Gu Man actually lived in a VIP ward, which would scare Gu Qing.

Because Gu Ning confessed, I don’t tell Gu Qing Gu Ning for the time being, so Gu Man’s explanation is that Gu Ning’s friend is a doctor in this hospital, because Gu Ning has helped the doctor a lot, so this time, It was the doctor who helped.

As for why I moved out of the old house, because the two sisters were close, Gu Man did not hide it at all, and told Gu Qing what happened.

After Gu Qing listened, she was very angry with Mrs. Gu and Lin Lijuan, and felt that Gu Ning had no reason to apologize.

They are simply too overbearing, selfish, and Gu Ning slaps, it is just playing very well.

Although Gu Ning would offend the family and make it impossible for even the old house to live, but Gu Ning will resist, she is also happy.

She is really worried that Gu Ning has been so weak, and there will be endless suffering in the future!

"The fourth, you and Ningning will go to live with me first, the house thing slowly find, find the right one and then move." Gu Qing said.

"It's okay, I can't get out of the hospital in the past few days. I and Ningning live in the hospital for a while. And I am already looking for a house. I believe I will find it in a few days." Gu Man refused.

"That's okay!" Gu Man said, Gu Qing is not good at it.

"Right, don't tell other people that I am here, you know it." Gu Man said.

"I know, don't worry!" Gu Qing said, she won't tell anyone else!


After school in the afternoon, Gu Ning and Mu Ke, Hao Ran gathered together, this time, added a Chu Peihan.

Except for Mich, everyone else was very surprised.

"Brothers and sisters, come and come, add a WeChat to each other, let's get together and communicate." Chu Peihan couldn't wait to see when he saw a few people.

Chu Peihan’s character is greatly embarrassing. Although he is not familiar with Mu Ke and Hao Ran, since he is now a person, he is naturally familiar.

I heard Chu Peihan’s words, and everyone knows that Chu Peihan is this, and he also recognized Gu Ning as the boss.

However, a few people are still uncertain about Gu Ning, silently asking, is this true?

Gu Ning nodded and said that it was true. Then, a few people who had always been bold and cheerful immediately merged with Chu Peihan.

Only Miqi, who is introverted, didn't get involved so quickly, but everyone didn't ignore her, so it didn't make Mickey feel that she was superfluous.

And Mi Xi also tried to be cheerful and integrated into everyone.

After a while, all the people added WeChat to each other, and they also built a group and took a name called ‘Call the family.’

Gu Ning couldn't help but wait for the black line. Do you want to be so violent!

However, everyone liked the name very much, so Gu Ning did not say anything.

"Come and come, the group owner has a big red envelope." Hao Ran snorted.

"Small problem, come and rob." Chu Peihan, who is the owner of the group, said that he began to make red packets.

Chu Peihan sent a 888 red envelope, seven people in the group have a share, just more or less, then look at luck.

The best luck is Gu Ning, one person grabbed a third, three hundred red packets.

Then there is Mickey, more than two hundred.

The rest is that Chu Peihan has divided up a few people, and the least is the Haoran. It is only three dollars, which makes him mourn: "No! Do you want to be so bad! Only three dollars, the boss The luck is too good!"

With that, everyone went to eat rice first, and then went to the woods to practice martial arts.

Chu Peihan hasn't seen Gu Ning's skills with his own eyes, so he is full of birds and wants to be. When he arrives at the grove, he can't wait to take care of Gu Ning.

Chu Peihan's skill is good, and it is professionally trained, and his skills are above Haoran.

Therefore, Chu Peihan was not immediately defeated by Gu Ning.

(End of this chapter)

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