Chapter 48 Chu Peihan joins

"······" Gu Yu wanted to say that she was right, but when she got to her lips, she finally changed her mouth: "I did speak too much."

Wen Yan, Wang Chengqi no longer said more: "Then you go home and rest! Take the ice and apply it to your face, and swollen quickly."

Then Gu Yu left.

However, in a blink of an eye, Gu Yu called Lin Lijuan and cried, telling Lin Lijuan that she had been beaten by Gu Ning.

Of course, she did not say why Gu Ning would beat her, because for whatever reason, Gu Ning hit her, it was wrong for Lin Lijuan.

"The **** little monk, wild species, dare to hit my baby daughter, you go home first, my mother will not let her go." Lin Lijuan has been so angry that the lungs are blowing up.

After hanging up the phone with Gu Yu, Lin Lijuan called Gu Man.

At this time, Gu Man was still asleep, and the phone ringing sounded, and immediately woke up Gu Man.

Gu Man looked at the mobile phone and saw that Lin Lijuan had called it. He didn't want to pick it up because he knew that Lin Lijuan's phone was not good.

But no matter what, the phone was persevering, and again, Gu Man had to pick up.

“What's the matter?” Gu Man asked directly, the tone was very cold.

"Oh! What's the matter? Gu Man, your daughter has slapped three slaps this morning. If you don't take Gu Ning to apologize to your forehead, I will not finish with you." Lin Lijuan's guns generally bombed.

Gu Man heard the words, first of all, but then, I knew what was going on, and did not blame Gu Ning for the purpose, but asked Lin Lijuan: "Then you know, why is Ningning fighting? Or do you think that we Home Ningning should be bullied, and your family will be a little wronged?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Lijuan not only did not have the slightest embarrassment, but also taken it for granted: "Of course, what is Gu Ning's comparison with you? But we are the family of our family, and Gu Ning is just a wild species."

"Lin Lijuan" heard the words, Gu Man suddenly turned red and shouted loudly: "You are not allowed to say that Ningning is wild, she is my daughter..."

"What about your daughter, she has no father, is a wild species." Lin Lijuan has no convergence.

"You······" Gu Man was deeply hurt by this, but he could not refute it. He directly hanged the phone and burst into tears.

Ningning has a father and a father. Their mother and daughter have not been abandoned. They just got people from the sky and separated them from each other.

Lin Lijuan was hanged up by Gu Man, so she was so angry that she almost dropped the phone, but things have not been resolved, and I can only fight again.

However, Gu Man has stopped answering the phone, even if it is changed to the old lady’s mobile phone, it still does not pick up.

This Lin Lijuan and Mrs. Gu are not very angry.

"It’s just the opposite. Gu Ning has become bold. Gu Man has become bold. Are they planning not to rely on their family? If they don’t care, do they think they can live well?” Road.

If Gu Man and Gu Ning hear this, they will be laughed at.

For more than a decade, Gu Jia has helped their mother and daughter, and how to eat and wear, which is not earned by themselves!

The house thing, not to mention that Gu father told them to live, and they did not accept their rent? This is not to help!


Because Gu Yu did not come to class, Qin Hao sent a message to her, only to know that Gu Yu was beaten by Gu Ning, and then went home.

It was learned that Gu Yu was beaten by Gu Ning, and Qin Hao’s face was heavy and he was dissatisfied with Gu Ning.

However, there is no imaginary anger.

Even he didn't know why it was.

In the third and fourth classes of high school, Shao Feifei still went to Gu Ning from time to time to cast a bad eye, Gu Ning is still not affected.

After reading it early, Chu Peihan walked into the classroom of the four classes with impatience and came to Gu Ning.

When everyone saw it, they all thought that Chu Peihan was looking for Gu Ning to trouble. Some people worried about Gu Ning, some people watched the fun, and some people were gloating.

Of course, in addition to Shao Feifei, there are no one who is schadenfreaked.

Gu Ning, but calmly looked at Chu Peihan, did not think that Chu Peihan came to find her trouble.

Chu Peihan came to Gu Ning and looked at her in a condescending manner. His face was obviously irritated. The yin and yang said: "Okay! Gu Ning, I didn't come to school for two days. You just made the limelight and took me. The status of the three high and one sister is too much."

Gu Ning gently leaned back, hands clasped around the chest, calm and calm, casual, not afraid of Chu Peihan's troubles, and then asked slowly and unhurriedly: "Then!"


Everyone naturally guessed it was a fight.

However, the facts run counter to their ideas.

"Then, of course, I want to join you, I call you a boss, you teach me to fight, other things are useful to get my place, I Chu Peihan will absolutely be obliged." Chu Peihan's tone is very rude, but But there is no disrespect, but it is very sincere.

Everyone heard the words, shocked, and said good to fight and fight! Why did you become a boss?

The most unwilling, naturally, is Shao Feifei, but it is simply unacceptable.

Why Gu Ning is so lucky, one by one is a family of extraordinary people.

"Good" Gu Ning did not refuse.

Unexpectedly, Chu Peihan was not surprised, but still happy.

Chu Peihan picked up the pen on Gu Ning's desk and wrote a string of numbers directly on her notes. The whole action was full of domineering: "This is my number, give me a message back."

After all, Chu Peihan turned and left.

When Gu Yu came home, when Mrs. Gu and Lin Lijuan saw the red and swollen cheeks on her face, they were both angry and distressed. For Gu Ning, it was simply hateful.


During the class, the class teacher found Gu Ning and asked her how about Gu Man.

Gu Ning did not conceal the situation of Gu Man, but did not say that Gu Man was because she saw photos of her and Hao Ran’s fights.

At noon, after school, Gu Ning went straight out of the school gate and took a taxi to the old house.

After you have packed up the important things, throw the things they don't want into the garbage, and then leave.

After leaving, Gu Ning first went to the courier company and sent the key to Mrs. Gu to go to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, it was already 40. There were still 50 minutes to go to the afternoon class. So Gu Ning didn't have time to wait, and Gu Man said a few words and left.

If you have any words, I will talk about it after the next night.

Today is Thursday, and Gu Ning is planning to leave for G City tomorrow afternoon. Gu Ning has already booked air tickets and hotels online yesterday.

The ticket is at 7:30 in the evening, one hour, to G City, which is about 8:30.

(End of this chapter)

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