Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 31: Teacher's martyrdom

Chapter 31 Teacher's Misfortune

Although he didn't like Gu Ning, he couldn't accept a girl who used to like himself so suddenly that he ignored him, which made him feel hurt and self-respect.

Qin Lan is such a selfish person, likes the feeling of being sought after, and likes to enjoy that glory.

When Gu Ning entered the classroom, she still felt the gaze from Shao Feifei. Shao Feifei always looked at her and she was not tired. She was tired.

Upon returning to the seat, Mich asked with concern: "Gu Ning, how is your business going?"

"Well, it's done." Gu Ning said.

The first lesson was an English class, and Gu Ning was inexplicably targeted by an English teacher.

In fact, it is not inexplicable, but deliberately, and the reason, Gu Ning probably guessed.

Because I was mistaken, the English teacher Chen Ming is the uncle of Chen Ziyao. I want to come to Chen Ziyao to make Chen Ming deliberately difficult to care for Ning.

"Gu Ning, translate this sentence in English." Chen Mingdao.

Gu Ning's English is notoriously poor in class. Chen Ming told her to translate, and it is still a large paragraph of text. Even the best English class representatives in English may not be fully translated.

No, it’s good to be able to translate two-thirds.

Therefore, smart people know that Chen Ming is deliberately targeting Gu Ning.

Although I don’t know the reason, Shao Feifei’s few people did not hide their gloating, but Mi Xi was worried about Gu Ning, but Gu Ning calmly stood up.

A pure English line was very smooth from Gu Ning's mouth, and it was shocked to everyone, that is, Chen Ming, who is an English teacher, she did not speak fluently and purely!

Although English is really bad for the previous Gu Ning. But for the current Gu Ning, it can be said that English is her second language, because her past training venue is abroad.

After ten years, it is not pure.

If she doesn't look at her oriental face and only listens to her voice, she thinks she is a real Y country!

After the shock, Shao Feifei was very reluctant, and he was envious of hatred.

why? When is Gu Ning’s English so good?

Chen Ming’s face is very unattractive, and he feels that he is lifting his own rock and licking his own feet.

Although he intends to care for Ning, he also pays attention to his face.

Although he is not convinced, he has to admit that Gu Ning's English is indeed more pure and smooth than his own. Therefore, after seeing the strength of Gu Ning, he did not dare to target Gu Ning again, and only wiped out his last face.

In the class, Mi Mi looked at Gu Ning with a very adoring look, excitedly said: "Gu Ning, I can't think of your English so well."

"If there is time, I can teach you!" Gu Ning said.

"Okay, okay!" Yu Mixi was very happy because her English was not good.

"Hey! What a great thing! English is good, not a poor woman." Shao Feifei is not accustomed to Gu Ning's proud look, no matter how good Gu Ning is, in her eyes, the poor sour woman is always poor and sour.

"Yes" Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya also followed the road, with Shao Feifei for a long time, and also forgot that they have a few pounds.

Gu Ning did not care, but in the eyes of Mi Xi was a flash of sorrow and inferiority.

When Chen Ming returned to the office, he immediately sent a text message to Chen Ziyao, saying that Gu Ning’s English is very good, and he was simply unable to do so.

After receiving the news, Chen Ziyao was incredibly angry and unwilling. However, Chen Ming has said that this does not work, and Chen Ziyao has not reluctantly.

The three lessons in the afternoon soon passed. Gu Ning and Yu Mixi did not leave the classroom. They saw that Mu Ke had stood outside waiting for them, and he heard many girls screaming.

"Wow, it’s a class of Muco, how could he be here?"

"Don't you come to see which girl in our class?"

"Who will be! Envy!"

"Yes! Yes, it would be nice to come to me."

"You dream, you, you, Mu Ke will look blame!"


Although Mu Ke is not a school grass level, but he is handsome and handsome, and he is very good at learning, and he has a good basketball, plus a good life, so he is well-known in the high years.

"Mu Ke, you are coming to see who you are!"

When Gu Ning and Yu Mixi just went out, they saw Shao Feifei approaching Mu Ke and asked.

Shao Feifei looked like a shy look, completely without the usual embarrassment, so Gu Nian suddenly knew, Shao Feifei likes Mu Ke.

It’s a pity that the flowers are intentional and the water is ruthless.

"I am looking for..." Muko is not the kind of person who is proud and conceited, and has no personality. The character is not gentle, but he is generally polite to people.

Therefore, Shao Feifei asked him, he naturally would not sweep her face and ignore it.

Just after the words have not been finished, I saw Gu Ning and Yu Mixi came out, so I couldn’t answer Shao Feifei and went directly to Gu Ning and Yu Mixi: "Boss, Mi Xi, let's go eat!" ”

A boss can surprise everyone, and they all open their eyes, looked at Mu Ke incredulously, and looked at Gu Ning again.

what? Boss? Mu Ke actually called Gu Ning boss?

How is this going?

"Let's go!" Gu Ning ignored the shock of everyone and led Muko and Yu Mixi directly.

After Gu Ning and others walked away, the talents reacted and they talked openly.

"What? I didn't get it wrong! Muko actually called Gu Ning boss?"

"You didn't get it wrong because we all heard it."

"But, this is too illusory! What the **** is going on!"

"Who knows!"

"It won't be Mu Ke like Gu Ning! Although Gu Ning's condition is not good, it looks really beautiful!"

"But, you shouldn't call her boss!"

"What's the matter! Maybe it's a fun!"


And Shao Feifei's face is already black and can't be black again. His eyes are hateful and can't hate any more. The heart is even more angry, Mu Keming Ming is the person she likes, why he likes Gu Ning.

What is Gu Ning's good, a poor woman with no background, and where is it better than her Shao Feifei?

Obviously, Shao Feifei directly determined that Mu Ke liked Gu Ning.

She is not reconciled, she must let Gu Ning pay a painful lesson.

It’s just a question of who is paying a bitter pain. Anyway, no one will be Gu Ning.

Gu Ningcai no matter how they guessed how to talk, the three came to the cafeteria and went straight to the second floor, or was asked by Mu Ke.

Yu Mi is very embarrassed, but Gu Ning has no feeling at all.

Because Qin Lan, Zhang Yiming, Fu Mingliang, Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao are all rich children, eating naturally will go to the dining hall on the second floor, so Gu Ning and others came across them.

(End of this chapter)

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