Chapter 30

"Good" Qin Yifan is even more anxious than Gu Ning, and wants to trade as soon as possible, then this emperor green is his own: "But Miss Gu, I can inquire, is this jade coming?"

He really didn't really want to know how Gu Ning and Emperor Green came. He just wanted to know if the jade's way was just right. He worried that the jade would be wrong and cause trouble.

Gu Ning certainly knows the meaning of Qin Yifan, so he did not feel any dissatisfaction: "Qin Shao assured that this emperor green jade is absolutely bright."

When he heard Gu Ning say this, Qin Yifan was relieved: "From the perspective of size and size, the market price of this emperor green jade is over 10 million, so it is 10 million, so I don't know if Miss Gu is satisfied."

Although Gu Ning probably knows the price of this emperor green, when Qin Yifan said 10 million, he still could not help but be surprised.

Although this emperor green can still sell two or three million, but Gu Ning does not feel that he is suffering, but feels that Qin Yifan is already very interesting, and does not pit himself.

If it is for other jewelers, I am afraid that the market valuation of those businesses is seven or eight million, and then it is estimated that there are only five or six or six or seven million.

So 10 million, beyond her budget, she is naturally very satisfied.

Next, it is the signing of the contract and the transfer.

In order to avoid the customer's subsequent remorse and cause unnecessary trouble, the contract is naturally signed. After all, such things have not happened.

After signing the contract, Gu Ning would like to leave after the money was received.

However, before he took a few steps, he was stopped by Qin Yifan: "Miss Gu, this is my business card. If there is a high variety of jade that needs to be shot later, you can come to me."

In fact, Qin Yifan does not know why he has this idea. Inexplicably, this girl is not simple. Moreover, the other party gave him a good impression and made him want to have a good impulse with her.

"Good" Qin Yifan's move is just like her, so Gu Ning will pick up his business card.

As for his mobile phone number, there is a contract, Gu Ning will not tell him repeatedly.

Until the figure of Gu Ning was not seen, Qin Yifan regained his gaze and looked at the emperor's green jade in his hand. He did not want to remove his eyes.

"Don't tell the chairman about this matter, I want to give him a surprise." Qin Yifan yelled at the employees, the father's 60th birthday is coming, he plans to use this emperor green carving a small object as a birthday present.

Qin’s business of jade and jade is not lacking in jade and jade, but the emperor’s green is indeed rare, that is, Qin’s father does not.

Although Gu Ning is very calm on the surface, the heart is nervous.

Ten million, to be honest, the past life was controlled by the Tang family, so she never had so much money in her hands.

Therefore, while Gu Ning is nervous and excited, he feels somewhat unreal.

After repeatedly reading the SMS reminder several times, it is accepted, and then deleted the SMS. Otherwise, people will see it, and it will be bad if they get into trouble.

Although 10 million is a lot for Gu Ning, it is not enough for business.

Therefore, this million can only be the funds to go to gambling.

Gu Ning found it on the Internet. The city with gambling stone market belongs to G city and is closest to F city. It takes an hour to fly, so Gu Ning plans to go to G city this weekend.

The first industry of Gu Ning’s entrepreneurship is undoubtedly jewellery.

Because she has a jade, the gambling stone is simply an empty glove and white wolf for her, so she is not worried about the situation of no supply in the future.

Of course, she not only has to do jewelry, but other industries are involved.

Tang family is doing real estate and entertainment business, so Gu Ning will definitely involve real estate and entertainment, but also to be big, to force the Tang family.

However, this matter is anxious. After all, business is not so good, and business can be done without money. It has resources.

For example, she first wants to set up a jewelry company, and she has to do a lot of preparations in the early stage.

The first is the source of goods. Of course, the source of supply is no longer within the scope of Gu Ning's concerns, so the second is to find a storefront, which is hard to live. Then there is the registration of the company. Registering a company is not a simple matter. There is no personal connection. I am afraid that I will wait for the month.

After the company is registered, it is also necessary to recruit talents, designers, engravers, managers, etc.

Because she is a student now, it is impossible to manage it personally.

Think about this, Gu Ning feels tired, but she is as sweet as it is.

Also, after returning to G City this time, after making a big profit, she can also explain some with Gu Man. Then she and her Gu Qing family bought a house to let them live a prosperous life.

Gu Man’s work today is definitely a resignation. He is tired and bitter, and his salary is still low. He looks at people everywhere.

If Gu Man is willing to be a housewife, she can raise it. If she doesn't want to, she can open her shop with her interest or like.

Then hire someone to take care of, and she, if it is boring, it is time to go to the store, do things, if you want to rest, then rest, anyway, she wants her to live a relaxed life.

As for the Gu Qing family, although Gu Ning will not be like Gu Man, let them sit and wait for her to raise. If they want to continue to work in the original place, she can give them a subsidy in life.

If they want to open a shop and want to start a business, she will also give them financial support, and it is free.

When Gu Ning saw some time, he went to a bookstore and bought a few books about gambling stone and jade jade. After going to the toilet and receiving the book, he came out of the business building. Then take a taxi back to school.

When Gu Ning returned to school, it was already two or twenty. There was a very kind of class, and it was good to arrive.

However, when Gu Ning was preparing to go upstairs, he met Qin Yu and Gu Yu.

When he saw Gu Ning, Gu Yu immediately took up Qin Qin’s hand and cast a provocative look at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning’s heart was speechless, and Gu Yu really thought she still liked Qin Hao!

However, it is no wonder that Gu Yu will think so. After all, Gu Ning liked Qin Hao, and how could he say that he didn’t like it?

Even if it is hurt by Qin Hao, if you want to completely let go, it will take some time to buffer.

Unfortunately, the current Gu Ning is not the previous Gu Ning. For Qin Lan, there is no meaning at all, but a stranger.

Therefore, even if they face up to them, Gu Ning goes straight upstairs, which makes Gu Yu, who wants to see the sad look from Gu Ning's face, suffocate.

However, she does not think that Gu Ning is really not sad, but loaded.

And Qin Hao, but it is inexplicable.

(End of this chapter)

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