Chapter 28 Emperor Green

"Is it?" Gu Ning's tone of remarks was obviously unbelief. He asked: "Why would you ask me why I am here? Here is my class, I am not here, then where should I be?" What you are asking, obviously it is something!"

"I, I, I..." Shao Feifei was flustered and didn't know how to deal with it. I, I can't say why.

How did Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya understand Shao Feifei! Her reaction is obviously something, and if they guessed it well, Shao Feifei must have secretly dealt with Gu Ning, thinking that Gu Ning had an accident, so today will be so happy.

However, Gu Ning came safely and innocently, so Shao Feifei was so surprised and guilty.

Even Shao Feifei did not have any enthusiasm, and they naturally did not dare to make her a head out, lest they should make things big and turn back to Shao Feifei.

However, Shao Feifei's luck is also good, because at this time, the early reading bell rang. Seeing that the class teacher has also come, Gu Ning is no longer awkward Shao Feifei, and returned to his seat.

Anyway, come to Japan.

Moreover, she did not intend to expose this matter because she was too troublesome, and she preferred to secretly torture the other's spirit.

Seeing that Gu Ning was not entangled again, Shao Feifei was relieved.

However, after that, I was annoyed by my own guilty feelings. I thought even if Gu Ning knew that she was doing it? She is just a poor sour woman with no background. Is it because she can't do it?

After thinking about it, Shao Feifei was not afraid of Gu Ning, and his gaze was looking toward Gu Ning.

I felt that Gu Ning was lucky last night and escaped. However, she escaped. Shao Feifei felt unwilling and thought about calculating her.

Gu Ning felt the gaze of Shao Feifei, but he ignored it.

The class teacher went out after a round trip and did not supervise in the classroom.

Although Gu Ning looks at the book, but in his mind, he is thinking about his own affairs, that is how to create his own power?

This is not just about making money.

Because there is more money, no power, no connections, it can't do anything big.

Therefore, this is the creation of industry and contacts.

Of course, before starting a business, it must be the first place in the capital.

For Gu Ning, the fastest source of funds is the gambling stone. She owns the jade, which is absolutely stable and does not lose. But gambling stones, but it is not very convenient, because gambling stones are not everywhere.

The main producing areas of gambling stones are in Myanmar and Y provinces, some far from F city.

Mainly from F city to Y province, there is no direct flight, and it needs to be transferred, and the transfer needs to wait for two or three hours. Therefore, it takes six or seven hours from the time of G city to Y province. For Gu Ning, who only has time in two days on weekends, time is not enough.

Because it is a third year, the teaching is extremely strict, there is no very special thing, no leave is allowed, and Gu Man is also not good to explain.

Therefore, Gu Ning can only start from the city with gambling stones recently.

But which city has it! Gu Ning is not clear, so I have to go online to check after school, but unfortunately her bad mobile phone is simply not available.

So this moment is simply about the importance of mobile phones.

Putting the start-up funds, the 110,000 of her is not enough, I am afraid that even a piece of wool can not be bought.

Therefore, Gu Ning intends to sell the jade that the man gave her yesterday, filling the funds.

Anyway, the aura of the jade has been absorbed, and it is useless to stay with her. When it is developed, how much jade jade she wants is not!

Although the aura of jade is absorbed, it does not affect the quality of the jade itself, and will not lower the grade.

Gu Ning is an action school. Unless you can't think of it, you will naturally act immediately. Therefore, at the time of school at noon, Gu Ning and Yu Mixi said that they had something to go out and then practiced in the afternoon and left.

When Gu Ning went out of school, he took a taxi to the city center.

The school is very close and it is only 20 minutes away.

When I came to the city center, Gu Ning first went to the mobile phone shop. He did not hesitate to buy a domestic mobile phone, but the configuration was the best. If it is not bad and Gu Man confessed, she also gave her a change.

Gu Ning walked out of the mobile phone shop, did not immediately sell the green jade, advanced the mall, looking for a bad environment to eat first from the restaurant, and then on the Internet to check the knowledge about jade jade.

Since you want to contact jade, you must first understand jade.

At present, what Gu Ning wants to check is a variety of jade in his own hands. To understand its quality and value, it will not be slaughtered for a while.

The only way that Gu Ning thought of getting the jade off the hand was the jewelry store. However, in this way, the price will be greatly reduced, after all, people are selling jade jade, what jade jade is not!

Therefore, the other party has to ensure that he earns a steady profit without paying.

Although it is impossible to get the market price, as long as she can accept it, it will lose a little.

Just, Gu Ning is not checking, I don’t know, I’m scared!

Gu Ning knew that this piece of jade in his hand was a good thing, but he couldn’t think it was so good. It turned out to be the top emerald emperor green.

The emperor green is very rare and very rare, so the price of the emperor green is also very expensive.

The emperor green has a ring face of hundreds of thousands of millions, this is still the market price, if it is taken to the auction, it will have one or two million, and there is still no price.

The emperor green in the hands of Gu Ning is the size of a quail egg. There are several ring faces that are not easy to estimate, but the weight is ten times that of a ring face.

That is to say, if the bid is based on the weight, Gu Ning, the size of the imperial green, is worth at least seven or eight million in the market, at least.

If you get the auction, there will be more, at least tens of millions.

Moreover, this is still a conservative price.

Thinking of the price of this emperor green, Gu Ning couldn't help but take a breath and couldn't think of it. The man was so generous, and one shot was tens of millions.

Hey, rich people are different!

What she didn't know was that jade jade was no different from stone for cold and cold, and if it was not worth the money, he would have lost it.

This time he will bring this emperor green to his body, but his friend said that he wanted it, so this emperor green was supposed to be given to others, but he did not want to give Gu Ning because of last night's business.

However, with Gu Ning now having no interpersonal relationships, it is not easy to get an auction.

Moreover, there is no auction house in F City.

Not to mention Gu Ning now has no time to go to the provinces and cities of the auction house, even if there is time, interpersonal relationship, but the auction is usually a quarter or a few months, she does not have this international time to wait!

(End of this chapter)

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