Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 29: Yi Cuixuan Qin Yifan

Chapter 29 Yi Cui Xuan Qin Yifan

Therefore, if you can get the market price, Gu Ning will be satisfied.

Then Gu Ning found a hundred-year-old jade shop called "Yi Cui Xuan" on the Internet. The scale is not large, but the reputation is very large.

Because the owner of this "Emerald" is the president of the F-Jade Association, and the quality of the jade jade of "Euclidean" is relatively positive, and the price is reasonable and fair.

Therefore, seeing this, Gu Ning decided to go to the "Yi Cuixuan", a century-old jade shop.

Of course, after all, she didn't know about Eric Cui, so she couldn't conclude that Eric Cui was as reasonable and fair as the netizens said, but she would rather believe in Eric Cui compared to the average jeweler. .

Anyway, she also knows the approximate price. If the price given to her by the other party makes her feel unreasonable, she will not sell it.

The main store of "Emerald" is in the antique market, but there are branches in the big business market.

Now Gu Ning is in the business building in the city center, so I will go directly to the "Easy Cui Xuan" of the Trade Building.

Check the information, put down the phone and jade back in the bag, and eat.

After eating a good meal, I went to "Emerald".

Jewelry is on the second floor of the building. Because there are a lot of jewelry stores, Gu Ning found it for a while before he found "Emerald". The storefront of "Euclidean" is not very big, about 50 square meters, the decoration style is mainly retro, the clerk is wearing cheongsam.

When Gu Ning entered the door, there was a shopping guide who came to the reception. It was not because she was a student, she was contemptuous and the etiquette was in place. This made Gu Ning feel good about "Euclidean".

"Miss, what kind of jade jade you need, I can help you introduce the introduction." The shopping guide said.

"What is the best jadeite variety here?" Gu Ning asked.

“The best jade here is the old pit glass. Its texture is fine and pure, the color is pure, bright, rich and even green. Secondly, the top grade is violet. But because the variety is rare, the original stone is limited, so we shop. There are not many finished jewellery products, so if you want, you can customize them.” The guide.

“Is there no emperor green?” Gu Ning asked.

Wen Yan, the shopping guide sneaked, and then said slyly: "Miss, now the glass of the old pit and the top of the violet are very rare, not to mention the emerald green of the top emerald. Do not say that you are engaged in the jade industry. For many years, I have not seen the emperor green!"

"Then do you recycle jade here?" Gu Ning asked.

The shopping guide was a glimpse. I don’t know what Gu Ning wants to do, but out of courtesy, the shopping guide is still polite: “Recycling is recycling, but only high-grade jade is collected. After all, ordinary jade is too much. The price of the recycling cannot be at a normal market price, and the price will be reduced by two tenths."

Two tenths, that is not too pit.

"That's good, then I want to see you who can do the Lord's person in charge, I have a trick-sized emperor green, want to shoot." Gu Ning said.

"What? Emperor Green?"

When Gu Ning’s words fell, someone immediately exclaimed, but it was not a shopping guide, but a male voice.

Immediately, a man dressed in a suit and a handsome man, looks handsome, and the man of about twenty-six years old walked from the gate to Gu Ning. He asked with excitement and suspicion: "You said, you have a quail-sized emperor green in your hand. Is it real?"

When I heard the man’s voice, the shopping guide responded from the shock of Emperor Green. He shouted respectfully to the young man: “Qin Shao”

"Good" Gu Ning should be.

"Then, can you show me, if it is true, I buy, according to the market price." Qin Yifan said, look is full of expectations.

Although he still does not believe that the other student will have the emperor green, or that the other party may have mistaken the emperor green, but even the people have come to the store, it is no problem to take a look.

The emperor green jade is very rare, so they would rather be disappointed a thousand times, and would not miss it once.

"Sorry, sir, there is a first come, then since I first found "Ecide Cui Xuan", then I can only wait for "Eccupy Cui Xuan" to refuse, and then another transaction." Gu Ning Chao Qin Yifan sorry.

The market price, Gu Ning is really heart-warming, but she pays more attention to integrity, so since she first found the "Emerald", "Emerald" gives the price fold, and she accepts, then the initial transaction has already It is achieved, so she can't unilaterally repent.

Wen Yan, Qin Yifan and the "Easy Cui Xuan" shopping guides were surprised. I can't think of this girl's integrity, just verbal negotiation, even the transaction has not been reached, since it can face millions of price differences without wavering .

This time, everyone's goodwill towards Gu Ning suddenly rose.

"Cough cough ······ This young lady, this Qin Shao is our Shaodong family of "Emerald Cui Xuan", can directly deal with him." The guide bought a little embarrassed.

Because of the good feelings for Gu Ning, the smile is also a bit more sincere.

Shaodong's home in "Emerald"? Gu Ning is a little surprised.

"Hello, introduce yourself, in the lower Qin Yifan, "Easy Cui Xuan" Shaodong." When the guides fell, Qin Yifan reached out to Gu Ning and introduced himself.

"Hello, Gu Ning." Gu Ning friendly hand out, gently with him.

"Miss Gu, hello, now, can we see the emperor green jade?" Qin Yifan could not wait to ask.

"Of course," Gu Ning should be, immediately from the backpack, should be covered with a backpack, from the space of the Yuxi to use the consciousness to send the emperor green jade to the hands, and then take it out.

There is no packaging for jade, Qin Yifan and others have seen it, and the corner of his mouth has to be pumped. He feels that Gu Ning is too violent.

If this is really emperor green, if there is no packaging for such precious things, is it not afraid of scratching?

When Qin Yifan took over the jade, he immediately identified it.

Qin Yifan was born in a jade family. He was influenced by jade and jade since childhood. He has a certain specialty for jade and jade.

Although emperor green is rare, it does not mean that he has not seen it.

Emperor Green is green and has a strong color. It is the best color and highest value green in jade. It is also called “Grandmother Green”, which gives people a dignified beauty.

In daylight, Emperor Green appears a dignified lake green, which looks like a lake blue, showing emerald green under strong light, showing a greenish green under the digital flash, unpredictable.

After identification, Qin Yifan confirmed that this is the emperor green, the real emperor green.

This time, Qin Yifan was really excited, and he was excited to shake his hand: "It is the emperor green, it is the real emperor green ······"

"Since it is confirmed, if Qin Shao wants it, then estimate it!" Gu Ning still has to go to class in the afternoon, so there is not much time, I hope to do the transaction quickly.

(End of this chapter)

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