Chapter 25 is not a simple man

But I have to say that this female student is really good, they are beginning to feel at ease.

They have played a lot of female students, but they are all pretty, so beautiful, really not!

However, Gu Ning's eyes have sunk.

Destroy the white, record the video, good, very good.

This time, Shao Feifei touched her bottom line again.

"Oh! Just because of you, I also want to pay attention to the aging mother, idiots say dreams." Gu Ning was angry, and directly headed for the man’s life.

Because the other party can't think of Gu Ning's shot, no, it should be a foot, and Gu Ning's speed is too fast, he has not responded, he was smashed.

"Ah" is a scream of horror, and it looks very harsh and infiltrating in this cold eyes.

Suddenly, the man was sorely slammed to the ground, his hands licking his lower body, his face was painfully twisted and pale, his forehead was sweating and sorrowful.

The other two men were also scared, and they wanted to retreat for a moment, but because of self-esteem and face problems, they still did not retreat. Self-consolation of Gu Ning was just that the cat had a dead mouse, and it was not so powerful.

Therefore, with a snoring, the two men slammed into Gu Ning.

Gu Ning directly took a backpack on his shoulder and slammed it on the face of the man nearby. The man was directly slammed by this violent force and ran into their van.

Then, Gu Ning lifted her foot and went to another man who came to her. Because the man was a little tall, this foot fell directly on his lap and made her awkward.

Gu Ning once again picked up the backpack in his hand and patted it toward the man's head. The man was also photographed and turned to one side.

The man who was photographed before then snorted and picked up the steel pipe in the van and called Gu Ning. Gu Ning saw it and immediately stepped back a few steps.

Just not waiting for Gu Ning to shoot, he saw a black shadow slamming out from the darkness, three hands and hands falling, respectively on the back neck of the three men, the three men suddenly fainted .

Everything happened just in a flash, although Gu Ning saw the truth clearly, but the reaction was still somewhat less.

Therefore, when Gu Ning reacted, and had not had time to see the other party's appearance, he smelled a **** smell first, and Gu Ning could not help but wrinkle.

This person is injured.

The next moment, the eyes are on the other side.

When seeing the other person's appearance, Gu Ning couldn't help but panic, and secretly exclaimed.

Handsome, it’s so handsome.

Yes, the other is a man, a man who has seen the most handsome man.

The man is in black and tall, about one meter eight. At the age of twenty-five and sixteen years old, the five senses are beautiful and deep, the nose of the British is quite beautiful, and the thin lips are beautiful. The skin is too pale.

Also, this man apparently lost too much blood due to injury and was weak.

Despite this, he was covered with a cold and fierce breath, especially the dark and sharp eyes, too shocking, so that Gu Ning who had been walking in the dark for many years could not help but feel a trembling.

Cold, awkward, this man is too big!

However, it can be seen from this that the identity of this man is not easy.

"Will you drive?" Suddenly, the man's low voice sounded, although the sound was cold, but his attitude was still polite.

"Well, it will." Gu Ning subconsciously responded.

"Take me to the wind and the court, this is a reward." The man said, took a quail-sized green jade from his pocket and handed it to Gu Ning.

Seeing that it is jade, Gu Ning will use the jade to see it subconsciously.

Daddy, a shock, because Gu Ning saw the strong white fog on the jade, which is the aura.

She does not understand the knowledge of jade, does not understand what kind of jade, but can judge from the concentration of this aura, this jade is absolutely valuable.

It seems that this man is still a rich man!

"Okay, the deal."

When it comes to the importance of money, Gu Ning will agree very quickly, and directly accept the jade, simply do not wait for men to say the value of this jade.

Gu Ning promised so happy, but let the man stunned, she is not afraid that this jade is fake? Still, she knows that this jade is valuable?

If you know the truth of this jade at a glance, then this girl is not easy.

But this is not what men care about and care about. Since the other party promises, it is the transaction is successful.

And this jade is not a fake, worth tens of millions, will not treat her.

Trading is your love and mutual benefit.

So even if the other party knows that this jade is really true, the man will not think because of her greed, at least her love is good.

Then the man turned to the car, and he was not afraid that Gu Ning would regret it after receiving the jade.

After the man turned around, Gu Ning directly took the jade into the space of the jade.

As soon as the jade entered the space of the jade, Gu Ning felt a cool eyes, and the vision became clearer than before. Also, some tired bodies became easy.

It seems that the benefits of this jade are really good!

Thinking, Gu Ning will want to get in touch with jade as soon as possible, but she is anxious, but also wait until the weekend is not?

Gu Ning was no longer tempered, and quickly got on the black van, started, and then went away.

As for the three people, let them faint on the street!

"That, your injury is all right! Do you want me to help you first?" Out of courtesy, Gu Ning asked, but did help to help each other.

"Nothing, no." The man cherishes the words like gold.

Since the other party said no, Gu Ning naturally no longer has more words.

Then, after knowing it, Gu Ning was aware of how wrong his actions were, and she left the car of someone else, and the other party would tell her to grab the car!

Moreover, this roadside is monitored, and the evidence is conclusive!

Thinking about it, Gu Ning slammed on the brakes and let the man in the back seat rush forward.

"What happened?" the man asked dissatisfied, and the voice was obviously much weaker than before.

"That, we just grabbed someone else's car. If I was told, what should I do? There is monitoring on the road, but the evidence is conclusive!" Gu Ning is really worried, she does not want to enter the police station!

"It's okay, it won't let you get involved." The man said, the firm tone made Gu Ning inexplicably believe and peace of mind, so no longer nonsense, continue to drive the car to leave.

Not long after, Gu Ning’s phone rang, and no electricity display, Gu Ning would think of who it is.

At this time, I am afraid that there is no one other than Gu Man.

I rushed out to take a look at the mobile phone. It was really Gu Man. Gu Ning hurriedly picked up and did not speak. There was an anxious voice from Gu Man: "Ning Ning, where have you been, how have you not returned home!" ”

(End of this chapter)

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