Chapter 26 Cold and Cold

At this time, it has already exceeded the time of Gu Ning’s usual time to answer the family. It’s no wonder that Gu Man is worried.

Gu Ning immediately appeased: "Mom, this is the case. My classmates have twisted their feet and can't walk, so I don't trust her to go back alone. I will send her home first. I forgot to tell you, let my mother worry. You can rest assured that I will send her home immediately, and I will return as soon as I arrive."

Wen Yan, I have always believed that Gu Ning’s Gu Man has no doubts. She knows that she is okay with a sigh of relief, but she is still worried: "Okay, then you are careful!"

"Good mom, then I will hang up first." Gu Ning said, after Gu Man's response, he hangs, and then a long sigh of relief.

Gu Ning did not find that when the man in the back seat heard her and Gu Man called, the look flashed and there was envy.

Fenghua Haoting is the most luxurious community in F City, close to the city center, but it does not appear noisy. The environment, location and security measures are the best, but the prices there are extremely expensive, and the people who can afford it are not rich and expensive.

Gu Ning’s Da Yu Gu Qingxiang has always wanted to buy a house in Fenghua Haoting, but a set of Baiping’s house will cost three or four million, not to mention the population of Gu Qingxiang’s family. How to have a five-room, at least one A hundred and fifty flat house!

That's five or six million!

Even if Gu Qingxiang has thousands of net worth, it can't afford it.

Because this tens of millions of net worth includes movable and immovable property, his movable property is only two or three million, and often needs to be used for the company's turnover. If he buys a house, his company's operation may be paralyzed.

However, Gu Ning decided that when she made money, she must buy a house for Gu Man and Gu Qing in Fenghua Haoting.

Gu Ning's car skills are good, even if it is fast, but it is very stable.

Twenty minutes later, Fenghua Haoting arrived.

When the car stopped, the man got off the bus.

"You drive the car back to the place, the monitor thing, I will solve it, will not involve you." The man said, he turned and walked toward the gate.

For the man's cold attitude, Gu Ning did not care, because he saw it, this man's temper was originally cold.

Moreover, it is just that Pingshui meets, and she does not need to care.

Then, Gu Ning drove back to the original place.

Twenty minutes later, after Gu Ning returned to the original place, those people were gone.

I don't know if I woke up and went back, or I was discovered, called the police, and then brought it back, or sent it to the hospital.

Although the man promised that she would not be involved with her, but Gu Ning could not help but falsify, after stopping the car, he rushed to let his own direction.

Far away, Gu Ning saw Gu Man standing outside the mouth of Hutong. Suddenly, Gu Ning’s nose was sore, and quickly ran over, softly shouting: “Mom”

Gu Man was so good to Gu Ning, and when Gu Ning was moved and happy, she felt embarrassed and worried her.

Seeing Gu Ning, Gu Man was completely relieved: "Ningning, you are back, nothing!"

"Nothing, Mom, let's go home!" Gu Ning said, pulling up Gu Man's arm, the little daughter's gesture is close to Gu Man.

Gu Man’s mouth raised a happy smile. The mother and the daughter turned and went home. The streetlights in the hutong gradually extended the two.

In a luxurious bedroom, the man is naked and lying on the bed.

There are many wounds on his body, almost all of them are gunshot wounds, but they are all old wounds. Now they are all in the dark. Despite this, people still feel a little shocked.

However, he had two blood holes in his left shoulder and waist, but he was a new injury, although he was still cleaned with blood.

However, the family doctor who was treating the wound for him helped him with the medicine and then bandaged it.

The man who was injured was not someone else. It was the man who had just traded with Gu Ning and asked Gu Ning to send him back.

After the dressing, the family doctor went out, and then a man wearing a gray Armani casual wear came in.

The man is about twenty-five years old, his face is bright and white, with a sharp and angular face, black and deep eyes, fascinating color, thick eyebrows, high nose, beautiful lips, no one Not to be noble and elegant.

"The monitoring has been dealt with, and absolutely no trace can be found." The man said smugly, as if to show off his ability.

"Well," but responding to the man, it is just a faint word.

But the man did not care, but curiously asked: "Less, how did you come back! Why do you want to black out the monitor from the old town to the Fenghua Haoting!"

"Others sent it back, but because the car is stolen, in order not to be discovered." So, to black out the monitor of this road.

Leng Shaolu said calmly, but the man was dumbfounded.

"What? Is the car stolen?" This is what cold and cold can do? Can't believe it.

"Okay, go out! I have to rest." Waiting for the man to react, he was greeted by the cold and rude.

The man suddenly felt wronged, but this is his good home. As a guest, this is too rude!

The man is upset, but he dare not say it unless he dislikes his vacation too short.

Therefore, the man can only sneak out of the bedroom, and then help the cold and smash the door.

Leng Shaolu can’t sleep, he just doesn’t want to hear men’s noise.

The next day, Gu Ning got up at 5:40, dressed and brushed his face and brushed his teeth. He got it in ten minutes, went out at 5:50, and ran to the school all the way.

Half an hour later, around 6:20, Gu Ning went to the school, bought buns soy milk, and while eating, went to the football field.

From the school gate to the football field, I thought it was just a quick walk, so it took five minutes, and within five minutes, the buns and soy milk were wiped out by Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning arrived at the football field, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi had arrived and were running.

This shows that Mu Ke and Yu Mixi have a correct attitude toward training this matter.

Gu Ning walked over and joined their team.

"Gu Ning, you are here." Seeing Gu Ninglai, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi both greeted each other.

Mu Ke's breath is still stable, but the atmosphere of Mi Xi is very messy and weak.

“Have a few laps?” Gu Ning asked.

"Three Circles" Mu Ke and Yu Mixi responded.

Upon hearing this answer, Gu Ning flashed satisfaction. Because this football field has four hundred meters in a circle, and the third circle is one thousand two hundred meters. For Micha, who lacks exercise, it is not bad.

"Well, if you can, Mitch runs two more laps and stops. But don't worry too much. If it doesn't work, you can stop." Gu Ning said.

(End of this chapter)

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