Chapter 16 hit Shao Feifei

She hopes that the person she has made can understand her and can not question her decision.

Of course, this thing will be discussed with Mihi later.

For the first time, Mi Xi saw Gu Ning’s sharp eyes, and he was suddenly stunned and did not dare to speak again.

In the face of Shao Feifei's three attacks, Gu Ning was looking at Shao Feifei indifferently. He asked: "Oh! Then you talk about why you talked to me all the time! I don't like me. what?"

Gu Ning’s words are obviously radical, but Shao Feifei is on the road. He said with a bad disdain: “Why do I look at you because the person I am talking about is you, do you still want to deny it? No money, Also go to the jewelry store, can't afford to buy, even say that other people's jewelry is fake, you are not what is hatred? However, since you can't afford jewelry, depending on your color, you can go to the big money, if you please Big money, big money may help you...·····

Before I finished, the sound came to an abrupt end, because Shao Feifei’s mouth had been blocked by a group of paper balls. This group of paper **** is popped from the hands of Gu Ning, fast, sturdy and accurate.

Upon seeing it, the whole class was stunned and full of incredulity.

"No! I, is it that I am blind? I even saw Gu Ning play the paper ball into Shao Feifei's mouth, but it is three meters away!"

"You have no eyes, because I also saw it."

"It won't be a cat that hits a dead mouse! How else would it be so bad?"



Although everyone was shocked, they did not believe that Gu Ning had real material, but the cat was hit with a dead mouse.

Shao Feifei was swallowed by a paper group and almost swallowed it. He was disgusted and hurriedly pulled out the paper ball in his mouth. After a retching, he yelled at Gu Ning with anger: "Gu Ning, you are a monk. How dare you do this to me?"

Gu Ning did not speak, but walked toward Shao Feifei step by step, his eyes wide open, looking directly at Shao Feifei, so Shao Feifei could not help but feel a panic.

Three meters away, Gu Ning quickly walked to Shao Feifei, and before she reacted, she raised her hand and fanned her face.

The sound of "啪" was extremely loud and everyone was shocked.

Gu Ning, dare to play Shao Feifei?

Yes, Gu Ning not only dared to play Shao Feifei, but also already played, and the strength is not small, a slap in the face of Shao Feifei's white face to give a slap in the face, so that Shao Feifei is a bit embarrassed.

"Gu Ning, you are too much, how can you play Shao Feifei classmates!" At this time, the sports committee member Yang Chengjun was filled with indignation. People who didn't know, thought it was Gu Ning's fault!

However, everyone knows that Yang Chengjun likes Shao Feifei, even if she knows that Shao Feifei is in the first place, she is still on her side.

It’s a pity that the flowers are intentional and the water is ruthless.

Although Yang Chengjun is tall and tall, he is quite handsome, but he is a normal family, and Shao Feifei is not at a level. Moreover, Shao Feifei’s vision is higher than the top, and he simply does not see Yang Chengjun.

However, Shao Feifei enjoys the feeling of being liked and paid, because it will make her more attractive, so she does not refuse to please and pay with Yang Chengjun.

I don't know if Yang Chengjun feels that he still has hope, or even if he knows that Shao Feifei can't look at himself, he is still willing to do so. He is good for Shao Feifei and will never change.

"Don't she humiliate me, isn't it too much?" Gu Ningxuan asked.

"But she didn't do it for you," Yang Chengjun retorted.

"Is that I can also humiliate her?" Gu Ning sneered.


Not waiting for what Yang Chengjun said, Shao Feifei broke out a scream of "ah" and screamed: "Gu Ning, how dare you beat me? You are a monk..."

Shao Feifei yelled, and then he raised his hand to Gu Ning, but his hand just lifted up and had not fallen, he was clamped by Gu Ning.

When everyone saw it, it was a shock, and he was shocked by the speed of Gu Ning, and he was able to grasp Shao Feifei’s hand.


"If you dare to slap me another word, then call me a swearing person, it is not as simple as a slap." Gu Ning coldly threatened, the dawn was cold, forming an invisible pressure, oppressed Shao Feifei was a little breathless, and she looked at Gu Ning with a sigh of relief.

Not only Shao Feifei, everyone was deterred by Gu Ning, and there was no sound at the same time, just staring at it.

Gu Ning loosened Shao Feifei's hand and turned and walked toward his seat.

After learning about it, Shao Feifei finally reacted and realized that she was scared by her after being beaten by Gu Ning, and her heart was furious and angry.

"Gu Ning, I want to go when I hit it? No way." Shao Feifei shouted, and picked up the mineral water bottle on the desk and threw it at Gu Ning's head.

Seeing the situation, except for the individual who worried about Gu Ning, everyone else was gloating and holding a watching attitude.

Although everyone has found that Gu Ning is different, inferiority and incompetence, becoming fangs and arrogance, but it does not mean that everyone's attitude towards her will change.

After all, how she changed, she still can't change the fact that she is a poor woman with no power.

Shao Feifei, who has the right and power in the family, Gu Ning and her right, is undoubtedly ignorant of the sky, on the road to death.

With the power of Shao Feifei, I want to deal with Gu Ning, but it is just a matter of moving fingers.

Therefore, the change of Gu Ning will only cause more contempt.

For the mineral water bottle thrown by Shao Feifei, Gu Ning's head is like an eye, a turn, a raised hand collided with the flying mineral water bottle, and then the mineral water bottle immediately returned, the raw scorpion Shao Feifei On the forehead, I immediately got a bag.

Suddenly, the class was once again shocked and stunned.

If it is a matter of suspicion that Gu Ning is only a cat that encounters a dead mouse, then this time, I really believe that Gu Ning is real.

Now, everyone’s eyes on Gu Ning have finally changed.

“Wow·····” Shao Feifei immediately burst into tears.

"Fifi·····" Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya immediately went to see Shao Feifei's injury.

"Gu Ning, you······" Yang Chengjun was furious and clenched with both fists. There was a kind of impulse to do with Gu Ning.

He will not know about Gu Ning because he has no chance, because the class teacher has come.

"What happened?" the class teacher asked sternly.

Upon seeing the class teacher, Yang Chengjun was like a savior. He couldn’t wait to sue: "Teacher, Shao Feifei was beaten by Gu Ning and was injured by Gu Ning with a mineral water bottle."

(End of this chapter)

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