Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 17: Not afraid of Shao Feifei

Chapter 17 is not afraid of Shao Feifei

Yang Chengjun wanted to preemptively, but she forgot that the class teacher was not the kind of person who listened to the word and was indiscriminate.

Therefore, the teacher said that the class teacher only looked at Gu Ning and asked seriously: "Gu Ning, what do you say?"

"Teacher, I played Shao Feifei and slap it right, but she first humiliated me first. Just because I went through a jewelry store yesterday, I went in and looked at it. She was so poor that I couldn’t afford jewelry. I’m humiliating me, and I’m a thief. Today, I’m humiliating me in front of the class, saying that I can go to the big money with my face and be happy with the big money, maybe the big money will help me buy it. However, she threw a small paper ball at her and blocked her mouth. She yelled at me. I was so angry that she slaps her. Then she licks me with a mineral water bottle. I just lift it. The hand went to stop the mineral water bottle. Who knows that the mineral water bottle actually returned, and found Shao Feifei’s forehead.” Gu Ning said that he did not add any vinegar, but there was no hidden mineral water bottle. Shao Feifei hit back.

When things get to this point, Gu Ning does not have to pretend to be a saint, hide Shao Feifei’s crimes and fall into injustice.

The class teacher heard the words, his face was too dark to be black anymore, but he did not believe in the words of Gu Ning, so he looked at Shao Feifei again and asked seriously: "Is Gu Ning right?"

"I······" Shao Feifei wants to refute, but still very afraid of the class teacher, so the rebuttal can not say, and the guilty head bowed.

Yang Yulu Wu Qingya and Yang Chengjun saw that they wanted to refute Shao Feifei and they could not open it. After all, they were afraid of the class teacher.

This time, no need to ask again, the fact is like this.

“Shao Feifei’s classmates first insulted Gu Ning’s mistakes first. Gu Ning’s classmates Shao Feifei’s classmates were not right, even though both sides had been there, or they were punished together, or the matter ended here, you choose.” In the case of punishing, no one is right, so if you want to punish, both will be punished, or no one will be punished.

The class teacher does not use anything to solve the problem, because sometimes the punishment can not solve the problem, the most important thing is the attitude of both parties.

As for the return, will they pursue it again, as long as it is not at school, it will not matter her.

In this regard, Gu Ning has no objections, and it is exactly what she wants.

Therefore, Gu Ning gave the initiative to Shao Feifei, and did not care to say: "Shao Feifei, you decide to decide! If you want to punish, I will accompany you. If you think of this, I will accept it."

Gu Ning's disregard for Shao Feifei is simply a provocation, and Shao Feifei is angry, and glaring at her.

Let this matter stop here, she is not reconciled, after all, the injured person is her. But if she punishes, she is naturally unwilling, because it is not Gu Ning who is punished.

Therefore, even if Shao Feifei feels that he is losing money anyway, he still does not choose to let the matter stop here.

Of course, this is superficial, this hatred, her record, will definitely come back to Gu Ning.

"Well, Shao Feifei was injured, or go to the infirmary to see it!" said the class teacher.

Then, Shao Feifei went to the infirmary with the accompanying Yang Yulu. Yang Chengjun also glanced at Gu Ning, and he was reluctant to return to his position, and everyone else did it and started classes.

It’s already time for class, so there’s no one outside, and Shao Feifei hates it: “Gu Ning, I won’t let you go, I’m Shao Feifei must let you know and offend me.”

"Yeah! Be sure to teach the lesson that Gu Ning." Yang Yulu also quickly followed the road.

The class teacher taught mathematics because the class teacher has always been serious, so her class has never dared to make a difference.

Gu Ning is also listening to the class with full concentration. Although she has an unforgettable ability, she still needs to learn. Otherwise, she will only remember the book of death and she does not know how to change.

However, in the end of her life, her study is not bad, so if this knowledge is slightly dialed, Gu Ning will pass.

In Mixi, the whole lesson was not in the state, because Gu Ning’s change made her somewhat unsuitable, and more worried that Gu Ning would be retaliated after he had offended Shao Feifei.

Finally, I got to the class, and Mickey couldn’t wait to ask: "Gu Ning, you offended Shao Feifei, are you not afraid...·····

Mi Ximan was worried, but she was interrupted by Gu Ning when she did not finish her.

Gu Ning looked at her seriously and used the voice heard by two people to say seriously: "Mich, I know that you care about me, but I just want to say that blind tolerance will only make others unscrupulous and insulted." I have enough Gu Ning, what is the condition of her Shao Feifei family? I am not afraid, she can't really treat me."

"If you are afraid, you can stay away from me. I won't blame you. If you are not afraid, if you are willing to be friends with me, then you should get used to and accept my changes. Of course, I hope that you can change, do not like it. Learn to refuse, unfairly learn to resist, and like, you must learn to fight. Of course, I will not force you, because this is your right."

Yes, she will not force Mickey. She also looks at Mickey’s sincere concern for her and only wants to pull him.

Gu Ning’s words made Mickey feel shocked, and this was simply poked into his heart.

Gu Ning said that the blind tolerance will only make others unscrupulous and insanely bullied. Do they have a deep understanding?

Looking at Gu Ning became cheerful, full of self-confidence, invisibly gave Mich an impulse, and smashed his inferiority and the urge to be solitary and cowardly.

Although she is not as afraid of Shao Feifei as Gu Ning, she is not willing to be inferior, lonely and weak. She also wants to live for herself once. If she doesn't like it, she must learn to refuse. If she does not want to learn to resist, she would like to resist. I have to learn to fight for it.

Although there is already an answer in the heart, Yu Mixi still can't help but doubt himself: "Gu Ning, you are right, just forbearance, it will only make others unscrupulous and insane, and I don't want to be looked down on again. I am bullying, I want to change, but can I really?"

"If you like, then you can." Gu Ning said.

Wen Yan, Yu Mi’s heart suddenly strengthened: “I am willing”

"Mich, since you are my friend of Gu Ning, then I can guarantee that Gu Ning can guarantee that as long as you need to go to my place, within the limits of what I can, I will never postpone it. But at the same time, I hate it the most. It is a betrayal. If you don’t want to be friends with me, I hope that we can get together and not because of other interests.” Gu Ning reminded me that it can be said to be a warning, but also a promise.

(End of this chapter)

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